French Progress #8

A lot has happened since the last french progress but not much good sadly. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to study when you have a lot in your life and that’s what happened to me. In the start of the year I wasn’t able to sign up for many classes, only one but it was cancelled and I was only able to re-start classes again last month or so. I let professional and personal problems get in the way of my studies and it’s a shame but looking at how things just happened I don’t think I could’ve done much different.

With that said, I hope to reverse this, things area already improving, I re-started classes last month, I won first place in the writing contest which you can read here and I am motivated to continue. I feel I’ve lost some practice but that’s ok, I hope to be able to listen to podcasts soon. I’ll re-start duolingo again, I was very close to “finishing” it but as you know, duolingo likes to reset the progress of everyone every 2 years or so, screw them. Let’s hope Progress 9 has more progress.

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