Music Match World Cup 3 Soccer Football Music Videos

Because of the World Cup we’ll have a special edition Music Match where we’ll look at 3 different music videos from the official themes the world cup has had over the decades. Having to listen to every single theme made me realize that there really aren’t many good themes and music videos only appeared in the last few decades. There seems to be more than one official song for each world cup also, some a little more to do with the country itself while others just random. In the same way the lyrics can be very related or only vaguely. Also worth noting that most themes seem to be in Spanish or have some sort of Spanish word at the very least, but enough of that and let’s get to the 3 best music video songs that the World Cup has had to offer.

Adelén – Olé

A Norwegian singer brought this song for the World Cup in Brazil, I have to admit I dont’ remember this song ever playing but I do like that it incorporates th flags of various countries and shows off a little of Brazil while still keeping it a bit generic. The song is not the catchiest but it isn’t bad by any means and the music video really does a fine job making you feel excited about the fact that it’s a world event.

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Looking Back On.. The Land Before Time Trilogy

The Land Before Time franchise began with a single movie and it wasn’t until a few years later that they decided to make it into a franchise releasing movies pretty much every year. We’re going to take a look at back at all the movies beginning with the first The Land Before Time Trilogy. This means the world had not been established yet and they were still playing around with what the universe would become as well as the movies the original target audience grew up with.

The Land Before Time
the land before time vhs cover

When you have a film with names like Don Bluth, Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas attached you know you had something special. This movie was a favorite of mine as a kid and I would rent it constantly from the video store, it was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I didn’t know why but I knew it was better than most other stuff I liked. I re-watched it finally about 2 years ago to see how it held up and I knew I would like it but I fell in love with the movie all over again. Everything is just so well crafted and it truly is a classic movie that deserves all the praise it gets.
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Remembering.. France ’98 FIFA World Cup Coupe Du Monde

With the World Cup happening, I thought it’d be a nice excuse to go back to FIFA France 98 and dig up some videos I could find to practice a little French. Now I”m not a football / soccer fan but I gotta admit that the hype surrounding this world cup made me interested in it. It was also my first World Cup that I can really remember and because of it I have many fond memories as I’ve mentioned before.

french tv commercials

Originally I wanted to talk more about Footix the mascot since he’s all kinds of awesome but he turned out to have so much content to discuss it’ll have to wait for an article in 2 weeks. Here we have a recent commercial of a special on the Coupe Du Monde 98 from France24 that they’re advertising. It’s only a small commercial but it gives you enough info about the event and works as a good warm up to practice. Not only did France get to host the world cup in 1998 but they also won it, so it was sure to have been a special year for most of France.

The next video is an awesome live performance of the unofficial song for France 98 and I have to say it should’ve been used instead of the Ricky Martin song but oh well, it must not’ve been as marketable for the rest of the world and FIFA contracts were more important but here it is along with its lyrics / paroles with an English translation so you can practice as well. The best part of the song is that it serves as a premonition since France did win in the end
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The Problem With.. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Review)

I enjoyed Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom quite a bit as I mentioned in my spoiler free article of the movie premiere, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems with the movie. As with every Jurassic Park sequel there are just some choices that were made that I’m not too thrilled about. These choices hurt the movie and keep me up at night like the threat of an Indoraptor under the bed. With that said these complaints are not big enough for me for me to dislike the movie but they’re definitely annoyances. I’ll discuss the elements of the movie so there’ll be some spoilers so be aware. The movie is very much its own thing, it does have some original Jurassic Park call backs, specifically from the kitchen scene which shouldn’t have been there but they work fine and the tone might feel a bit like The Lost World at first but it’s its own movie with its own take, but let’s talk about the problems with Fallen Kingdom..

jurassic world fallen kingdom t-rex action star chris pratt

Unlike what some of the trailers led us to believe, Isla Nublar doesn’t get to see much action, the whole rescue mission is over faster than you realize. The Volcano erupts as soon as they get there and some might be happy with that but I wouldn’t have minded another The Lost World take and do right what the previous time they got wrong. It was very sad to see the island get destroyed by the volcano, I’m not sure if it was shot very well or if also the recent volcano eruptions in Hawaii and Guatemala helped this feel closer to home. Seeing all the dinosaurs die was more depressing than you would think some CG / animatronic recreations of extinct animals would be. I do love the second setting in the mansion which gave us such cool visuals so at least it all wasn’t done to waste, it was refreshing as it’s not something we had seen before even if I prefer the jungle setting.
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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Latin America Premiere Event

I got invited to go to the Latin American premiere of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom so I thought I”d write up a little about my experience. I’ll be drawing comparisons to the trailer premiere of Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom that I attended last year and I’ll also give a small spoiler free thoughts on the movie, for my spoiler thoughts and problems with the film click here.

jurassic world fallen kingdom premiere
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Music Match School – 3 School Related Music Videos

It’s the end of school for me and another goal so I thought it’d be nice to have school related music videos. They’re all mostly High School related it seems but still we have a nice selection of different genres take on life studying. More of a “fuck it” we’re done kinda feel that I was going for more than anything else as the theme here and not really wanted to dwell into anything else.

Nada Surf – Popular

We begin with Nada Surf with a rather bleak take and sermonious lyrics and school popularity. I still remember being told High School were going to best years of my life as I graduated but it couldn’t be more wrong. The song can get awfully close to cheesy and angsty with the themes it tries to go for but i do think it evades falling into cliche too much because it avoids a lot of some musical tropes. The music video however goes all the way in on the tropes and that oddly works for it.

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