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10/01/18–  Let’s get spooky b chess

09/15/18 –   Halloween is coming to MiscRave next month but in the meantime expect plenty of articles and reviews and if time a new re-design.

08/06/18 –   French Practice Podcast, return of TokuThursdays, Dino Year continues with Land Before Time reviews, Digiculture continues and some projects for next month.

07/01/18 –  Virtual Reality show reviews this month, continuity discussion and ????

06/02/18 Jurassic June has come to Misc Rave again which means that we’ll have a lot of Dinosaur related articles this month but also expect some gaming ones with E3 happening this month as well. Now what is a Rave without Music? Don’t forget you can find out about new bands on Music Monday’s with a music related post like Music Match where awesome music videos of different genres are shared and reviewed 06/27/18 Did I eras June from last year? hmmm

05/01/18 Is it getting Jurassic here? Because it sure feels like it’s dino rave time.

04/21/18 –  The new MiscRave under construction.

03/04/18 –  Busy months but expect some articles for the whole month as well giving a new look to the site finally and making the older content easier to find in the features section.

02/11/18 –  I’m learning French, here are my #frenchfriday archives.

01/31/18 –  Changing the site’s look.

12/31/17 –  My schedule for posts got shuffled around because of life, but still got the Xmas posts I wanted to, my New Years Posts likely will be done in a small update post.

11/26/17 –  Didn’t mean to take a small Thanksgiving break but with spotty internet the last few days, going to a Rave and finals week, it’s going to be a bit tough to put up some updates. With that said X-Mas is coming to MiscRave with a handful of Christmas themed articles until Christmas and look out for another TMNT Week soon.