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—out in the middle of nowhere this little nook is a little different, our only overarching theme is reeking awesomeness. Whether it’s a headbangin’ rave music video treasure finds, discovering secret tokusatsu movies in the lifetime channel, crashing tech conferences or just stitching together a video game animated universe even the creators didn’t know about, you know that you won’t find it anywhere else.


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12/04/18-  X-Mas is coming to MiscRave so you’ll be seeing some Christmas related articles among the mix of some other miscellaneous articles like gaming and New Years resolutions as we prepare for 2019 where we’ll see the site changing into the things i like to write about more and that people also seem to enjoy the most, less look backs and more original analysis of random stuff.

11/03/18–  Nu MiscRave is here, lots of Nintendo and gaming articles along with Music Mondays this month and continuing messing with the new site layout, any feedback you can email me.

10/01/18–  Let’s get spooky b chess

09/15/18 –   Halloween is coming to MiscRave next month but in the meantime expect plenty of articles and reviews and if time a new re-design.

90s Website

08/06/18 –   French Practice Podcast, return of TokuThursdays, Dino Year continues with Land Before Time reviews, Digiculture continues and some projects for next month.

07/01/18 –  Virtual Reality show reviews this month, continuity discussion and ????

06/02/18 Jurassic June has come to Misc Rave again which means that we’ll have a lot of Dinosaur related articles this month but also expect some gaming ones with E3 happening this month as well. Now what is a Rave without Music? Don’t forget you can find out about new bands on Music Monday’s with a music related post like Music Match where awesome music videos of different genres are shared and reviewed 06/27/18 Did I eras June from last year? hmmm

05/01/18 Is it getting Jurassic here? Because it sure feels like it’s dino rave time.

04/21/18 –  The new MiscRave under construction.

03/04/18 –  Busy months but expect some articles for the whole month as well giving a new look to the site finally and making the older content easier to find in the features section.

02/11/18 –  I’m learning French, here are my #frenchfriday archives.

01/31/18 –  Changing the site’s look.