French Progress #5

It’s been awhile since my last progress report so thought I’d jot down how things have been going. As I noted before I had found a new inspiration to continue my learning and well I’m happy to say that it’s not only continued that way but I’ve been making a lot of progress in the last few months.

As I mentioned I was able to take three different French Courses this semester at school and they’ve really helped me. One of them is my regular course which is now on the fifth level and that’s going well. The other is a Reading Control course, I made a placement exam and got in the third and final level and it’s help me improve my reading conprenhension. Finally I also enrolled on a “letters” workshop which is mostly a speaking course that has been very beneficiary in my speaking skills as I have lost the fear to communicate in French in it.

Immersion and dedication are really key to improving in a language so it’s mostly up to you. This will be my final update until the final end of the year progress report from when my 1 year studying French challenge started.

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