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4 Technologies que nous utiliserons en 2028

En ce moment nous vivons en 2018. Si nous observons nos vies, nous utilisons la technologie tout le temps. Chaque jour de notre vie, nous utilisons une technologie qui n’existait pas il y a 10 ans. Est-ce que vous vous souvenez de votre vie il y a 10 ans ? Que ce soit un smartphone, des services bancaires en ligne, des applications telles qu’Uber ou Instagram, nos vies sont vécues différemment dans la dernière décennie.

Les changements technologiques continuent de se produire et continueront à occuper une plus grande place dans nos vies. Aujourd’hui, je voudrais vous emmener dans un petit voyage autour de 4 technologies que nous utiliserons dans notre vie quotidienne dans seulement dix ans, en 2028.

Actuellement, ces technologies existent déjà mais elles sont soit trop chères, soit encore à leurs débuts. Elles ne sont pas assez mûres et ne seront pas prêtes pour le grand public pendant quelques années. Cela ne signifie pas que nous ne pouvons pas en savoir plus à leur égard.

french realite virtelle
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Recording in French / Enregistrement en français

Speaking a foreign language can be one of the skills that is most difficult to practice when you don’t have anyone to do it with frequently. Luckily I’ve been able to find places where I’ve gotten to practice and my speaking skills have improved a lot. We’re not all that lucky though and not all situations are the same either. I had an idea of recording an episode of the digiculture podcast in French and it was difficult as I felt the pressure get to me and realized recording yourself is a great way to practice speaking as well.

french recording enregistrement neon francais

Since then I decided to do this often and so far I’ve been doing it every week and plan to continue to do it. Originally I was going to make a new podcast feed exclusively for this but since I didn’t think it’d have a big audience and the second phase of the digiculture podcast is experimental in nature I thought it’d be a good fit to just use that feed instead. Not all episodes will be in French but at least once a week it’ll have an episode in French, which will be numbered to be easy to find and I might archive them separately so I can listen to my progress but right know you can just check it out here.
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Étudier en France: French Intermediate course B1-B2 Coursera Review

Over the past 6 weeks I took a course online in Coursera which is a site with plenty of MOOC courses you can take. For those unfamiliar it’s just basically a fancy acronym (Massive Open Online Courses) for an online course. The course is by l’École Polytechnique which is an important university in France. The name of the course is Étudier en France: French Intermediate course B1-B2, it lasts 6 weeks and you can sign up for it various times during the year. The actual course is free to take but if you want a certificate of completion you need to pay a small fee. So, is this course worth it?

MOOC rave neon

I’ll begin with a brief description on my experience with MOOCs with their pros and cons which can apply to any course taken on these platforms. I’m big fan of online courses and learning by myself with my computer which is not for everyone. You have things to do each day but if you’re busy you can pretty much do them at anytime before the course finishes which is great for us with busy schedules. There is usually some sort of evaluation which are sometimes easy and the difficult one you need to be honest since it can be somewhat easy to cheat. You can get a lot out of it but it does require you to do stuff on your own since just doing the basic requirements to pass the course is not enough as you can easily cheat or do some without really learning all that much. The main problem is most of the assignements are either graded by other students or multiple choice tests so it’s difficult to know how well you did and as I mentioned, you learn what you put in it.

As far as the actual course it’s supposed to be an intermediate level course for French and I think that is about right. Some things were a bit easy for me but others were a bit difficult so I was able to find plenty of challenging things. I might not have learned as much as I would’ve wanted but I got plenty of practice each day and did learn a thing or two which is more than I can say if I hadn’t taken it.

The theme of the course is that you’re going to study in France so you learn the vocabulary, situations and grammar you may need to implement if you were to actually go to France. Each week deals with a different aspect from just arriving to France, to signing up for classes, integrating into society and all the way to living in France. I found the theme of the course to be a lot of fun. The grammar sections tended to either be quite easy or quite difficult, no in between. The listening aspect was pretty cool and I feel I got to train my ear quite a bit even if I didn’t catch all the things it wanted me to learn. I slacked off a bit in the reading since I tended to only read through the activities once and skipped plenty of important details even if I did enough to pass the small quizes. For writing I think I tried my hardest on, sadly with the peer review system I never felt I got any real feedback despite the fact that I’m sure there were plenty of mistakes.

learn french coursera École Polytechnique

Overall I’d say that the course is totally worth it if you want to check it out and you can sign up here. As mentioned before even if the course has finished it will re-start evenentually so you can catch up and a good extra thing you can do if you’re learning French.

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French Rave Learning Facebook Group

As I learn French I decided to make a small curated archive of the best content that other french learning websites, youtubers, teachers, schools, etc make so I decided to make a Facebook Group where I shared these things so I could study on my leisure time all archived in one place and easier to find.

At first this group was only meant for me as a way to check these things out at a later time from when I saw them posted and only the important ones that I thought were worth checking out so I’m proud of the carefully curated content and I started sharing this group with other people learning French and it’s been nice so far. I thought I’d share the group with you guys here as well in case anyone is interested in joining the small community:


The group is really for any level as I post from basic things that I may have forgotten and want to review to small interviews from French news sites so whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advance speaker you should find something there for you. As I mentioned I mostly curate the information and share the articles of other sites that teach you French and teachers though occasionally I do post some original content but that’s not the main purpose. I’m sure you’ll find some of your favorite Facebook French groups or pages shared there eventually though only the content I find the most important.

learn french facebook group

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Le meilleur mascotte de la Coupe du monde de football: Footix!

j’ai écri un peu de la coupe du monde en France 1998 avant, mais Je n’ai pas encore écrit sur le plus important chose de l’evenement: Footix qui est le meilleur mascotte que la coupe du monde a vu. Footix a été créé par Fabrice Pialot et Il est un coq, le symbole de la France.

Footix est un coq, symbole de la France

french footix statue

Footix est maintenant plus connu pour ses faux fans qui ne rejoignent que lorsque quelque chose devient populaire comme quand la France a remporté la Coupe du Monde en 98. Mais il est plus que cela.

virtual footix tamagotchi world cup

Je crois que jusqu’à présent il a été la mascotte la plus célèbre de la coupe du monde. Il y avait beaucoup de marchandises pour lui, y compris son propre animal de compagnie virtuel pour rivaliser avec Tamagotchi. Aucune autre mascotte n’a été autant commercialisée.

Si on le compare avec toutes les autres mascottes de la coupe du monde, on voit qu’il n’a pas beaucoup de compétition. La plupart ne sont pas de grands modèles et les quelques-uns qui sont sur-conçus.

world cup mascots

Ce qui fonctionne pour Footix, c’est qu’il est simple mais toujours emblématique. L’année précédente, la France avait une autre mascotte Jules qui est plus design mais qui ne le rend pas meilleur.

world jules cup mascot

Je sais que je ne suis pas le seul grand fan de lui puisque nous pouvons trouver des fanfares de lui botter le cul d’autres mascottes comme le pauvre Ciao d’Italie.

french footix vs mascotte

Il a eu la chance de trouver une épouse parce qu’il avait une fille qui est devenue la mascotte de la coupe du monde féminine en France en 2019. Elle s’appelle Ettie. Mais malheureusement, elle n’a pas un design simple comme son père, malheureusement.

world footix daughter fille ettie

Ici nous avons une interview avec la célèbre mascotte de 1998.

Nous avons examiné pourquoi cette mascotte est si géniale et j’espère que les gens peuvent se rappeler que ce n’est pas juste un autre synonyme de poseur. Footix est cool.

france footix 1998

Veuillez excuser toute faute de grammaire et d’orthographe. J’apprends le français et j’écris ces articles pour pratiquer. Pour plus d’articles d’apprentissage en français, cliquez ici . Si vous avez aimé l’article ou avez des idées faites le moi savoir en commentant ci-dessous ou par tweeting sur moi . Vous pouvez également partager l’article ou me contacter par email, c’est agréable d’avoir des nouvelles des autres.

1 Year Studying French

It’s been a year since mymy one year studying French post that I made so it’s time to see how much progress I made. I usually made an update post every 2 months or so on my how I’d been doing. Over the course of the year I posted random posts every #FrenchFriday with random things I had encountered in my journey, mostly things I used to practice whether it was songs, apps or random cultural things I was doing or immersing myself in, an archive can be found here.

I got some criticism with my original post since I wasn’t starting from 0 and even though I mention on that post that I was an intermediate level I guess what I meant to say is that I was not a beginner, more of an “advanced beginner” or very early intermediate level and I had hit a wall for a long time now. The purpose of my challenge was to see how much better I could get by really focusing and prioritizing my learning in one year. You can read the improvements i made over the year in the other progress reports I made as well as the walls that I hit which happened a few times.

joyeux blogiversaire

Overall I think I had an overoptimistic idea of how much I could improve, thinking I could get to B2 level easily but I just couldn’t focus as much on French as I needed to achieve that goal. This really made me less focused as I saw that I couldn’t achieve it early on but I kept going and that was the best thing I could have done. Because of that perseverance I was able to improve a lot in this year even if I didn’t reach that B2 level goal. I’d argue that I’m very close to a B1 level or at that. I took a 4 different classes over the year and practiced most of my days with apps. I tried doing as many French activities as I could in my free time even if sometimes I couldn’t dedicate as much time as I wanted. I did earn a certificate for a “speaking” course I took and another for a reading course which I’m happy for as I improved a lot on both skills.

I learned a lot of vocabulary and realize I still need to learn a lot more which is a priority. I also know that I need to practice grammar more as it’s something I didn’t put as much emphasis as I would’ve liked. My listening improved a lot but I still can’t understand a movie without subtitles. I’m already happy with the level I’ve acquired but I realize I still have a lot of work to do to achieve a B2 level and I’ll continue until I achieve it. As to what’s next for me I’ll be taking more courses in real life and online and see where I am a year from now. I loved that blogging every Friday about French forced me to study a little bit so I’ll continue that as well.

french progress 1 year

My original idea to continue this next year is to only write in French from now on but since then I’ve decided against it. I still have lots of stuff I’d like to share with other French learners who might want to read articles in English such as reviews but also because I don’t think my French is good enough to be able to write good content every Friday in French but I”ll try to aim a biweekly post in French alternating with a French related post in English. I know my posts will include mistakes but that will help me seek out mistakes and learn from them. I’d like to thank those few of you who stuck with me and given me motivation, I realize completely I have so much more to do but I can say I’m happy with my learning over the past year, overall I’d say I was somewhat successful in my mission because of it even if I didn’t learn it to the level that I wanted. Let’s see where the next year will take me.

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