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Looking back on.. Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim & Dofus Book I: Julith

When I watch a something I like to watch everything ever made for it which can cause problems many times and it did when I watched Wakfu and became a fan of it. I researched and saw that there was another animated show in the Wakfu universe called Dofus aux trésors de Kérubim and even a movie Dofus Book I: Julith.

Dofus Wakfu Shark

It was a bit hard to find any info on it and if you asked fans of Wakfu they would dismiss the show as it being bad and not worth watching besides the first two episodes and the movie. But is it really that bad of a show? I had to watch it for the above reasons anywho so were the general opinions of the show correct?

Dofus Wakfu Waifu
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French Progress #1

As some of you guys know, I am trying to learn as much French as I can in one year. There is at least one article per week on Friday’s that will be French related though other days will also include French content if applicable.

I thought it’d be appropriate to write updates on my progress so far and it’s been about a month since I started my current “phase” of studying. Originally these updates were going to be monthly but I”m starting to think that they’ll be bi monthly or so after this one to have a larger lapse of time to see some results or lack of.

So far I’ve mostly been using the apps I’ve mentioned in another post and even broke the habit of using them only to build up the habit again. I am training about an hour every day, some days I train more and some others a bit less but I’d say the average is about an hour.

So far my progress has been a bit slow, I don’t think I’ve made tons of improvement grammar wise though I do think the vocabulary is starting to stick. Vocabulary is one of those things that you have got to memorize one way or another and through the apps I’m using daily. Even someone like me who forgets the vocabulary often, has been able to retain a good amount of it. I still forget plenty of it and very basic words but I do see a small improvement in my vocabulary.

Besides the apps I am also using some beginners books and podcasts to improve my reading and listening which I will talk about at a later time. I have also made a page to archive all my french posts at miscrave.com/learn-french. So check that out if you’re just starting or want to see what you’ve been missing on.

Looking back on.. Wakfu

When Wakfu came out it quickly became a cult hit and it had a small but excited fan base that shared it around and recommended it. Hailed as the revival of French animation I was curious to check it out but put off that it was based on a video game that I had no intention of ever playing. So how exactly is Wakfu? Is it actually any good? Well let’s take a look at the first two seasons that started the franchise.

Wakfu Season 2 cast

Wakfu is one of those rare treats that come out of nowhere and deliver. What we have here is a very polished show with not only beautiful animation but an extremely interesting world and a large memorable cast of characters. The show does constant world building which if you are familiar with other Wakfu media you’ll be able to dwell deeper into other aspects of the Wakfu world. I was amazed by how unique and fun this world is and just want to see more of it.
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Learning French – Forming a Habit

There are many things that you need to consider when you want to speak another language. Part of it is having the right material to work with, practice, memorizing and many others. The most important out of all of these however is forming a habit. It might seem like the simplest thing to do but it’s also the hardest.

Studying French

For example, last week I talked about some apps that you can use to learn French. But if you don’t begin using them daily, you never form a habit and then you stop using them. I know this because it happened to me before and it wasn’t until I forced myself to practice every day that they became part of my routine every day. If we always leave things for “When I have time”, you’ll never achieve things because there will always be stuff that comes up and takes that time away. So, It is imperative that you force yourself to make time for it.
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Learning French Apps

As a former foreign language teacher I thought I’d give my review of some language learning apps that I’m using to learn French in one year. The following Apps I have formed a habit of using daily, I’ll describe how they fare and how I am using them on my day to day basis.

French Memrise Planets

A fun alternative to the more popular Duolingo, they include mostly vocabulary focused exercises which is great. It’s easy to use and you feel progress as you change “levels’ and move from “planet to planet” as you explore the solar system of the stuff you need to learn. In the past they used to give you a “preview” of the exercises behind a paywall which was nice since they were generous with those previews but they don’t really do that anymore. It still works fine as the meat and bones of the app are still free. I aim to complete all the words I have to review and “half” a planet each day.
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Music Match French

As I posted I’m trying to learn French over the next year. In honor of this this weeks Music Match features three music videos of songs in french, so you get to learn some new vocabulary and discover some new bands this week. I don’t normally post lyrics but as part of the learning process they’re there in French with the English translation.

Sophie Hunger – Le Vent nous portera

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Learning French in one year, join me!

It’s always important to better ourselves and learn new things and because of it I decided to set a new goal for me: To learn French in one year. Over the next 364 days I will be practicing french daily throughout different means to get better at the four skills, speaking, writing, listening and reading.

For a little background, I’m not starting from zero, I’d consider myself almost at an intermediate level. I studied French for 3 years back in High School but of course I didn’t learn how to speak it and it was quite a few years ago. I then studied it for a year and a half about 4 years ago and started studying again since last fall, now I haven’t been the best student and classes are only twice a week for 4 months of the year so while helpful, they aren’t the best if you really want to learn at a faster pace and it leaves a lot of room to get unmotivated.

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