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French Land Before Time

Growing up I was a big fan of the Land Before Time and since I recently watched all the movies I thought about finding the original movie in French to practice. Called Le Petit Dinosaure et la Vallée des merveilles in France and just Petit-Pied: le dinosaure in Quebec Canadian French to practice.

I decided to choose a few clips I found on youtube from different parts of the movie that are fairly easy to understand, especially if you’ve seen the movie before. Some of the words do go above what I can understand but I feel satisfied.

I’m actually am not sure which version I ended up watching since my ear is not trained well enough yet to differentiate between both accents but I’m fairly sure it’s from the Quebec dub. And I think all the clips I chose here are from the version I watched but I may be mistaken.

Overall the voices aren’t too bad, they mostly resemble the originals, at least with Little Foot and Ducky (named Becky here), Petri can be hit or miss depending on the line and Cera for the most part is my least favorite.

And finally I have a fandub of Diana Ross’ If We Hold On Together from the movie which is in English in the movie but this version in French by miouneTV is great and I decided to feature it here. The lyrics are below.


Tu es bien loin
Mais au fil des jours
Suis ton chemin
Sans faire demi-tour

Vis en croyant
En tes rêves d’enfant
Les merveilles t’attendent là-bas
Vis ton histoire
Avec foi et gloire
Garde l’espoir qu’il y a en toi

Si nous restons tous ensemble
Nos rêves deviendront éternels
Ils nous protègent
On les entend
Près du soleil
Qui nous appelle

Les âmes au vent savent comment voler
Cherchons l’étoile
Qui puisse nous guider
Là où on sera
Une fontaine sera là
Pour soigner le passé

On croit, on prie
De tout notre esprit
Pour enfin y arriver

Si nous restons tous ensemble
Nos rêves deviendront éternels
Ils nous protègent
On les entend
Près du soleil
Qui nous appelle

Si nous sommes perdus dans le noir
L’amour nous guidera
Sa lumière nous réchauffera
Et nous donnera l’espoir

Si nous restons tous ensemble
Nos rêves deviendront éternels
Ils nous protègent, on les entend
Où les âmes ont des ailes
Près du soleil
Elles nous appellent…

land before time french le peit dinosaure petit-pied

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Bonne Année Chansons: French New Years songs

This week since it’s the new year I’ll be sharing 3 New Years French songs to practice our listening skills and enjoy this new year. These were the most interesting New Years songs in French that I was able to find, only one is themed to a specific year while the others are generic and can be used for any year but all are fun to listen to train your ears.

Bonne Année 2018
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French Christmas Songs

This week since it’s right before Xmas I’ll be sharing 3 Christmas French Songs to practice our listening skills and to enjoy the holidays as well. I have a little bit of everything from a traditional song and even a translated song. All 3 songs include the lyrics in both French and English to be able to compare them. Prendre plaisir et joyeux Noël!

Anúna : Noel Nouvelet (arr. Michael McGlynn)

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French Progress #3

Since last time I talked about my French Progress I was not doing well. So I thought I’d give an update on what these months have changed things a bit.

First of all I almost quit my small 1 year French project, but I decided against it and even if I was going to do little progress I would do little progress and continue through the year as originally planned even if the results might not be what I originally wanted. This turned out to be an excellent decision and I’m glad I didn’t quit.
french rave neon

Things haven’t been perfect however, I’ve only studied less and less once my semester at University began. Even my habits with French Apps has gotten worse, but I do hope to change that now that this semester is finished. But yeah in general I’ve studied less, read less in french, watched less stuff in French and whatnot.

My course of French this semester gave me my first native speaker but also not a good teacher which is very important when learning a new language. I didn’t learn as much grammar from my classes but I always attended and learned plenty of cultural things even if not necessarily the skills to speak or have better grammar. I wasn’t sure if I would pass but I didn’t care to repeat since I didn’t put my 100% in it but I did pass for what it’s worth.

My last semester of school is next so things will be a bit busy with my job and site as well so I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to dedicate to my French learning but I will try to give it more emphasis than I have now and of course I will post new things related to French learning on Fridays.

3 More French Cartoon Openings / Intros / Générique

Last time we saw 3 different cartoons and their French openings. It’s interesting to see how the lyrics change and in some cases the songs, the familiarity or just because its of a franchise you enjoy make it interesting to check out. You’ll also find the lyrics below each video as well as a translation to the lyrics in case you want to follow along and practice your French.

Générique Pokémon saison 1 : “Pokémon ! Attrapez-les tous !”

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Fall’s La Toussaint

Halloween has a long convoluted history of the tradition evolving quite a bit until it reached the commercial holiday it is today. The traditions date back to many catholic and pagan holidays as much as many countries like France and Mexico prefer to ignore that fact. La Toussaint or All Saints day is celebrated instead on November 1st which is a public holiday and the next being Le jour des morts. I’m no expert on the subject but below is a great video that has the history of this holiday which has subtitles and a translation so its easy to follow.

As mentioned in France Halloween is rising slowly in popularity but like in Mexico it is not seen as something good that its happening despite the fact that all traditions change over time. Halloween is more common in Canada with it having a much larger influence by the US and likely all these french halloween songs were made in Quebec. Unlike Dia de Muertos in Mexico La Toussaint isn’t really such a holiday where the dead are celebrated in a way to show the appreciation of those who’ve left us but instead a more traditional way of honoring the dead. Which is better is really up to the person I guess.

l'halloween en france

I asked my French teacher what her thoughts on Halloween where and they mostly backed up with whatever you can find about Halloween in France on the internet which is that it’s not really celebrated since they have La Toussaint but you see more and more things about it nowadays. Halloween is used in Mexico to promote interest in learning English so it doesn’t surprise me that apparently the same is done in France.

french halloween

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