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Le meilleur mascotte de la Coupe du monde de football: Footix!

j’ai écri un peu de la coupe du monde en France 1998 avant, mais Je n’ai pas encore écrit sur le plus important chose de l’evenement: Footix qui est le meilleur mascotte que la coupe du monde a vu. Footix a été créé par Fabrice Pialot et Il est un coq, le symbole de la France.

Footix est un coq, symbole de la France

french footix statue

Footix est maintenant plus connu pour ses faux fans qui ne rejoignent que lorsque quelque chose devient populaire comme quand la France a remporté la Coupe du Monde en 98. Mais il est plus que cela.

virtual footix tamagotchi world cup

Je crois que jusqu’à présent il a été la mascotte la plus célèbre de la coupe du monde. Il y avait beaucoup de marchandises pour lui, y compris son propre animal de compagnie virtuel pour rivaliser avec Tamagotchi. Aucune autre mascotte n’a été autant commercialisée.

Si on le compare avec toutes les autres mascottes de la coupe du monde, on voit qu’il n’a pas beaucoup de compétition. La plupart ne sont pas de grands modèles et les quelques-uns qui sont sur-conçus.

world cup mascots

Ce qui fonctionne pour Footix, c’est qu’il est simple mais toujours emblématique. L’année précédente, la France avait une autre mascotte Jules qui est plus design mais qui ne le rend pas meilleur.

world jules cup mascot

Je sais que je ne suis pas le seul grand fan de lui puisque nous pouvons trouver des fanfares de lui botter le cul d’autres mascottes comme le pauvre Ciao d’Italie.

french footix vs mascotte

Il a eu la chance de trouver une épouse parce qu’il avait une fille qui est devenue la mascotte de la coupe du monde féminine en France en 2019. Elle s’appelle Ettie. Mais malheureusement, elle n’a pas un design simple comme son père, malheureusement.

world footix daughter fille ettie

Ici nous avons une interview avec la célèbre mascotte de 1998.

Nous avons examiné pourquoi cette mascotte est si géniale et j’espère que les gens peuvent se rappeler que ce n’est pas juste un autre synonyme de poseur. Footix est cool.

france footix 1998

Veuillez excuser toute faute de grammaire et d’orthographe. J’apprends le français et j’écris ces articles pour pratiquer. Pour plus d’articles d’apprentissage en français, cliquez ici . Si vous avez aimé l’article ou avez des idées faites le moi savoir en commentant ci-dessous ou par tweeting sur moi . Vous pouvez également partager l’article ou me contacter par email, c’est agréable d’avoir des nouvelles des autres.

1 Year Studying French

It’s been a year since mymy one year studying French post that I made so it’s time to see how much progress I made. I usually made an update post every 2 months or so on my how I’d been doing. Over the course of the year I posted random posts every #FrenchFriday with random things I had encountered in my journey, mostly things I used to practice whether it was songs, apps or random cultural things I was doing or immersing myself in, an archive can be found here.

I got some criticism with my original post since I wasn’t starting from 0 and even though I mention on that post that I was an intermediate level I guess what I meant to say is that I was not a beginner, more of an “advanced beginner” or very early intermediate level and I had hit a wall for a long time now. The purpose of my challenge was to see how much better I could get by really focusing and prioritizing my learning in one year. You can read the improvements i made over the year in the other progress reports I made as well as the walls that I hit which happened a few times.

joyeux blogiversaire

Overall I think I had an overoptimistic idea of how much I could improve, thinking I could get to B2 level easily but I just couldn’t focus as much on French as I needed to achieve that goal. This really made me less focused as I saw that I couldn’t achieve it early on but I kept going and that was the best thing I could have done. Because of that perseverance I was able to improve a lot in this year even if I didn’t reach that B2 level goal. I’d argue that I’m very close to a B1 level or at that. I took a 4 different classes over the year and practiced most of my days with apps. I tried doing as many French activities as I could in my free time even if sometimes I couldn’t dedicate as much time as I wanted. I did earn a certificate for a “speaking” course I took and another for a reading course which I’m happy for as I improved a lot on both skills.

I learned a lot of vocabulary and realize I still need to learn a lot more which is a priority. I also know that I need to practice grammar more as it’s something I didn’t put as much emphasis as I would’ve liked. My listening improved a lot but I still can’t understand a movie without subtitles. I’m already happy with the level I’ve acquired but I realize I still have a lot of work to do to achieve a B2 level and I’ll continue until I achieve it. As to what’s next for me I’ll be taking more courses in real life and online and see where I am a year from now. I loved that blogging every Friday about French forced me to study a little bit so I’ll continue that as well.

french progress 1 year

My original idea to continue this next year is to only write in French from now on but since then I’ve decided against it. I still have lots of stuff I’d like to share with other French learners who might want to read articles in English such as reviews but also because I don’t think my French is good enough to be able to write good content every Friday in French but I”ll try to aim a biweekly post in French alternating with a French related post in English. I know my posts will include mistakes but that will help me seek out mistakes and learn from them. I’d like to thank those few of you who stuck with me and given me motivation, I realize completely I have so much more to do but I can say I’m happy with my learning over the past year, overall I’d say I was somewhat successful in my mission because of it even if I didn’t learn it to the level that I wanted. Let’s see where the next year will take me.

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Remembering.. France ’98 FIFA World Cup Coupe Du Monde

With the World Cup happening, I thought it’d be a nice excuse to go back to FIFA France 98 and dig up some videos I could find to practice a little French. Now I”m not a football / soccer fan but I gotta admit that the hype surrounding this world cup made me interested in it. It was also my first World Cup that I can really remember and because of it I have many fond memories as I’ve mentioned before.

french tv commercials

Originally I wanted to talk more about Footix the mascot since he’s all kinds of awesome but he turned out to have so much content to discuss it’ll have to wait for an article in 2 weeks. Here we have a recent commercial of a special on the Coupe Du Monde 98 from France24 that they’re advertising. It’s only a small commercial but it gives you enough info about the event and works as a good warm up to practice. Not only did France get to host the world cup in 1998 but they also won it, so it was sure to have been a special year for most of France.

The next video is an awesome live performance of the unofficial song for France 98 and I have to say it should’ve been used instead of the Ricky Martin song but oh well, it must not’ve been as marketable for the rest of the world and FIFA contracts were more important but here it is along with its lyrics / paroles with an English translation so you can practice as well. The best part of the song is that it serves as a premonition since France did win in the end
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French Commercials from the mid and late 90s (Publicités Françaises 1995 à 2000)

A quick video for this week as I’m very busy but I decided to find some French TV commercials from the mid to late 90s and well while I have no nostalgia for these commercials they still have that 90s vibe. It’s interesting to try to understand what they’re trying to sell as they speak quickly to make the most out of their time in many of them.

A man running and doing parkour all over the world to sell some Pirelli tires. A small commercial for a Keanu Reeves movie called Speed on VHS. Dance 96 which is a cd similar to Now That’s what I call Music! ncludes some of the best hit songs from France and oh my, this is gold. A nice song about Toyota cars with lyrics so you can follow along and practice. Nestle Crunch chocolate in a weird tv surfing commercial. Dorothee cd who I’m guessing was a popular singer and this is a compilation CD. An Oddworld Abe’s Odyssey commercial. M&M’s CG peanuts in a badly dubbed commercial. World’s Apart CD commercial which is some type of French boy band. Another car commercial for Citroen Xantia and some frogs almost getting run over. An awesomely weird man in a bunny suit commercial that promotes some type of mint called kiss cool. Fun radio presents Dance 99 which is the 1999 version of the previous CD disc from Sony Music in France. A commercial for Driver on the Playstation. SKO which is some rap/hip-hop group big in France at that time. A rather nifty chocolae commercial for Milka which looks delicious. Dance 2000 from Fun Radio with the latest hits of that year.

Interesting to note they still use Francs at this point in time

– Pirelli avec Carl Lewis (1995)
– Speed VHS (1995)
– Dance 96 CD (1996)
– Toyota Starlet (1996)
– Crunch avec Emma De Caunes (1997)
– Dorothée “15 ans d’amour” CD (1997)
– Oddworld : L’Odyssée d’Abe PS1 (1997)
– M&M’s avec Tia Carrere (1997)
– Worlds Apart “Don’t Change” CD (1997)
– Citroën Xantia (1998)
– Kiss Cool (1998)
– Dance 99 CD (1999)
– Driver PS1 (1999)
– SKO “Just Another Day” CD (1999)
– Milka (1999)
– Dance 2000 CD (2000) Continue reading French Commercials from the mid and late 90s (Publicités Françaises 1995 à 2000)

French Nintendo Characters

With E3 hype ready I thought today’s #frenchfriday post could deal with all the Nintendo Characters who are french and well this is actually difficult to research, especially when localization has made some non-french characters french like Dupree in Paper Mario so I went the easy route and only cataloged the ones who are most definitely French.

french twintelle nintendo

We Begin with Twintelle from Arms who shook the internet after her original design was revealed and finally that first Nintendo Switch original franchise had an interesting character. She’s a movie star and likes her coffee and well boxing.

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French Reading for Beginners

A problem I had for the longest time while learning French was improving my reading comprehension. For the longest time I could not make any progress and would continue to suck at understanding what I read. The tips of continue reading did not seem to help me and I would get frustrated and quit. Since then I’ve been able to improve quite a bit.

french beginner books

I realized two things, first that it’s true that the more you read the easier it becomes and second that it’s just as important to find appropriate reading. The second one is so important since even what may seem like an easy article or book might be way too challenging, I know it was for me!
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French Progress #5

It’s been awhile since my last progress report so thought I’d jot down how things have been going. As I noted before I had found a new inspiration to continue my learning and well I’m happy to say that it’s not only continued that way but I’ve been making a lot of progress in the last few months.

As I mentioned I was able to take three different French Courses this semester at school and they’ve really helped me. One of them is my regular course which is now on the fifth level and that’s going well. The other is a Reading Control course, I made a placement exam and got in the third and final level and it’s help me improve my reading conprenhension. Finally I also enrolled on a “letters” workshop which is mostly a speaking course that has been very beneficiary in my speaking skills as I have lost the fear to communicate in French in it. Continue reading French Progress #5