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What is Miscrave?

This nook online is for any most forgotten topics that deserve a  tribute .  It’s not the digital stop on the information superhighway that needs to be made for most.

What can I really find @ MiscRave?

I like to write about things  that you can’t really find elsewhere online, since they either get ignored or are too niche for most to care. Forgotten franchises, unpopular opinions, alternate analysis to the mainstream ones can all be found here. For example you won’t find in many places where someone is willing to discuss the continuity. pay tribute to neglected things, or recompiling information lost in the shuffle and buried by time.

It’s not a site about any one specific thing so I may be recommending music of different genres along the way to expand our musical tastes or talk about TV shows, movies, figures, video games, nostalgia, the 90s, travelling, videos, comics, anime entertainment in general, or even philosophy, politics, economics, physics, french and whatnot.  You’ll find recurring themes through out but also plenty of oddballs from time to time. If you dislike anything, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Who are you?

I’m sdp. As a true internaut who’s surfed on the world wide web since the early days I prefer to go by my username.  I studied economics, lived in a few different countries and was raised by the internet. I enjoy learning and trying new things.  I rave about music, technology, philosophy, science,  fictional characters, martial arts, and dinosaurs.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me by email: sdp @ miscrave .com

You can also follow my latest mishaps on twitter:  0sdp

To stay up to date with the site on twitter: @miscrave and on Facebook: @miscrave


How often is the site/podcast updated?

I aim for a few posts every week sometimes it can be new updates daily or only once a week. Currently the DigiCulture Podcast is random but expect new  podcast projects in the future.

What is MiscRave French Corner?

It’s a project of trying to learn as much French as we can in one year, come join us and learn a new language.  We have at least one French learning related post for #FrenchFriday and a French related post pops up every once in a while other days.

Aimez-vous les icônes twitter de néon?

J’adore les icônes twitter néon colorées

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