Learning French in one year, join me!

It’s always important to better ourselves and learn new things and because of it I decided to set a new goal for me: To learn French in one year. Over the next 364 days I will be practicing french daily throughout different means to get better at the four skills, speaking, writing, listening and reading.

For a little background, I’m not starting from zero, I’d consider myself almost at an intermediate level. I studied French for 3 years back in High School but of course I didn’t learn how to speak it and it was quite a few years ago. I then studied it for a year and a half about 4 years ago and started studying again since last fall, now I haven’t been the best student and classes are only twice a week for 4 months of the year so while helpful, they aren’t the best if you really want to learn at a faster pace and it leaves a lot of room to get unmotivated.

I’m fluent in English and Spanish and I gave classes for a few years, this has given me an understanding in the process and difficulties of learning a foreign language. I have seen many students fail at their goal and even terrible students achieve it through endurance. I’ve seen what works and doesn’t work when learning so that gives me an
advantage to try to pick up the best habits. So, that’s my background, what’s yours?

To achieve my goal I will be using a variety of tools available to me such as differet apps like Duolingo, different websites, youtube teachers, books, movies, reddit and of course my classes. I will set up about an hour minimum per day of practice but aiming at around 2. I hope others can join me and are interested in how with perseverance it can happen.

Le Coin Français will be posts that you can expect every Friday that will be related to learning french, whether it’s music, reviews, progress or new tips that can help us follow us to the end of this goal. I am learning french in 1 year.

If you’re using Duolingo you can join my French Club with the code 5RH6XP, if the club is full I prune inactive users on a biweekly basis so there’s usually a spot or two available after a couple of weeks. You can practice your written french in our forums. And I hope to get other people involved and we can set up other activities and even a discord group.

Jusqu’à plus tard

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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