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Looking back on.. Villainous Shorts

Coming from flash animated webisodes, some which have now been lost to time, Villanos was able to get a shot at making some shorts or miniseries for Cartoon Network Mexico’s app and so we got ten different episodes around a minute or so. These became rather popular and renamed Villainous for other markets, while the original name would be translated as just “Villains”.

villainous characters

I started seeing a lot of these characters so I was tempted to check them out and so I did including the webisodes. The webisodes for the most part look like your normal flash cartoons that you’ve come to expect from the internet, the main thing going for them is the character designs as most of the humor falls flat.
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Looking back on.. Tales from the Cryptkeeper

Horror Comics by EC got a live action anthology show on HBO with Tales from the Crypt where many of the stories from the comics where adapted, While not for kids, the cryptkeeper was so iconic and charismatic that just like Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger, he became a pop culture figure that kids loved and so it got an animated adaptation for kids. How did the transition go?

cryptkeeper tales dvd

Tales from the Cryptkeeper was clearly a spin-off that might even be in continuity since the theme song is basically the same and the voice actor of the cryptkeeper is also kept from the HBO show. Unlike the stories in the adult show this one featured more stories with classic horror monsters and fairly tame stories that only have a spooky visuals and characters but being more of an adventure story
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Looking back on.. Mighty Max

Polly Pocket playsets had become a hit so it was decided to make a boys version that instead of houses and whatnot would feature things “boys” would like such as monsters, aliens and dinosaurs; and so Mighty Max was born. It was a successful toyline in the UK so it eventually got a cartoon. The original character was changed as well as his backstory to better fit what a cartoon was supposed to be, while the huge sales of the toyline didn’t exactly translate into huge ratings it did well enough to get a two season 40 episode run so let’s take a look back at it..

mighty max cast

The story from the playsets was changed as mentioned and while I was not a big fan of the change I could live with it. The re-design of Max with the baggy shirt totally fit the 90s and made him look cooler. I wasn’t a big fan of making him the chosen one since the original idea of him just stumbling into worlds for no reason and having to escape was more appealing but oh well, we still got some of that anyway. We also got two companions with VirgiL and Norman who give him someone to interact with and were fun, they weren’t in all episodes as Max’s Mother and his friends Bea and Felix also guest in a few episodes.
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Looking back on.. The Magic School Bus Rides Again Netflix 2017

Well I’ve been following this show closely for a year before it came out since the show seemed to have fallen off the radar without any news but finally we have a new Magic School Bus cartoon with Rides Again and it’s actually very different from the originally announced Magic School Bus 360 that was supposed to be in CG featuring new kids. I was extremely disappointed when I saw the trailer, but after watching all of the episodes that encompass the first season, how is it really?

magic school bus rides again bus

The art-style is awful, makes me feel like I’m watching an expensive flash cartoon or a Dora show, in fact it feels like a those cheap revivals shows had in the 90s from older properties. I really wish they had gone with CG since the King Kong CG Netflix show they had while a bit boring had awesome CG. The show does look nice and clean at least but the character designs are so uninspiring and generic, I literally can’t tell any of the kids apart besides Arnold, and not because he is the exception but it’s easy to tell him apart because of his glasses, he also gets the most focus in the entire show.

magic school bus rides again field trip
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Looking back on.. Skeleton Warriors

They tried to bring He-Man into more modern times when they made the show Skeleton Warriors, which mixed magic alongside technology in a neo-mythological world. Created mostly to sell toys the idea was pretty damn cool but sadly it was never able to take off. Whether you enjoyed the cartoon or the toys let’s look back on the animated series.

skeleton warriors logo

Narrated by an awesome for the time CG Skull that gave us a brief rundown before and after in a rather creepy yet wise voice totally set the mood for each episode before it even began. The show has a bit of a dark premise where the bad guys take over and in this case because of the Lightstar crystal they become skeletons that can regenerate and it’s up to the ex-Royal family to make things right.
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Looking back on.. Bucky O’Hare

Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars also called the Toad Menace in other regions was a cartoon that was supposed to ride the success of TMNT but was never able to caught on for n reasons. But whether it was because of the NES video game or the discounted toys I’m sure many of us have memories of Bucky O’Hare so how was the short lived animated show that we got from the cult comic?

bucky o'hare logo

After watching it I was surprised by how fun it was and different from anything like most Ninja Turtle clone shows we used to get at that time. It’s definitely inspired by sci-fi shows and movies like Star Wars instead of really being just another anthropomorphic animal show. IF I had to call it anything I’d say it’s as close to a Star Fox animated show as we’ll ever get as they both share a similar universe and the main characters closely resemble the Star Fox cast.

Bucky O'Hare characters
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French Animaniacs Songs and Lyrics

Animaniacs was a great cartoon in the 90s which also had a ton of educational songs through out it which were fun since they were so catchy. Luckily they were translated in various languages including French and for anyone trying to learn french like me they are perfect since they get to teach you a lot of vocabulary in a really fun way, you’ll also find th lyrics of these songs as well as translations to help you follow along.

The first video is just the opening of the Animaniacs song which most of us know by heart so it’s an easy one to practice and spot the things we know as well as some of the changes. Then we have the countries of the world in French, it’s worth noting that some of the countries in the song have since seized to exist and finally a song about the universe which would make Carl Sagan proud.

Les Animaniacs – Générique Début VF

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