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Power Rangers Article Archives

I was able to get into the Power Rangers fad as it had just begun since I loved dinosaurs already which lead me to being an early adopter before it hit it huge. I loved them until they stopped airing episodes where I lived. It wasn’t until many years later that I re-discovered them and realized they were still as awesome as they had ever been and  I’m still a fan today.
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The original The Magic School Bus 360° reboot by Netflix (Before Rides Again)

The original reboot of The Magic School Bus was announced in 2014 and shouldve come out two years later but it took almost a year and a half longer for it to come out. The show just kind of disappeared for a while as we reported when the show’s future seemed uncertain. But after the new reboot which is actually more of a revival since it’s a continuation of the original show came out with rather lackluster reviews. I wonder if maybe the original show would’ve been far better.

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Lord Drakkon in the Power Rangers Universe

Lord Drakkon has been making a lot of buzz in the Power Rangers fandom since his debut. I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t interested in the Boom! Studios comics since they seemed fanfic level and this DeviantArt Original Character DO NOT STEAL Green Ranger & White Ranger hybrid didn’t help change my opinion. This slowly changed over time and now I can point out why Lord Drakkon is such a cool character that deserves to be in proper Power Rangers Universe continuity.

lord drakkon cosplay suit

Now, I haven’t read the comics and don’t plan to for the time being until enough story story arcs are easily available since I have no patience for monthly comics most of the time. Luckily this video narrated by Jason David Frank aka Tommy Oliver himself narrate who this character is does a much better description. You might be asking why I’d be a fan of a character that I don’t even really know and it’s because of this viral marketing.

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Top Virtual Reality VR Shows & Cartoons: Entering Virtual Worlds

I’m a big fan of Virtual Reality and always loved shows that dealt with going inside virtual worlds which sadly hasn’t really been utilized to it’s full potential. So here we have a list of awesome shows that did exactly that and whether they entered a computer, a game or any type of virtual world and was fun it deserves a spot here. For this list I’m skipping movies and anime for arbitrary reasons and the concept of the show must deal with this. Any shows or cartoons that only had one episode about this or maybe a season don’t really count since it wasn’t what the overall show was about.


We begin with an easy choice with the first Computer Generated CG show that took place inside a computer and what happened inside a computer. The show started a bit rough but ended up being a great show by the end of it with a lot of interesting takes on what would go on inside a computer and the internet eventually. The sequel series The Guardian Code actually has real life kids going into the virtual world only making this choice more appropriate to be here.
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