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Pokemon Banned Episodes

The Pokemon anime started as a very Japanese show so even if it was a rather tame anime it still had to be edited quite a bit for American audiences and because of distribution rights to the rest of the world. In the first season now known as the Indigo League season or “gen 1 / Kanto” to others there were 3 episodes that were banned for various reasons. Most of us knew about them since it was very well documented online and even in magazines. Now since then there have been a few other episodes that have been skipped and even some from season 1 but let’s just take a look at the original 3 episodes that were skipped and yet apparently were dubbed as well, who knows if that’s true. So whether you’re here to see the original Pokemon beach episode, have Ash be threatened by a gun or just have a seizure with porygon, Let’s begin.

The Legend of Dratini
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do u liek Mudkipz

Time can pass really quickly and here is one such example; Ten years ago “do u liek mudkips” was one of the most popular copypasta’s at 4chan. It felt fresh and so stupid that it was awesome, also back then there weren’t as many nostalgia ridden Pokemon fans which made the whole atmosphere better, besides the original copypasta which is below one other great thing it brought us was this song:

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Pokemon Games First Impressions

Today is Pokemon Day, I guess because it’s when the games originally launched in Japan but instead of celebrating every other anniversary or just a reminder every year The Pokemon Company decided to get all the benefits of hashtags on Social Media and while you do that you can also check out our other Pokemon articles.

I mean they really went all out with it even paying Facebook to ask us what our memories about Pokemon for the 20th anniversary on the first “Pokemon Day”. But in honor of this purely marketing holiday that got someone a nice vacation bonus I decided to go back and go through memory lane on my first impressions of Pokemon games as they launched to the best of my ability. These aren’t my general thoughts on each gen but rather a blotter of the events and my first impressions of them.
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#Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial

For Pokemon’s 20th anniversary it was decided that an ad on the Superbowl was a good idea. The ad was very vague and seemed like an odd decision for The Pokemon Company to have taken it. Now it seems like it was the perfect decision as Pokemon Go became a huge fad that same summer and in the fall Pokemon Sun and Moon ended up becoming one of the best sold games in the series. Let’s take a look at it again:
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Gaming Again.. Pokemon Trading Figure Game

A new Pokemon app called Pokemon Duel came out on the app store, when I checked it out I was surprised to see that it was about a figure battling game and I was reminded of the Pokemon Trading Figure Game since a lot of the Pokemon Duel game is based off of the Pokemon TFG. I originally wrote about it on a previous website I ran so here’s a little information on the game that inspired the latest phone application.
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