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Power Rangers Power Up Video Challenge: RPM & Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers team-up

In 2010 instead of getting a new season of Power Rangers that followed up on Power Rangers RPM we got a “Re-version” of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. At this point Disney wanted to get rid of Power Rangers but they still had some contractual obligations for another show and Bandai wanted to make more toys and that’s the reason we got MMPRv2. During this time Bandai decided to make a contest called “Power Up Video Challenge” where you were supposed to finish off the following team up between Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers RPM:

Now while it’s only a 2 minute stop motion video made with toys it was indeed official and I like to think of it as it taking place in the show, we just never got to see it. The website which is now long gone had the finalists and the winner sadly all of these videos are now lost forever. It wasn’t a huge loss however since the contest was for kids 13 or under and in none of the finalists did it seem that they got too much help from their parents so they weren’t exactly the best videos you can imagine.

The interesting part of the 2 minute video that Bandai made which is actually professional is the cheesyness actually seems to fit Power Rangers perfectly. We get to see a few things that are staples of Power Rangers but we never got to see such as the battlizers and the aforementioned team up with Mighty Morphin.

We also get to see that the morphin grid is a physical thing and it’s just cool to know that somehow we know that they can Deus ex Machina the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into any future season through this awesomely convoluted explanation. I expect to be 90 years old and see a badly dubbed Jason in suit in whatever current Power Rangers show is airing at that time.

Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan re without a doubt two of the best martial artists that have ever been on film. Sadly Bruce Lee passed away in his prime and we never got to see mroe of what he could offer. This meant that we would never get to see them interact in a movie together; Well they did in the movie Enter The Dragon, where Jackie is just a grunt who gets beat up in a second but this was before Jackie Chan was known.

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Original TMNT 1987 cartoon intro and episodes in CG

The Nick CG show had a crossover with the original TMNT show from 1987 by Fred Wolf. In it you can see the original toon turtles in 3D and the CG turtles in 2D. It was definitely a cool episode that brought a lot of nostalgia. While the original turtles looked odd in CG, it was still neat to see them being interpreted like that. So why don’t we take a look at a remake of the original iconic opening re-done in CG?

It doesn’t quite fit the look the original turtles have on the CG Nick show since it is a much more realistic take on them. The amount of polish is amazing as everything looks so professional. It definitely misses a little bit of the mood of the show though by taking these artistic liberties. Now I don’t fault them for it but it’s worth pointing out. Oddly enough this isn’t the only time the intro has been remade in 3D.
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Secret Movie.. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SDCC Shorts

In SDCC 2016 many people expected that the sixth season of the CG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would get announced as it had been in years past but instead what we got was three different shorts released by Nick. These TMNT shorts were unrelated to the at the time on going 2012 show and were its own thing, each doing its own thing and most importantly doing its own thing without having to worry about any baggage or restrictions. Each short is around 6 minutes long and as mentioned so different you may like one and not the other so let’s check out these three forgotten TMNT universes.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ‘Turtles Take Time (and Space)’ by Brandon Auman

This TMNT short is easily the best and gives us the TMNT show I wanted from Nickelodeon when they bought the franchise. It’s lighthearted but also has plenty of action and I absolutely love the designs of the turtles. In the short time they use the time scepter from the third movie and even reference the Turtles in Time video game. The ending is just the icing in the cake featuring a crossover with the original cartoon turtles. I wish there a show based on these designs could be made but alas it was not meant to be.
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Remembering.. A message from the Power Rangers

Public Service Announcements were a common thing in the 80’s and even early 90’s but these PSA’s kind of stopped after that. Whether they were done to fit some type of educational message in the show or just because everyone was doing it is beside the point, there were plenty of shows doing it and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers with its already controversial fighting thought it was the right move to have them. Unlike a lot of PSA’s, the “Now a message from the Power Rangers were actually packaged for international syndication giving fans around the world the chance to learn some common sense.

You would actually look forward to these since you knew after the show had finished you’d at least get some extra ranger content and hearing Jason’s voice telling you they had a message for you, you had no other thing to do than sit down and listen. There were only about a dozen or so of them so they would repeat often but you were fine with that.
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WWE Crush Hour on the original WWE Network

In 2003 THQ decided to release a vehicle combat game using the license of WWE on the PS2/X-Box/Gamecube. Why they would ever do that is a question that we may never know. This wasn’t during the attitude era when wrestling was a hot product for them to try to spin-off the license into other genres but at a time when even wrestling games themselves weren’t selling what they used to just a few years back. This was also released a few years after Twisted Metal Black which defined the genre for that generation of consoles.

None of this stopped them from releasing it and well it didn’t quite fare well in the reviews department but maybe it was just a pet project of the WWE, after all they do like to experiment with different things. While there isn’t much information on any of this, the amount of details in some things seem a little odd if it had just been a cheap cash-in, which it is but that’s beside the point.
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Skull Island: A Natural History Documentary King Kong + Son of Kong hoax

King Kong seems to be making a nice comeback and while I have a few reservations on the current take, it’s still nice to see Kong be King once again. To celebrate his return to glory we’ll be taking a small detour to Skull Island for a couple of days. Let’s start off with a mockumentary that was made for Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

Peter Jackson really loves the original King Kong movie and it was a huge inspiration for him. Regardless of what you think of his film, you can’t deny that he has a pasion for the character. One of the bonus features on the DVD when it came out was a “documentary” of Skull Island, it began with a documentary of 1930’s New York and the Great Depression and later you had a documentary on Skull Island. It’s really well done and gives us a look at what an awesome island Skull Island is and expands on it, it’s worth a look:
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