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Looking back on.. Power Rangers Zeo

Last week we finished the last season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers which is a direct lead to Power Rangers Zeo. As you know Saban decided to change the format of Power Rangers with the fourth season and decided to follow the yearly sentai theme more closely and not only changing villains and mecha but also the suits. So let’s take a look at everything that the last season built up and if it delivered.

Before Zeo even began they aired some shorts leading up to the premier which is called “the Zeo Serial” which all the short together make another “episode” and it’s cool; This never aired where I lived but it would’ve gotten me super excited in fact as a kid I probably thought Power Rangers was cancelled as it got taken off the air after Season 3. I did find out about the other seasons not long after and even got to see a little of Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo but for the most part the franchise was dead in my area. Dragon Ball and Video Games kept me from being too sad about it though and I moved on. The Zeo serial works fine I don’t know why the fandom mentions that it’s non-canon because of A Zeo beginning, it can still fit, I mean what’s Power Rangers without a few retcons?
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Life-like relationships in cartoons

Valentines Day is today, and while some may be out there celebrating in crowded restaurants and movie theaters; The majority of us are waiting for some new content online to keep our minds occupied as we try to stop sobbing all over the keyboard. What better way to do this than seeing some realistic depictions of a relationship on animated shows.

Most cartoons include very basic relationships where the boy and girl are just meant to be and this is a trope that is done in almost all shows. We also have shows that try to make it into a central part of the show but while it may create drama for the show it doesn’t accurately depict a real life relationship. I’ve only encountered two such shows that reflect wanting to be in a relationship and the complications that arise.
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My thoughts on the Power Rangers 2017 movie

I’ve wanted a new Power Rangers reboot movie with a high budget for many years now and now there’s a new Power Rangers movie coming out in a few months and it seems to be all over the place with people being excited for nostalgic reasons to mostly negative comments but I think things might be a little more far down the middle so why don’t we take a look at what this mess of a movie has become and if it’ll have the same fate as the Platinum Dune’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Nintendo Switch Event Analysis

E3 is early tonight with the unveiling of the much anticipated Nintendo Switch and you could feel the electricity on the internet hours before the event and it was not just because of it being new hardware as the hype generated has been much bigger than I can remember in many years but also because of Nintendo’s secrecy and their huge failure wirth the Wii U. So you have everyone from the biggest fanboys to their trollish haters and of course the press in general all giving wildly different reactions.. but how did the event actually go?
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Original iphone announcement by Steve Jobs in 2007

Hard to believe it’s been ten years but it was Macworld 2007 and Apple had been teasing that they were going to make an announcement that would be revolutionary. By this point the iphone had been rumored and making the round in various sites and constantly making the front page of Digg. So why don’t we take a look back and see this impressive keynote Steve Jobs gave a decade ago.

As rumors started popping up about Apple making a cell phone I remember not being impressed as I had no need of an ipod and a phone in one as I already had both and it wasn’t a problem at all since phones with internet weren’t something new exactly either. While I didn’t get the appeal of it at first that quickly changed throughout the year as hackers started putting different programs which became known as “apps”, that’s right the first iphone didn’t have the app store, that launched one year later but that was the time I saw that this was a game changer and I was in line once the second iphone released. But let’s take a look at the presentation that changed the world.
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Predictions for 2017

The new year is here and coming off from a difficult year, let’s take a look at some things to expect in 2017 besides more celebrities sadly passing away which will likely happened as explained in my end of 2016 article here. It’s a good read as I believe all the wheels that were set in motion will only continue as last year only paved the direction we were going but now we must go through it.

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