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“Rawest Forest” Super Mario RPG Song/Video/Lyrics & Waltz of the Forest

Newgrounds constantly uploaded flash videos of different kinds and in 2007 we got a video called Rawest Forest, it’s been ten years and it’s still as great as it was back then. If you never played Super Mario RPG, it was an amazing game released at the end of the SNES’ life but it had a big impact on those who played it. It basically made RPGs be my favorite genre for many years. The music was also excellent and in particular you had one as you made your way through Geno’s Maze which is the background music of this video “Rawest Forest”.

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Most Wanted Custom Characters for Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces has a custom character feature which caused all the furries and Sonic fandom yiffed and “hardcore” gamers all called for the Sonic Cycle to start all over. I actually though it’s a neat idea and you just have to ignore the collateral damage for this feature being implemented. Now, I think for most of us we’ll just have fun with it and move on with our lives, but with the thousands of ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL out there, what are some of the most wanted Custom characters for Sonic Forces?

I must admit that even though I”m a fairly big Sonic fan who has watched all the Sonic cartoons just because but I’m not as up to date with more modern characters and I never read the Archie Sonic comics besides an issue or two which has most of the fandom ended up attaching too and gave the rise to the NAME + The Hedgehog meme that exists and likely inspired this game but I’m pretty sure this list should satisfy most.
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WCW vs NWO World Tour & WCW/NWO Revenge intros on the Nintendo 64

By the time the Nintendo 64 was on its way out EB Games / Gamestop or whatever it was called back then was putting a bunch of Nintendo 64 games on clearance. I was used to paying 50 to 60 dollars per game so when I was able to get games for a few bucks at most I got as many as I could. Many games that I wanted but found it hard to get the money or justify the cost like Jet Force Jemini and Hey You Pikachu were bought. But I also spent some money on a bunch of WCW games, by then I really wasn’t as much into wrestling anymore and I had never been a huge fan of WCW but they were the cheapest games there since they basically classified as annual sports games so I got them all.

I was surprised to find that two of them were exactly the same as the WWF games I used to love. I then found out that before they had the WWF license they made games with the WCW one. These games being released years before WWF No Mercy the gameplay is far from polished as the games eventually became, you can immediately see all the improvements the sequels made as they feel rough. Nevertheless it’s definitely the same gameplay that you loved even if it had yet to reach their best version. What really made them cool to play after playing the superior sequels was that you could finally play as the WCW roster without having to go to create a wrestler mode and make your WCW wrestlers on CAW in the WWF AKI games.

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Nintendo Console Launches

Today is March 3rd 2017, which means the Nintendo Switch launched and while I won’t be getting one anytime soon. what better way to celebrate it than by going back and remembering the previous Nintendo home console launches similar to how I did it for Pokemon.

I have lived through every major Nintendo Console launch: The Nintendo Entertainment System, The Super NES, the Nintendo 64, the Gamecube, the Wii, the Wii U, and soon the Nintendo Switch. So let’s begin with my first Nintendo home console that I got as I was just a wee little lad.
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Pokemon Games First Impressions

Today is Pokemon Day, I guess because it’s when the games originally launched in Japan but instead of celebrating every other anniversary or just a reminder every year The Pokemon Company decided to get all the benefits of hashtags on Social Media and while you do that you can also check out our other Pokemon articles.

I mean they really went all out with it even paying Facebook to ask us what our memories about Pokemon for the 20th anniversary on the first “Pokemon Day”. But in honor of this purely marketing holiday that got someone a nice vacation bonus I decided to go back and go through memory lane on my first impressions of Pokemon games as they launched to the best of my ability. These aren’t my general thoughts on each gen but rather a blotter of the events and my first impressions of them.
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Battletoads Gamestop Prank

About ten years ago one of the memes that arose on 4chan was about Battletoads and uasking about it. At one point it was decided to call different stores like Gamestop and Walmart about Battletoads for Wii or other consoles out at the time. I remember calling a few stores that night like an idiot and even trying to trick the poor employee’s that I really didn’t want to ask for Battletoads and then ended up doing it at the end… I know rather stupid but what can I say it was rather fun as it hadn’t really been done before and the stars just aligned themselves for this to have been a great raid back in November of 2007. Check out some of the phone call pranks that were done that day to poor Gamestop employee’s.

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