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The Land Before Time: Sing Along Songs

The Original The Land Before Time movie only didn’t have any musical numbers even if it did have an amazing soundtrack. Starting with the sequels however they all included Disney-esque musical numbers between the characters. At least 3 per movie, one even has 4 and that’s not all even the TV show sneaks in 2 musical numbers per episode.

The Land Before Time Sing Along Songs cover

Through out the article you can find some of my favorite songs that the movies had though not necessarily the best, I mean one song is literally about eating your friends, I can’t ask for more. It wouldn’t surprise me if musical Land Before Time makes another appearance in MiscRave.

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Musical Ninja Turtles: We Wish You A Turtle Christmas & Turtle Tunes (TMNT)

In 1994 the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were slowly losing traction but were still in a pretty good position when it came to market share, it was optimal to milk it for all it was worth before it kept slipping and so we got two direct to video Musical releases from the TMNT. This was not the same as Coming Out Of Their Shells since they were going for a much lower budget release and so we got two specials that change songs with TMNT inspired lyrics.

we wish you a turtle christmas tmnt vhs back
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Listen back.. Adema Insomniac’s Dream

Adema is one of those bands that got big at the peak of nu-metal’s popularity but sadly that meant it was all downhill from there. Luckily before all that happened they were a rising success with their nu-metal defining first album but before they ever released a second one we got this EP to tide us over. Mostly consisting of remixes, a cover and a few new tracks this was too little to keep the momentum going as nu-metal began to die but let’s take a quick listen to it and judge it.

The EP begins with Immortal which worked for the revival of the Mortal Kombat franchise even if it was just a continuation it was marketed that way since it was the first game in current gen systems and it had been a while since the last game. This helped the song get a lot of airplay though that didn’t seem to help the band much, mixed with random live footage and in-game footage of Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance you do have some scenes of Marky Chavez singing in a CG Mortal Kombat ring along the band, this is easily the best part of the video though it should’ve tried to use this a little bit better. The song doesn’t fit Mortal Kombat even if the lyrics feature things that happen in the franchise, at least the song is decent even if nothing particularly special about it.

We then get Shattered which was a b-side from their self-titled album released in some international releases. I can see why it didn’t make the original cut since even if not bad it doesn’t fit as well with the rest of the more energetic self-titled album. The Alice in Chains cover of Nutshell is not particularly bad but like a lot of covers they fail to give it a spin of their own and end up sounding inferior to the original.

adema insomniac's dream large

We then get two remixes, first with Freaking Out” (Chris Vrenna Remix) and “The Way You Like It” (Sam “Sever” Citrin Remix) but neither is particularly good, the first one doesn’t even make that many changes and the few that they do mostly make the song worse with only a few added bits being better, the second one is a little bit better but mostly just an inoffensive remix. We also get a lvie version of “Do What You Want to Do” (Live) which is ok and “Giving In” (Radio Mix) which no one asked for except maybe a completist who wanted that version but it’s barely any different.

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Music Match Archive

Music Match is all about discovering new music and finding cool music videos, any genre of music is welcome as long as the song and/or music video is cool enough to share. It can be hard to find new music sometimes so here we have a mix of old stuff you may have forgotten and new stuff that you will be glad you learned about them. I try to mix with something more mainstream to something more underground and feature different genres. Also important that the music video is unique or cool enough to watch on its own, there are plenty of awesome music videos out there and it’s up to us to share some forgotten ones.

Here we have an archive of all the previous Music Videos featured, search by band or click on one randomly to find something you may like. Some weeks feature some type of theme between the songs features and others don’t. We have Music Monday’s in MiscRave which usually features a new volume o Music Match though sometimes we have album reviews and the like. This page might not always be up to date in that case click here for the latest one.If you have any suggestions comment.

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Music Match Volume 7 – TLC, DMX, Metallica
Music Match Volume 8 – Tricky, Madonna, Celso Piña
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Highly Suspect – “My Name is Human” Music Video – Ghost in the Shell

Music videos were something I didn’t really watch much of anymore but I’ve been checking some out lately and have been surprised by how good some of them still are, I really thought music videos had become irrelevant. Sometimes you have music videos inspired of that seem inspired by something else and in this case Highly Suspect’s “My Name is Human” is very similar in style to Ghost in the Shell. This is by no means anything official but the similarities are there.

You have a man who is basically building female robot from scratch until the end when it’s finished and it basically looks like a human. While it’s likely not an android like Matoko; A lot of the imagery seems to be straight out of Ghost in the Shell, including the movie. Some might even bring some Matrix comparisons with the completely white room and the black attire the Johnny Stevens is wearing.
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The original Zelda Rap by 5-3 Federation + lyrics

As a kid with such software available to my hands as Napster and a love for Nintendo, it didn’t take long for one of the terms I searched for would be “Zelda” and sure enough I was able to find something. Zelda Rap by 5-3 Federation. I downloaded it and after 20 minutes or so I got to listen to it.

The rap uses the original The Legend of Zelda intro as the beats as he raps about the game and making random geeky references. This was more than a decade from when geek culture was “cool” so it really was done for the passion for the game. There are tons of zelda raps now but this is the original and if you ask what an odd choice well remember that the original commercial had a zelda rap, though I guess that would make it the original, nevertheless check it out:
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Instant Star “Waste My Time” French cover by Marie-Mai

Instant Star was a Canadian show that dealt with Jude Harrison, the winner of a music reality show contest’s first season and her life after it. It’s a fairly interesting show and one of the best songs ever featured was “Waste my Time” who Alexz Johnson (Jude Harrison) performs. Not long after a singer from Quebec, Marie-Mai covered the song and while she changed the lyrics somewhat it’s still a cover. A neat coincidence is that like the show she was initially known as one of the finalists of the first season of the Quebec reality show Star Académie, quite a fun parallel from the concept of the Canadian show.

The song is her second album Dangereuse Attraction. Also check out a live version of Tôt Ou Tard at EXPO Québec in 2009, the lyrics (paroles), and translation below.
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