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Music Match Archive

Music Match is all about discovering new music and finding cool music videos, any genre of music is welcome as long as the song and/or music video is cool enough to share. It can be hard to find new music sometimes so here we have a mix of old stuff you may have forgotten and new stuff that you will be glad you learned about them. I try to mix with something more mainstream to something more underground and feature different genres. Also important that the music video is unique or cool enough to watch on its own, there are plenty of awesome music videos out there and it’s up to us to share some forgotten ones.

Here we have an archive of all the previous Music Videos featured, search by band or click on one randomly to find something you may like. Some weeks feature some type of theme between the songs features and others don’t. We have Music Monday’s in MiscRave which usually features a new volume o Music Match though sometimes we have album reviews and the like. This page might not always be up to date in that case click here for the latest one.If you have any suggestions comment.

Music Match Volume 1 – Woodkid, Lorn, Sleep Party People
Music Match Volume 2 – Sevdaliza, Hey Violet, Eagulls
Music Match Volume 3 – Shampoo, Republica, Chumbawamba
Music Match Volume 4 – M83, The Moth & The Flame, iiO
Music Match Volume 5 – Nintendo Theme– Saint Dragon, Ffejery Plexco, The Rabbit Joint
Music Match Volume 6 – David Bowie covers – The Wallflowers, Lulu, Xu Xu Fang
Music Match French – Sophie Hunger, Indila, Air
Music Match Rain – Garbage, Radiohead, Enya
Music Match Summer – Hoku, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, Lana Del Rey
Music Match Summer 2 – Enigma, The Muppets, The Tokens
Music Match Volume 7 – TLC, DMX, Metallica
Music Match Volume 8 – Tricky, Madonna, Celso Piña
Music Match Summer 3 – Deftones, Mungo Jerry, The Ataris
Music Match Volume 9 – Christina Aguilera, Godsmack, Weezer
Music Match Volume 10 – The Crystal Method, Destiny’s Child, Jane’s Addiction
Music Match Volume 11 – Nikka Costa, Tantric, P.O.D.
Music Match Volume 12 – Eve, She Wants Revenge, Soundgarden
Music Match Volume ?
Music Festival MiscRave
Music Match Pilot 1 – Marie Mai
Music Match Pilot 2 – Highly Suspect

If you enjoyed the music or have any thoughts let me know by commenting below or tweeting at me. You can also share the article or hit me up an email with your thoughts or music that you may want to share with me or feature, it’s nice to hear from other fans.

Highly Suspect – “My Name is Human” Music Video – Ghost in the Shell

Music videos were something I didn’t really watch much of anymore but I’ve been checking some out lately and have been surprised by how good some of them still are, I really thought music videos had become irrelevant. Sometimes you have music videos inspired of that seem inspired by something else and in this case Highly Suspect’s “My Name is Human” is very similar in style to Ghost in the Shell. This is by no means anything official but the similarities are there.

You have a man who is basically building female robot from scratch until the end when it’s finished and it basically looks like a human. While it’s likely not an android like Matoko; A lot of the imagery seems to be straight out of Ghost in the Shell, including the movie. Some might even bring some Matrix comparisons with the completely white room and the black attire the Johnny Stevens is wearing.
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The original Zelda Rap by 5-3 Federation + lyrics

As a kid with such software available to my hands as Napster and a love for Nintendo, it didn’t take long for one of the terms I searched for would be “Zelda” and sure enough I was able to find something. Zelda Rap by 5-3 Federation. I downloaded it and after 20 minutes or so I got to listen to it.

The rap uses the original The Legend of Zelda intro as the beats as he raps about the game and making random geeky references. This was more than a decade from when geek culture was “cool” so it really was done for the passion for the game. There are tons of zelda raps now but this is the original and if you ask what an odd choice well remember that the original commercial had a zelda rap, though I guess that would make it the original, nevertheless check it out:
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Instant Star “Waste My Time” French cover by Marie-Mai

Instant Star was a Canadian show that dealt with Jude Harrison, the winner of a music reality show contest’s first season and her life after it. It’s a fairly interesting show and one of the best songs ever featured was “Waste my Time” who Alexz Johnson (Jude Harrison) performs. Not long after a singer from Quebec, Marie-Mai covered the song and while she changed the lyrics somewhat it’s still a cover. A neat coincidence is that like the show she was initially known as one of the finalists of the first season of the Quebec reality show Star Académie, quite a fun parallel from the concept of the Canadian show.

The song is her second album Dangereuse Attraction. Also check out a live version of Tôt Ou Tard at EXPO Québec in 2009, the lyrics (paroles), and translation below.
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Listen back.. Kittie: Spit in your eye DVD

I want a piece of your soul!
I want you!
I want to know what you’re all about!
gimme! gimme!

KiTTiE was a popular all girl nu-metal band in the early 00’s that quickly rose and disappeared from the spotlight but “Spit in your eye is” a VHS chronicling their adventures on their first tour so it is able to give a snapshot of what the band was like at that time specific time so let’s take a look.
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Shigeru Miyamoto & The Roots perform Super Mario Bros. theme

When Reggie Fils-Aime went on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show to show off Super Mario Run and the Nintendo Switch he also brought in Miyamoto. As some of you know Shigeru Miyamoto loves music hence why he made the much hated Wii Music game but it’s really one of his passions probably more than video games so here we see him palying the Super Mario Bros. theme with The Roots which is nice.
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Listen Back.. System of a Down – SOAD self-titled album review

I had just begun 7th grade when I was talking about music with a friend and back then I didn’t have a wide variety in my taste in music but each of us mentioned “one” was a great album, the one he mentioned was System of A Down’s self-titled album. We each lent each other an album and began to listen. I don’t really remember what I thought about it when I first heard it, I didn’t love it but I remember listening to it many times so I’m guessing I didn’t hate it either. I used to listen to it a few times while making Pokemon Decks for the Pokemon league on friday nights. Funnily enough I don’t remember thinking it was a particularly heavy album and this was one of my first exposures to metal. My friend eventually moved without warning so he never gave me back my album and I got to keep this one, my only problem when I was older is that it was an edited CD and the only edited version of the CD that I ever owned.
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