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#Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial

For Pokemon’s 20th anniversary it was decided that an ad on the Superbowl was a good idea. The ad was very vague and seemed like an odd decision for The Pokemon Company to have taken it. Now it seems like it was the perfect decision as Pokemon Go became a huge fad that same summer and in the fall Pokemon Sun and Moon ended up becoming one of the best sold games in the series. Let’s take a look at it again:
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Gaming Again.. Pokemon Trading Figure Game

A new Pokemon app called Pokemon Duel came out on the app store, when I checked it out I was surprised to see that it was about a figure battling game and I was reminded of the Pokemon Trading Figure Game since a lot of the Pokemon Duel game is based off of the Pokemon TFG. I originally wrote about it on a previous website I ran so here’s a little information on the game that inspired the latest phone application.
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The Problem with.. Fixing.. Pokemon Bank 2/3

Pokemon Bank hasn’t been living to its full capability since it was first revealed, last time we talked a little about the problem with PokeBank, today we’ll continue with the problems we now have with the Generation VII update and how Game Freak/The Pokemon Company/Nintendo could fix this Pokemon cloud storage system that is bleeding with potential.

With Pokemon Sun & Moon out, we were told about an update to the app, this is all great but the contents of the update really aren’t that great as it puts a restriction on what we can do with Pokemon. When Gold/Silver came out you were able to transfer Pokemon back and fort as long as the Pokemon existed and didn’t have anything that wasn’t available in the previous version (Pokemon/items/moves) for example and it wasn’t difficult to grasp. What the new update as shown in the picture above does is put limits on how we can use our Pokemon. It was obvious we wouldn’t be able to trade any of the new forms or species to X/Y/OmegaRed/AlphaSapphire but what they’ve done is that there’s a restriction that once traded to Sun and Moon those old Pokemon can’t come back. When it came to the Gen I and II there was no problem since they’re both from the same system but from Gen III to IV it was logical that the transfer was a one way thing since Game Boy Advance games couldn’t properly communicate with the Nintendo DS ones.
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