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Toys are wonderful, I flippin’ loved them as a kid and continue to like them as an adult. You might be able to buy all the toys you want now that you have a job but it will never be the same as only the mind of a kid and their imagination can make those toylines feel so special and give all those figures their specific stories. Oh, and I definitely still try to do this to this very day, but the magic is just not gone. I’m a completionism but also a minimalist which means I have a weird collection of sorts, but that’ snot what this is about. Here we have a list of articles that all deal with the memories of those specific toylines, what it was to have them as a kid and the adventures that were had.

Each article might takes a few different directions depending on the toyline, so not all of them will follow the same format. Some take a look at every aspect of the toyline and some just a few memories, but either way it’s a tribute to what made them great. This archive will be updated every time there’s new articles.

Jurassic Park Kenner Toy Memories

Toxic Avenger Toys: Toxic Crusaders Memories

Luigi Kawasaki

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