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I first heard about Pokemon after the infamous Porygon incident and from then on anything I read about Pocket Monsters or “Pockemon” had me interested. By the time the marketing juggernaut arrived in the west they had little convincing to do as I was already all in on it. As a big fan I’ve done tons of stuff with the franchise and here I get to share some articles I’ve written about it, gotta read ’em all!


My Experience and Review at the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions

Do u liek Mudkipz? meme

Happy Birthday Mewtwo! Our favorite Clone.

Remembering the Pokemon 20 Superbowl Commercial

The Forgotten Pokemon Trading Figure Game

The time I made it on Something Awful


Pokemon I Choose You! Movie 20’s reboot problem

French Pokemon Opening Intro

Pokemon Banned Episodes: A look back

Pokemon and Batman Crossovers on Kids WB!


The Problem with Pokemon Bank 1/3

The Problem with Fixing Pokemon Bank 2/3

Fixing Pokemon Bank 3/3

Pokemon Games First Impressions Over Every Generation

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