Fixing.. Pokemon Bank for Home 3/3

What was originally meant to be an article on the problems with Pokemon Bank turned into a three parts as it was getting long, then the potentials of what a Pokemon Bank app could do and now let’s finish off with some very basic things Game Freak could do to fix Pokemon Bank into something that doesn’t seem like an afterthought.

We begin with how impersonal it is which normally Pokemon apps try to add a little fun and character but here Brigette was not given the chance which even in her Gamecube Pokemon Box appearance she had a little more personality. I’m not saying give her a lengthy speech that no one wants to read to get to their Pokemon but something. The application in general is very basic and it needs a nicer presentation and even a little easier to use, it’s frustrating that on a touchscreen device you can’t make basic things with it and it’s not that they didn’t want to use the touch controls because you can use them for certain functions. I think most of us can also relate how many times we accidentally logged off or accidentally logged back in when we’re trying to use the app.

Things just look ugly and impersonal like the PC boxes are…in the games you are given wallpapers to mix them up and even give them themes, heck you can even get special wallpapers for your boxes and there’s exclusive ones. This is something that could easily be done to give more personality to them and even give monthly wallpapers to entice people to use the Bank more often. Since we’re talking about the storage the application allows you to have 3000 Pokemon, which sounds like a lot but that was back when Generation VI began with X and Y. Since then we saw the release of Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire and Generation VII’s Sun / Moon. We are nearly reaching 1000 different Pokemon species and you have to sum the different formes of certain Pokemon or differences like gender and whatnot. Add your party Pokemon from all these generations and just stuff you want to store and 3 thousand doesn’t seem that much anymore, sure it’s likely sufficient for the majority of us but this is a dumb restriction that costs them next to nothing if you add 1000 more each generation.

The UI also needs an improvement since it can be messy to go through so many boxes and there should be an easier way now to choose and go through them. This is without mentioning that if they really wanted they could have a visual style like Pokemon Ranch did so you could view your Pokemon say in 3D or even something simpler like Sun and Moon have but I guess that would be asking too much given that they don’t even give us the simplest of things. The Pokedex App they had for 3DS was never updated for Generation VI either but they should’ve just combined it with bank afterall they got rid of the national Pokedex in Generation VII. They can’t be this stingy, the free trial was only when the application launch but there’s no reason to give people a free trial as long as they’re new users why they would close this is baffling. We have gotten gift Pokemon every year since it launched but none of them have felt that special except for maybe the first Celebi, they also need to step up their game with the special Pokemon given every year.

Make sure to check out the previous two articles on Pokemon Bank and we’re done for now, I have hope for the future of Pokemon Bank but it seems to be neglected and an afterthought.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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