Forgotten Jurassic Park World Expanded Universe Characters.

The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchise are not very well known by their expanded universe, but we’ve gotten quite a few spin-offs and tie-in material that have built the universe over the years through the Jurassic Park Multiverse. So we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most note worthy characters from the EU, we’ll be leaving a brief description of who they were. This section will be updated constantly with new characters, the current version is an early draft.

Cedric Masrani: The twin brother of Simon Masrani, he is the older sibling. He is the chairman of the board and tried to take Simon’s position to be in control of Jurassic World. He wanted to automate everything but things go awry in the process and loses control of the park. Because of this he isn’t successful in getting Simon his brother fired.

Danny Nedermeyer: Dennis Nedry’s Nephew, he juoins as the new IT tech of Jurassic World about 3 years before the events of the Indominus escape. He tries to shut down Jurassic World by releasing dinosaurs at least once but it doesn’t work. In general tries to sabotage the park a few times like trying to get a press person give a bad review to Jurassic World. Dennis had found a map of gold being hidden in Isla Nublar and wanted to get it since he wasn’t being paid enough, Danny had been sent this map when Dennis tried to hide it and hires SInjin to help him find it. It is later shown Danny was working with someone else. For his final act he releases the dinosaurs, no one in the park notices since they were in another section, he tried to get the gold but fails and falls into an area of the active volcano in Isla Nublar but somehow escapes in a boat where he is picked up by his mother.

Sinjin Prescott: Goes to Isla Nublar to find a treasure, we find out he was hired by Danny. He spends a lot of his time going through the old Jurassic Park site to find a VHS tape with information on where to get the captain no beards treasure treasure/gold. He gets the pieces of the map successfully. They eventually find the gold but they get discovered, between a small fight with a mech robot and released dinosaurs he appears to die when he falls into water but is rescued by Danny’s mother.

Allison Miles: Assistant of Dr. Wu during Jurassic World, she is shown to be more careful and intelligent in regards to some experiments. Works with Dr. Wu on hybrids. Feels she isn’t respected and is frustrated by Dr. Wu and others so she gets tricked by Danny to work with her. She starts doing some sabotage but when things get a little more serious she starts to regret her heel turn. She eventually gives that information to the rest so they can fix things and Masrani forgives anything she might’ve done after Dr. Wu vouches for her.

Hudson Harper: a kid with a Platinum VIP Pass. He gets into trouble a lot at Jurassic World getting himself into situations and because of this, he eventually becomes friends With Owen and Claire. He is seen as an annoyance but because of his status as a special guest he gets special treatment. Eventually he is kidnapped by Sinjin and Danny but is rescued by Owen.

Red the dog: We get to know that Owen Grady has a dog named Red who goes on a lot of adventures with him. He often helps with training dinosaurs with Owen and shows to be very affectionate with him. We don’t know the fate of Red but counting he is not seen later we can assume there was an accident with one of the dinosaurs. Poor dogo, he seemed like a great dog.

Alejandra Solano: Park Planner / Architect from the Legacy of Isla Nublar, Helped plan Jurassic World

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