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Looking Back On… Dink: The Little Dinosaur & Land Before Time Continuity

As a kid I couldn’t get enough dinosaurs so it was obvious that I loved The Land Before Time but this was during the time before all those sequels came out and I wanted more and I caught re-runs of this show that seemed like an animated show of the land before time. But even as a kid I used to find this show super boring as it looked too 80s for my 90s attitude and no matter how many times I watched it I just couldn’t get into it. So how does this Little Foot rip-off fare after I watched everything the Land Before Time Franchise had to offer? But more importantly, can this be a part of the continuity?

Dink, The Little Dinosaur

dink the little dinosaur vhs cover

Released in 1989 which is shortly after the original Land Before Time movie came out and counting how long it takes to get animated projects out I’m not so sure how much of a copy this cartoon is to the Land Before Time movie. I mean if we analyze the show it’s obviously a straight rip-off but if we take a look at the time it was released it makes it seem that many choices were likely coincidences. But yes we have a small brontosaurus named Dink and the title refers to him as “The Little dinosaurs” to further drive the point that he is just like Little Foot and he’s the leader of his group of friends and they go on adventures.

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Looking Back On.. The Land Before Time Revival

We’re almost finished with the revival movies, though technically one of them is the “last” in the on going series before the break I feel it was pretty much meant to start a new way to release these movies since the animated show had also launched that same year. Many people got their wish and wasn’t until 9 years later that it got revived to tie in with Jurassic World just like the first sequel did all those years ago. Both these movies had new directors and both feel different than previous movies and not necessarily in a bad way so let’s take a look at the last The Land Before Movies as of now but let’s hope a reboot comes along one day.

The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends

the land before time 13 xiii dvd cover

Released the same year as the previous film in 2007 but near the end of it so it had been nearly a year. I have to admit that I was not happy they were releasing more movies now that they had a cartoon but looks like I got my wish in the end since this became the last movie in nearly a decade. Apparently this movie is not well liked with fans but I think it’s one of the most refreshing ones we’ve seen in a while. The tone of the movie isn’t any lighter than normal, it just has more humor, but I prefer interesting humor in a kids movie than a safe by the book story for kids so at least it succeeds in that. Some people blame the tone of the movie for the direct to video movies being cancelled but I’m guessing it had been a while since the decision had been made and this was like the last chance for the movies to continue and it just didn’t work.
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Looking Back On.. The Land Before Time show

Every time an annual The Land Before Time movie came out I always wondered why they didn’t just make a tv show if it was so successful, after all most of the movies felt like extended episodes and it had an audience that wanted to watch them and they could still sell DVDs of a batch of episodes. They finally got around to making a Little Foot animated show and it didn’t do very well and it never received a second season and also took down the entire Land Before Time franchise with it. So, was the show that bad to kill it or did it just come out at the wrong time?

The Land Before Time TV Series

the land before time show cast

Taking place after the 13th movie but before the 14th, we have the main cast living in the great valley, this time joined by Chomper who comes back. Chomper was such an iconic design that I was surprised he only ever came back once after his introduction and didn’t return until this show. His second appearance pretty much set him up for him to be part of the crew but luckily the tv show remedies this and adds him to the group and it works. They also add a new character named Ruby who while still young still works as a mentor for the rest and for such an abrupt addition to the group she actually meshes well with the rest of the gang. Cera, Pietrie Spike all get episode focused on them so the new cast members don’t affect the dynamics much.
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Looking Back on..The Land Before Time Movies: 10 11 & 12

By this point in The Land Before Time franchise had this reputation online of something that would never end and would get made fun of every time they announced a new movie. Everyone would ask when would the meteor finally hit (hey that happened in the last trilogy!), it was open season on the property and every blog could joke about it as well. Even though I hadn’t watched any of them I also wanted them to end even though I wanted to watch the whole series out of morbid curiosity. So with DVD sales being at its pique, let’s see what these young dinosaurs brought to the table.

The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration

the land before time 10 x vhs cover

It takes 10 movies but we finally get the background of Little Foot’s father in this film and even though it’s a rather weak explanation I have to admit that it’s satisfying enough. The film isn’t a huge classic by any means but a strong contender in the franchise and most long running direct to video series. They could’ve easily messed it up on so many ways but it is able to deliver even if it’s far from the coolest thing that’s happened in any of the sequels. This is also the second time we get to have a movie that has a flashback to the era of the first movie.
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Looking Back on.. The Land Before Time Series Movies 7, 8 & 9

By this point I had no idea these movies were still coming out and I’m guessing that no one else in my generation did either as we had moved on to bigger and better things such as pro wrestling. It also seems that it was a transitional period for the franchise as DVD was taking over, the production now became more digital and they also started to feel a bit embarrassed by the numbered sequels as they were not emphasized as much. For all these reasons they took a break of one year 1999 where they didn’t make a sequel which they had been doing since 1994.

The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

the land before time vii 7 vhs cover

This movie while a bit lackluster does bring some interesting things to the franchise, first of all we get to see a few flashbacks set during the time of the original movie and we see a little of what the adults were doing at that time. It also introduces two unique characters that while seemed to be the new bad guys of the movie turn out to be good guys and the twist about them is that it’s implied that they’re from another planet…so aliens educating dinosaurs! So a few new things to the franchise and overall another sequel that is mostly inoffensive.
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Looking Back On.. The Land Before Time Sequels

Last time we took a look at the original The Land Before Time movie as well as its 2 first sequels but a trilogy of movies was not enough for them and they kept making more sequels. It was around this time when even I as a kid started to realize that they were releasing far too many movies and started building a backlog of Little Foot movies that i hadn’t seen. They became an annual series and today we’ll take a look back at sequels 4, 5 and 6. The fourth movie was the third and final movie by Roy Allen Smith while almost all the rest of the movies were made by director Charles Grosvenor.

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists
the land before time iv vhs

This movie deals with a heard of Brachiosaurus that is migrating and arrives at the great valley alongside a small female brachiosaurus named Ali. The usual shenanigans with the group not wanting to accept her begin only for Little Foot’s Grandpa to become ill. Then they heard about this special flower that can revive him and they go for it. Along the way they meet an alligator and a bird who are the big bads in this story and of course all is well by the end of the story with the migrating dinosaurs leaving with Ali.
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My first true love were dinosaurs before corporate multinationals gave me heavily marketed action figures to buy. My love for franchises like Mighty Max, Power Rangers, Turok, Jurassic Park, etc. all started because of they involved dinosaurs which I was already crazy over. I’m glad to say that to this day dinosaurs are still something I’m quite interested in even if I no longer want to be a paleontologist or care to know all the dinosaur names/facts. Here is a collection of all the tributes/articles I’ve written to my Dino friends.

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