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Looking back on.. Disney’s Dinosaur 2000 & Walking with Dinosaurs 2013 Films

In the beginning of the millennium Disney had a big movie coming up called only Dinosaur, a rather vague name which is why it’s more commonly known as Dinosaur 2000 nowadays. You have to have some big confidence if you name your movie something as generic as that and Disney expected it to be a hit. Walking with Dinosaurs was a huge hit when it came to Documentaries so a movie based on so a lot was expected from this release. Both movies used a mix of live action shots with CG and both were disappointments, but let’s take a look at these overlooked gems and see other coincidences these two movies had.

disney dinosaur poster

We’ll begin with the older of these entries which is Disney’s Dinosaur not to be confused with Henson’s Dinosaurs which I guess is also Disney’s. But as I mentioned the combination of shooting in real life locations and adding the CG to those scenes really brought a lot of realism to the movie. Despite having CG from 2000, it’s still nice and back then there was hardly many movies with better CG as it was simply impressive.

dinosaur monkey family Disney 2000

The plot is a bit of a rip off of the Land before time but as much as it may be, the characters are all different enough that it’s just another journey through the same tragedy. You wouldn’t call two titanic movies a rip off just because they take place during the sinking of it right? It might not hit all the highs that the Land Before Time does but it’s definitely good enough.
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Looking back on.. Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone & Dinosaur Island Cartoon Movies

It’s not easy finding dinosaur related cartoons or movies but from time to time you come across some and you decide to give it a shot to see if they’re any good. It was to my surprise to see Dinotopia had an animated direct to video movie called Quest for Ruby Sunstones in 2005 and always meant to check it out. I also remember seeing it packaged with another movie called Dinosaur Island (unrelated to the 1994 and 2014 movies) what looked like a horrible cash-in that seemed as generic as it could get. I wasn’t expecting much from either but I was surprised by them.

Dinosaur Island Cartoon

The first animated film we’ll take a look at is Dinosaur Island 2002 which as mentioned is unrelated to the other two Dinosaur Island films which are also weird on their own so you should check out our look back on those as well. This movie is indeed just a modern re-telling of The Lost World and for the most part done right, I won’t say it’s the greatest interpretation but it definitely had some good ideas here and there
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Looking back on.. Jungle Girl & the Lost Island of the Dinosaurs

I’m a big fan of both Dinosaurs and the Jungle Girl trope so when you mix both together we should get something awesome right? I came across this animated movie that does just this and it didn’t seem too promising but such an obscure movie was worth a look so here we are.

jungle girl and the lost island of the dinosaurs screencaps

The plot is basically about an English girl named Emma Sharp who hates nature and travels with her father but one day becomes shipwrecked on an island along her father, the captain and sailor of the ship. Emma is bratty and her story arc is that she discovers her bravery but she never becomes a great character. The Captain and the Sailor are the antagonists want to get the Golden Monkey which is the treasure of the island but if it’s taken the island will explode because reasons. Emma goes on her journey to stop them as her father sleeps..

jungle girl and the lost island of the dinosaurs leaf bikini
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Top Dinosaur Waifus

I was thinking about what to do for a themed Valentine’s Day post and since I’m on a Jurassic themed year I thought a post full of Dino Waifus seemed like a great idea. This proved to be more difficult and not really what I wanted to do but dammit, I had already wasted too much time on it to cancel it. I decided to choose the most “iconic” dinosaur women from different media so we have one in each category comic/video game/anime/film and I avoided any getting too close to anthropomorphic territory so Teryx from Dinosaucers didn’t make the cut.

Hannah Dundee
Hannah Dundee Cadillacs Dinosaurs

Xenozoic Tales also known as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs we get our Comic Book pick with Hannah Dundee who happens to live in a future where Dinosaurs came back. She is a weird mesh of various character traits being a Diplomat, Scientist but also an explorer/adventurer. I can’t say she fits her first two roles very well but whatever it’s in her CV. I get a Lara Croft vibe from her being both a sexy and yet badass. I’m not a huge fan of the aesthetics that characters have in Xenozoic Tales but for not being a mainstream franchise and kind of obscure Hannah is definitely iconic.

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The Land Before Time: Sing Along Songs

The Original The Land Before Time movie only didn’t have any musical numbers even if it did have an amazing soundtrack. Starting with the sequels however they all included Disney-esque musical numbers between the characters. At least 3 per movie, one even has 4 and that’s not all even the TV show sneaks in 2 musical numbers per episode.

The Land Before Time Sing Along Songs cover

Through out the article you can find some of my favorite songs that the movies had though not necessarily the best, I mean one song is literally about eating your friends, I can’t ask for more. It wouldn’t surprise me if musical Land Before Time makes another appearance in MiscRave.

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The Land Before Time Franchise

The Land Before Time franchise started in 1988 with a successful movie which I remember always renting at the video store until I got my own copy. Luckily this was the time Jurassic Park came out which brought a resurgence in dinomania and we got a sequel a year later in 1994. We ended up getting a sequel every year until the tv show began and then later again a few years later.

As a kid I kept getting overwhelmed that new movies kept coming out until I couldn’t keep up and grew up. Most would always complain about why they kept making more of them but I didn’t really mind as I was not the target audience. But being such a huge fan of the franchise as a kid, I decided to watch all the movies and well I have to say I’m impressed even if they’re not the greatest pieces of cinema. In the coming days you’ll find links to my reviews of all 14 films, tv show and more. Continue reading The Land Before Time Franchise