Hotel Mario is the secret missing episode of Super Mario Bros Show

Normally Secret Movie is dedicated to cutscenes or FMV of video games that can make a neat “movie” or tells an interesting story but they all can’t be winners and in today’s case we’ll dedicate it to the Phillips CDi game Hotel Mario.

While this wasn’t the first time Mario and the gang spoke, it was the first time they did in a video game. The shorts while taking the art-style of the games it’s also clearly inspired by the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and other Mario DIC cartoons when it came to their characterization.

In fact it could be seen as a lost episode of sorts of the show only King Koopa being changed to Bowser. This has been parodied countless of times as on youtube with its “so bad that it’s good” quality to it not to mention I probably would’ve loved seeing those cutscenes as a kid;

Hell, I think the game doesn’t even look half bad. It even got a live action remake and CG remakebut for now enjoy the original:

Luigi Kawasaki

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