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The problem with.. Miitomo

Nintendo shocked the world when they announced that they would begin developing mobile games on iOS and Android since they had been against it for many years. Many people claimed it was the end of Nintendo even though people always complained Nintendo’s games weren’t on mobile. Miitomo was Nintendo’s first game that they released for smartphones and tablets, this was not what most people expected since they wanted one of Nintendo’s better known franchises like Mario. But Mii’s are what captured the heart of the mainstream audience so was it really a bad idea to launch with it?

People were not happy at the announcement since they were not getting an actual game but some weird social app and we all have enough social apps on our mobile devices to add another one but still this was Nintendo’s first swing at it so many checked it out. What we got was something that most people played around with in the beginning but quickly uninstalled and only a select few stayed around with it. However as months passed more and more people dropped the app, including me. I actually lasted quite a bit but as much as I want to love it there are just some problems with Miitomo.
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Power Rangers Power Up Video Challenge: RPM & Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers team-up

In 2010 instead of getting a new season of Power Rangers that followed up on Power Rangers RPM we got a “Re-version” of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. At this point Disney wanted to get rid of Power Rangers but they still had some contractual obligations for another show and Bandai wanted to make more toys and that’s the reason we got MMPRv2. During this time Bandai decided to make a contest called “Power Up Video Challenge” where you were supposed to finish off the following team up between Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers RPM:

Now while it’s only a 2 minute stop motion video made with toys it was indeed official and I like to think of it as it taking place in the show, we just never got to see it. The website which is now long gone had the finalists and the winner sadly all of these videos are now lost forever. It wasn’t a huge loss however since the contest was for kids 13 or under and in none of the finalists did it seem that they got too much help from their parents so they weren’t exactly the best videos you can imagine.

The interesting part of the 2 minute video that Bandai made which is actually professional is the cheesyness actually seems to fit Power Rangers perfectly. We get to see a few things that are staples of Power Rangers but we never got to see such as the battlizers and the aforementioned team up with Mighty Morphin.

We also get to see that the morphin grid is a physical thing and it’s just cool to know that somehow we know that they can Deus ex Machina the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into any future season through this awesomely convoluted explanation. I expect to be 90 years old and see a badly dubbed Jason in suit in whatever current Power Rangers show is airing at that time.

Miscrave Digiculture Podcast Ep. 118: Nintendo’s business decisions NES Mini

In today’s episode of the Miscrave Digiculture Podcast podcast I talk about Nintendo’s latest decision and why they act the way they do. Episode 118 and previous ones are now available on itunes and very soon in other podcast apps. So go ahead and download the episode from there or click/donwload here to listen. If you prefer below I also have an embedded player.

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Mighty Max cartoon intro HD + restoration of episodes

I was obsessed with Dinosaurs as a kid so when I saw this cute little playset with a dinosaur I asked my mother for it. It was a Mighty Max figure and from there on I became a huge fan and had a ton of playsets. Sadly I never got to watch the cartoon besides an episode or two until a few years ago online. The Mighty Max cartoon is very different from the stories on the playsets but is loved by many. While it may be different it’s still an awesome cartoon that I’m sure I’ll talk about in the future but we can take a look at the opening today and some information that might be interesting to fans of the show.
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Highly Suspect – “My Name is Human” Music Video – Ghost in the Shell

Music videos is something I don’t really watch much of anymore but I’ve been checking some out lately and have been surprised by how good some of them still are, I really thought music videos had become irrelevant. Sometimes you have music videos inspired of that seem inspired by something else and in this case Highly Suspect’s “My Name is Human” is very similar in style to Ghost in the Shell. This is by no means anything official but the similarities are there.

You have a man who is basically building female robot from scratch until the end when it’s finished and it basically looks like a human. While it’s likely not an android like Matoko; A lot of the imagery seems to be straight out of Ghost in the Shell, including the movie. Some might even bring some Matrix comparisons with the completely white room and the black attire the Johnny Stevens is wearing.
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Looking back on.. Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Review

Thanks to Netflix the world’s greatest thief Carmen Sandiego is back on the spotlight which she hadn’t really had since the 90s. What started as a computer game which received various sequels it also ended up getting various spin-offs, from two ame shows: “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” and “Where in time is Carmen Sandiego?” to an animated series, and what better way to show appreciation than with a quick review / overview of the 90’s cartoon “Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?”.

We should first talk about the opening which is super catchy and there’s a reason for that since it’s actually a modern version with lyrics of Mozart’s “Singt dem grossen Bassa Lieder”. They really did a good job that this was some sort of crazy quest to find this one person who keeps outsmarting them all in the intro. Since it’s a song that you’ve heard so much in life it means that you already feel familiar with the show even if it’s your first time. You’ll never be as excited to start an edutainment show as you will with this opening; Sorry Magic School Bus. Go ahead and listen:
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Captain Planet The Movie (Dark Planet)1997

The internet has been talking about a Captain Planet movie for years and for some reason a live action movie was in production for a while which was announced a few years back but whatever happened to that? It kept going into development hell and almost cancelled. That was until recently Leonardo DiCaprio has apparently saved the project who has actually been active in the enviromental community for more than a few years now. Now if this project will actually amount to anything even with DiCaprio’s support we don’t know or if it’ll include Don Cheadle. But Captain Planet almost had an animated movie called Planet in the 90s.

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