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The Problem With… Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

When Animal Crossing Mobile was announced I was so hyped for it as it meant that I would finally get to play Animal Crossing again as it had been a while since I dwelled into that world. The wait seemed forever but eventually Pocket Camp had a release date and I got to play it. I had no idea what to expect or how well or awful it would translate to phones and tablets but while it ended up being pretty good, here is the problem with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

animal crossing mobile

There was a lot to fear since they could’ve made a game that was filled with micro transactions and it likely would’ve done alright. What we got was not just a spin-off looking game even if it is indeed a spin-off but it feels like the real game and plays like it. The difference is instead of having a town you have a camp and you still fulfill requests of visiting campers in different areas so it’s very much a simplified or demo version of the real game and while it lacks a lot of the charm of the original it scratches the itch.
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Awesome Arcade Documentaries

Arcade records seem to be getting interest again so why not share these 4 great arcade documentaries that are out there. Selected in order to help you understand the context and to hook you, while one of these is a well known one hopefully the others are new for you to check out.

G4 Icons Episode #26: Arcade

First out of the defunct G4TV gaming channel there was a show of small half-hour documentaries and one of them is about arcades. While not the best documentary out there it does help you understand how things were back then.
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French Zelda Songs with Lyrics

While searching for some French content on youtube I found some Song lyrics of video game music, specifically for The Legend of Zelda series. I’m usually not a huge fan of theme songs with fandubbed lyrics anymore since it’s been overdone for at least a decade now but these ones were impressive. They’re in French with subtitles, some even with English subtitles so they’re great to practice and rather imaginative lyrics for most of the songs. I’ll be sharing the 5 Zelda songs but her channel has other gaming original lyrics songs in French among other stuf, you can subscribe to Ozdust’s youtube channel here.

The Legend of Zelda – Song of Storms French

The Legend of Zelda – Gerudo Valley Cover

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Midna’s Lament

Zelda Majora’s Mask – Song of Healing Lyrics Cover

Zelda Majora’s Mask – Stone Tower Temple French Cover

French Zelda Majoras Mask song lyrics

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Super Mario World OVA Mario to Yoshi No Bouken Land English Sub

So, apparently there was an anime of Super Mario World released as an OAV/OVA called Mario to Yoshi no BOuken Land or Mario & Yoshi: Adventure Land in English, and it has remained a mystery since, it’s awesome how something has been able to remain so obscure until now since it’s now available subtitled in English by Bluesun for everyone’s pleasure and you can check that out below:

90s Video Game Christmas Commercials ft. Nintendo, Sony, Sega

As a kid Sega, Playstation and Nintendo were the big boys when it came to Christmas presents since those were automatically the “Big” gift of the year that only the latest Megazord from Power Rangers could hope to match. Their holiday commercials for that very reason were quite iconic, so let’s take a look at 3 different commercials that these companies made at different times in the 90s.

Playstation Christmas Commercial Featuring Crash, Lara, and Sweet Tooth

A X-Mas dinner full of political talk and awkward heated discussions seems more relevant than ever and seeing the Playstation gang crashing the party with at the moment super rebellious Crash the Bandicoot man followed by a goofy looking Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal and a “realistic” unrealistic Lara Croft entering and showing them video games is just all kinds of awesome. There were other commercials around 1998 that featured this same gang of characters crashing various events and it worked for the most part in getting the point accross, it was some great marketing.

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The Problem With.. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem went from being an obscure franchise to one of Nintendo’s tops after the 3DS games which it’s mostly attributed to the Waifus. The characters popularity in Super Smash Bros. Melee led to some Fire Emblems getting released here to some success until they added the secret ingredient of waifus which lead to one of Nintendo’s first mobile games being about Fire Emblem. And well the game is full of Waifus and Husbandos, but here are some of the problems with the game.

fire emblem heroes example
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Looking back on.. Super Mario Bros Movie 1993

At a video rental store I saw the movie of one of my favorite video games, Super Mario Bros so I decided to rent it. I guess since I was a kid I thought it was ok but I was never interested in watching it again and I didn’t understand what I had really watched. I guess I just thought live action movies were different from their animated counterparts. This movie is seen as fodder but it was a weird one so after watching it again I can honestly say this is an awesome movie.

boom boom bar mario bros movie

Why yes, there’s a Rave scene full of techno punk outfits and in general the whole Dinohattan City is cyber punk inspired and frankly it looks amazing. This grim future you would expect from various movies in the 80s, in fact this movie still feels very well stuck in that decade even if made later. The grim visuals of the movie are nothing like the video game but that doesn’t matter since its visually appealing and unique.
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