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6 Mario Outfits / Costumes Missing in Super Mario Odyssey

Mario has worn a lot of outfits in his entire career in the video game industry and Nintendo is paying tribute to it in Super Mario Odyssey where you can change his outfit to various outfits that Mario has worn. Nintendo went deep into his history and choosing outfits from obscure spin-off games and promotional artwork but here are 5 costumes that Nintendo forgot to include in Super Mario Odyssey. When choosing this list I made sure to only include outfits from games and/or official promotional artwork.

tribal tattoo mario gba

Let’s begin with sleeveless shirt Mario who was featured in the ad for the Game Boy Advanced SP Tribal design. Theory on the internet goes that he hasn’t really been shown without a shirt since then so that canonically Mario still has that tattoo. Now that we have shirtless Mario in Odyssey some people were bummed but that’s only based on artwork that may or may not have taken place before the tattoo or it was a temporary tattoo like Peter Moore’s GTA tattoo. Missing from the game is a completely sleeveless shirt as pictured here in this advertisement.
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Nintendo Symphonies: The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses & Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions

For the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo brought a symphony to their E3 conference and annouced that it would tour world wide which The Symphony of the Goddesses has done ever since. Thanks to its success Pokemon followed not long after with Symphonic Evolutions. As a big fan of both franchises and their music, there was no way I was going to miss them and I was lucky to catch both shows when they hit up my town and see how well the music lent themselves to an orchestra. Overall I have to say that instead of being game specific, I would prefer a Nintendo Symphony that played stuff from all their games, now that could be an annual tour that wouldn’t get boring since there’s so much more they can add to change it up.

Zelda symphony logo

I was actually able to see the Symphony of the Goddesses twice, and in both occasions I arrived late for different circumstances, I guess I ended up watching the original run and the second quest which changed some of the songs and I guess the current version is called Master Quest. The show has actually come two more times since then which I chose not to go. It’s not that I disliked it but something that seemed once in a lifetime became something that comes every year and I could use my money for other things since it isn’t the cheapest thing if you want some good seats. The orchestra seemed to be very familiar with the music and enjoyed playing it and the music form Zelda makes the transition perfectly.

zelda symphony orchestra

The event is very well organized and they have some nice merchandise as well, I ended up getting a shirt which I kind of regret since I feel a little dorky when I wear it but whatever. I also got some posters that I also have no idea besides hype why I got them since I will never put them up. The song selection was alright though I definitely would’ve made some different choices both times I saw it. The footage that they choose can sometimes be on point while others it isn’t as well selected. I feel that much more could be done to make it a special event but it was a nice experience and would go again in the future as long as some time has passed.

Pokemon symphony logo

The Pokemon event on the other hand was a disappointment for sure, while it had been heavily advertised unlike the Zelda one this one was surprisingly empty. I have no idea why since Pokemon in general is bigger and even the second Zelda event was still full. I don’t even remember if there was any merchandise but if there was it must not have been very memorable. The orchestra here wasn’t as good as the Zelda one, I guess they just weren’t as skilled with their instruments which is a shame. I should note both events featured plenty of huge nerds and cosplayers.

pokemon symphony orchestra

The music didn’t translate very well to an orchestral sound, which is odd since I’ve heard many great orchestral remixes before so it shouldn’t have been a big problem. The whole event also felt unorganized to me with people not knowing what to do in general. The footage they would play seemed especially random with them jumping from game to game without much thought and only from time to time did it actually match the song that they were playing. The most memorable part was when they played the opening to the Kanto season of the anime, it didn’t fit but who cares. I’m not saying I would not check it out again but I would definitely wait until some time passed before I gave it another chance.

Nintendo zelda pokemon symphony

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Post Hype Nintendo Direct 9.13.17

I haven’t been too excited about Nintendo Directs for a long while, in fact the last time I actually wrote about a Nintendo Direct was a year ago. I had also previously written why I was no longer hyped about Nintendo directs, but I likely have to re-edit that one to add a few more reasons. But I had a special feeling about this one since I felt it had to show what Nintendo’s plans for the future were and let’s have a quick look at what this direct means for Nintendo in 2018
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Layton’s Mystery Journey Real World Puzzle Solving

There is a secret Professor Layton game that not many people are aware about and it is “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving. Made in commemoration of Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy, this marketing tool is actually a game Layton game in its own right. Now, it’s not a game that too many people are even aware of but it features various of the things that make up a Layton game.

Layton Real World Puzzle Solving logo

Available in a 3 month period, between June 20th 2017 to September 21st 2017; This Real Life Puzzle solving game was created between Level-5 and SCRAP for making Real Escape Games like Escape rooms and from various licenses including Dragon Ball Super and even Zelda with Defenders of the Triforce. It’s really a one of a kind of experience that won’t really be able to be re-created later. Continue reading Layton’s Mystery Journey Real World Puzzle Solving

Captain N Character Profiles / Tributes

I’m a huge fan of people going into digital worlds, so of course I’m a huge fan of Captain N, which I’ve talked about before. Hell I’m even a fan of the New Adventures of Captain S. So let’s have a small tribute to some of the characters that Captain N: The game master has to offer.


Kevin Keene: A real life kid that gets zapped into Videoland through the Ultimate WarpZone! Now this was the late 80s and for the time his character isn’t terribly annoying, he isn’t a dumb rookie or too much of a boy scout which is good. He isn’t a terribly interesting character either though but you won’t mind him. His get up is awesome though with his Nintendo jacket, an NES controller as his belt buckle and a Zapper as a weapon.
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Jurassic Park 2 //: Chaos Continues.. Secret Movie

We all wanted a new Jurassic Park movie after the original but it wouldn’t be until four years later that we got The Lost World which ended up being a whole lot different than what we expected the sequel to be. Luckily we did get the version we wanted to expected with Jurassic Park part 2 // : The Chaos Continues on the SNES released a year after the original movie.

“A year has passed. No one has set foot in Jurassic Park… until now. As Dr. Grant you’ll venture back to the island where more dinosaurs than you could ever imagine await your return – including terrifying new species you’ve never seen before! Only you have the power to send these prehistoric monsters back where they came from. Only you can close the doors on Jurassic Park… for another 65 million years!”
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