The Problem With… Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

When Animal Crossing Mobile was announced I was so hyped for it as it meant that I would finally get to play Animal Crossing again as it had been a while since I dwelled into that world. The wait seemed forever but eventually Pocket Camp had a release date and I got to play it. I had no idea what to expect or how well or awful it would translate to phones and tablets but while it ended up being pretty good, here is the problem with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

animal crossing mobile

There was a lot to fear since they could’ve made a game that was filled with micro transactions and it likely would’ve done alright. What we got was not just a spin-off looking game even if it is indeed a spin-off but it feels like the real game and plays like it. The difference is instead of having a town you have a camp and you still fulfill requests of visiting campers in different areas so it’s very much a simplified or demo version of the real game and while it lacks a lot of the charm of the original it scratches the itch.
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Best Wrestling Waifus

It’s Valentine’s Day and the start of Wresting Wednesdays so I thought It’d be appropriately inappropriately to feature the best Pro Wrestling Divas, wrestlers or whatever your favorite term from them are. The rules are only one girl from each promotion and we’re only going to take a look at WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA. It might be cheating having both WWF and WWE as separate brands but because of their monopoly and now their “brands” and I wasn’t going to do a “Raw” or “Smackdown”. For the list it was chosen mostly from our perspective of who was the most iconic in the time and that they stood out above others.

Tori (Terri Poch) WWF
terri tori poch sexy leather wwf wwe

Tori makes the list being the first woman wrestler I was interested in when I started watching WWF, which is odd since she never did much and was always overshadows by all the models and never got a good Woman’s championship run. I think the fact that she looked fit enough to be a real wrestler is what made her have a certain appeal even if she was never that prominent. At least she was known for always doing lots of photoshoots with style as seen above. And still she seemed important enough that the WWF always featured her even if not doing much with her.
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Top Dinosaur Waifus

I was thinking about what to do for a themed Valentine’s Day post and since I’m on a Jurassic themed year I thought a post full of Dino Waifus seemed like a great idea. This proved to be more difficult and not really what I wanted to do but dammit, I had already wasted too much time on it to cancel it. I decided to choose the most “iconic” dinosaur women from different media so we have one in each category comic/video game/anime/film and I avoided any getting too close to anthropomorphic territory so Teryx from Dinosaucers didn’t make the cut.

Hannah Dundee
Hannah Dundee Cadillacs Dinosaurs

Xenozoic Tales also known as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs we get our Comic Book pick with Hannah Dundee who happens to live in a future where Dinosaurs came back. She is a weird mesh of various character traits being a Diplomat, Scientist but also an explorer/adventurer. I can’t say she fits her first two roles very well but whatever it’s in her CV. I get a Lara Croft vibe from her being both a sexy and yet badass. I’m not a huge fan of the aesthetics that characters have in Xenozoic Tales but for not being a mainstream franchise and kind of obscure Hannah is definitely iconic.

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Music Match Valentine’s Rave Massacre

As we’re getting close to Valentine’s Day I thought a themed Music Match was in order. Over the years I’ve come to enjoy super cheesy love songs which I think is good. But while looking for 3 cool music videos and songs to share for here they’re all a little more bitter-sweet than my original idea but nonetheless enjoy some different love songs for these Valentine’s day.

London After Midnight-Sacrifice

I wanted to feature this song on Music Match many times before but I try to only post official music videos or official live performances since it’s not really about the songs but also the music videos that sometimes we forget about. Sadly this song just doesn’t have a music video or a good live performance available. I decided to make an exception and here we have the studio song over a live performance of the show. Awesome song and glad to finally have it here even if the live performance video isn’t great at least you can check out how the band performs and with good audio since it’s the studio version.

Toni Braxton – Un-Break My Heart

This is a classic love song that somehow doesn’t gets featured too much anymore for some odd reason. At least not as much as other similar songs from the same era; I’m not saying it’s obscure, just not as often rotated. I had forgotten about this song until I finally listened to it again and thought it was a good idea to share it. The music video is very high quality and amazing production values. It just tells the story of how she fell in love with this man, the target audience was clearly women for this music video but it’s what makes it stand out. We never do find out what happened between them since things seemed to be going so well for them as the last part it all just moves to a performance of the song. It’ll always be a mystery.

The Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway

The Black Eyed Peas got another hit single with this song at the end of the 2000’s with a catchy song and a rather awesome music video with a cool idea and visuals. Though I don’t see how they’re being met halfway since Fergie doesn’t seem to be doing as much travelling as the other person. In fact as the guy travels through deserts, space and whatnot she stays in the damn Jungle the whole time. I guess if we go by the lyrics she had already traveled and just can’t go any further? I just want to make it make sense.

Fergie Pink Neon Rave Bikini Mesh

You can listen to more Music Match video recommendations here. If you enjoyed the music or have any thoughts or recommendations let me know by commenting below or by tweeting at me. You can also share the article or hit me up an email with your thoughts, it’s nice to hear from other fans.

Awesome Arcade Documentaries

Arcade records seem to be getting interest again so why not share these 4 great arcade documentaries that are out there. Selected in order to help you understand the context and to hook you, while one of these is a well known one hopefully the others are new for you to check out.

G4 Icons Episode #26: Arcade

First out of the defunct G4TV gaming channel there was a show of small half-hour documentaries and one of them is about arcades. While not the best documentary out there it does help you understand how things were back then.
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