90s Video Game Christmas Commercials ft. Nintendo, Sony, Sega

As a kid Sega, Playstation and Nintendo were the big boys when it came to Christmas presents since those were automatically the “Big” gift of the year that only the latest Megazord from Power Rangers could hope to match. Their holiday commercials for that very reason were quite iconic, so let’s take a look at 3 different commercials that these companies made at different times in the 90s.

Playstation Christmas Commercial Featuring Crash, Lara, and Sweet Tooth

A X-Mas dinner full of political talk and awkward heated discussions seems more relevant than ever and seeing the Playstation gang crashing the party with at the moment super rebellious Crash the Bandicoot man followed by a goofy looking Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal and a “realistic” unrealistic Lara Croft entering and showing them video games is just all kinds of awesome. There were other commercials around 1998 that featured this same gang of characters crashing various events and it worked for the most part in getting the point accross, it was some great marketing.

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Thanksgiving Cartoon Commercials

When you’re a kid Thanksgiving can be a bit boring, and tv networks knew this and took advantage by having a lot of kid friendly content for them to watch. I say thanks to these executives this thanksgiving who pretty much saved the day over thanksgiving weekend.

Circa 1998 Kids WB! did a better job at showing us the Kids WB! Family gathering, adding random cartoon characters all together a la Space Ghost over what appears to be a high school cafeteria with various characters showing their worst manners by farting and belching. You gotta give them credit for doing it at all.

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DigiCulture ep. 148 MiscRave Shortcast Podcast

In today’s episode I talk about Thanksgiving. Listen by downloading it  <a href=”https://miscrave.podbean.com/mf/play/g5hez5/ep148.mp3″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here</a> or on the embedded player below:

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The Problem With.. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem went from being an obscure franchise to one of Nintendo’s tops after the 3DS games which it’s mostly attributed to the Waifus. The characters popularity in Super Smash Bros. Melee led to some Fire Emblems getting released here to some success until they added the secret ingredient of waifus which lead to one of Nintendo’s first mobile games being about Fire Emblem. And well the game is full of Waifus and Husbandos, but here are some of the problems with the game.

fire emblem heroes example
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Music Match Thanksgiving 3 Holiday Music Videos

Thanksgiving is an important holiday and yet there really aren’t many songs about Thanksgiving, when I realized this I did some research to see if I could find anything as it seemed so odd that no one had done some. My search proved mostly futile unless you wanted a crappy parody song but I was able to find a few songs here and there to bring you three classic Thanksgiving songs for your playlist and Music Video to accompany them.

Addams Family Values – Eat Us (A Turkey Named Brotherhood)

The only parody song that I decided to post here since it’s easily the best one, a great movie if you haven’t seen it in a while and the song is short and sweet. Their whole Thanksgiving re-creation is a bit odd since it’s the summer but who cares it gave us this gem. Parody songs are abundant but none of them I would consider classics as this one which is why it was chosen. Continue reading Music Match Thanksgiving 3 Holiday Music Videos

Looking back on.. Super Mario Bros Movie 1993

At a video rental store I saw the movie of one of my favorite video games, Super Mario Bros so I decided to rent it. I guess since I was a kid I thought it was ok but I was never interested in watching it again and I didn’t understand what I had really watched. I guess I just thought live action movies were different from their animated counterparts. This movie is seen as fodder but it was a weird one so after watching it again I can honestly say this is an awesome movie.

boom boom bar mario bros movie

Why yes, there’s a Rave scene full of techno punk outfits and in general the whole Dinohattan City is cyber punk inspired and frankly it looks amazing. This grim future you would expect from various movies in the 80s, in fact this movie still feels very well stuck in that decade even if made later. The grim visuals of the movie are nothing like the video game but that doesn’t matter since its visually appealing and unique.
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Looking back on.. Ted Duology

When the movie Ted came out I wasn’t interested in it since I’m not a big fan of Seth MacFarlane and it felt like a low brow comedy. It wasn’t until a few years later when I was recommended the movie by someone I didn’t expect to and was told it was not what I expected that I finally decided to check it out one day and that one day finally came so let’s take a look back at the Ted movie Duology and see if it’s worthy of being a franchise.

ted collection duology

Now I can’t say the movie isn’t something I didn’t expect but it did do the things I thought it would be doing a lot better. The humor even if childish does get a few laughs and overall I enjoyed watching them, I can’t say they were amazing by any means but there are plenty of things that I liked.
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