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What is Miscrave?

This little nook online is for any one topic I may wish to discuss. The content is rather miscellaneous yet stirring like a rave, hence the name miscrave.  For those reasons the site doesn’t focus on one specific topic. I like to do analysis on markets and where things are heading but I may be distracted and talk about, TV shows, movies, figures, video games, philosophy, politics, nostalgia, the 90s, travelling, videos, entertainment, comics, anime, economics, physics and whatnot. You’ll find recurring themes through out but also plenty of oddballs from time to time. This is just one digital stop on the information superhighway that needs to be made.

I call it miscrave.

Who are you?

I’m sdp. And as a true internaut who’s surfed on the world wide web for years I’m mostly known by that name online.  I studied economics and have lived in a few different places. I enjoy learning and making new things.  I love music, technology, philosophy, science,  fictional characters, martial arts, and dinosaurs. I’m a bit of a nerd so I enjoy researching and analyzing stuff.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me at sdp@miscrave.com

You can also follow my latest mishaps and tweet me on twitter:  0sdp

And stay up to date with the site on twitter: @miscrave
and on Facebook: @miscrave

What can I really find on MiscRave?

I like to write about things  that you can’t really find in other places since they either get ignored or not even given a discussion. This can be about forgotten topics, unpopular opinions, alternate analysis to the mainstream ones.

You won’t find in many places where someone is willing to discuss the continuity of neglected franchises, analyzing things with facts and not emotions, giving reality checks, recompiling information lost in the shuffle and remembering old videos buried by time.

How often is the site/podcast updated?

A post is usually made every day but life happens and can get in the way. The podcast is updated every Wednesday.

Do you like neon colored Twitter icons?

J’adore les icônes twitter néon colorées