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What is MiscRave?

This online nook is the wormhole of the internet for any most forgotten thing that deserve a small tribute. No srs bsns, instead a comfy personal site with articles, no SEO Web 2.0 trash.  It’s the digital stop on the information superhighway, if you dislike anything here, it doesn’t really matter to us. Normies need not apply.

What can I find @ MiscRave?

MiscRave tries to focus on things you can’t really find elsewhere online, since they either get ignored or are too niche for most to care. Forgotten franchises, unpopular opinions, alternate analysis to the mainstream ones can all be found here. For example you won’t find in many places where someone is willing to discuss the continuity. pay tribute to neglected things, or recompiling information lost in the shuffle and buried by time. Information here is meant to be evergreen that is always current and avoiding topical stuff that is only relevant for a while.

It’s a place to pay pay homage to “cool” stuff that goes under the radar, so we may be recommending music of different genres or talk about TV shows, movies, figures, video games, nostalgia, the 90s, travelling, videos, comics, anime entertainment in general, hell even philosophy, politics, economics, physics, French, Spanish might pop up here.  You’ll find recurring themes through out but also plenty of oddballs from time to time.

Wait, Wait, Wait, Who are you?

Luigi Kawasaki,  internaut surfer of the world wide web since the modem days.  Business Analyst in real life, lived in a few different countries and was raised by papa internet.  I rave about music, technology, philosophy, science,  fictional characters, martial arts, and most importantly dinosaurs.  Joined also by a few others like webmaster sdp.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by email: luigikawasaki @ miscrave .com or sdp @ miscrave.com

You can also follow our latest mishaps on twitter: Luigi Kawasaki: @miscrave  or sdp: 0sdp

To stay up to date with the site on Facebook / Instagram/ Tiktok / youtube:  @miscrave

You can also join our Drome discord channel here

There is a broken image / youtube link!

Sorry! e-mail or message me with the article and I’ll update it within the week I receive it. It can also be about typos, slow site, ad problem or anything that might’ve offended you as well.

How often is the site/podcast updated?

New posts every Thursday but we try to do more than 1 post per week. Currently the digiculture Podcast records whenever we have time but expect new podcast projects with better schedules sometime in 2021.

What is French Corner / Mondduc / Store / Wear VeaR / 1dietonight ?

We have different sections here, besides the articles and podcast, French Corner is a journey on learning French so come join us and learn a new language. Mondduc is a hosted part of our site here, where they have weekly themed stories and videos to learn English . We have a small store where I sell some of my collection. WeaRVeaR is a technology site we have partnered with and write articles for. 1dietonight is a music project.