Custom Characters to try to recreate in Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces has a custom character feature which caused all the furries and Sonic fandom yiffed and “hardcore” gamers all called for the Sonic Cycle to start all over. I actually though it’s a neat idea and you just have to ignore the collateral damage for this feature being implemented. Now, I think for most of us we’ll just have fun with it and move on with our lives, but with the thousands of ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL out there, what are some of the most wanted Custom characters for Sonic Forces?

I must admit that even though I”m a fairly big Sonic fan who has watched all the Sonic cartoons just because but I’m not as up to date with more modern characters and I never read the Archie Sonic comics besides an issue or two which has most of the fandom ended up attaching too and gave the rise to the NAME + The Hedgehog meme that exists and likely inspired this game but I’m pretty sure this list should satisfy most.

Sonic the Hedgehog SATAM Cast

Most original Sonic fans and Archie fans have a huge attachment to these characters and Sega for the most part seems fine with others using them even if they have never really wanted to use them. I think most of us would love to make any of the original cast, some like Sonic’s Grandpa would likely be easy, Princess Sally would also be possible while others like Bunnie Rabbot and Rotor more difficult. To finally see the SatAM cast in a real game really is something though.

Sonic Underground Cast

This show was not that popular and basically has Green and Pink Sonic in it who just happen to be Sonic’s siblings; His brother Manic and sister Sonia. Not a great show but I always loved the character designs, they reek of the 90s but dammit, it’s a 90s cartoon and Sonic so it deserves to be. It also has the benefit of being the only rip-off Sonic characters that had their own cartoon. Sadly their forgotten in the fandom but they can live again in this game not to mention they are part of the Sonic Animated Universe continuity with SATAM and AOSTH.

Ken Penders’ Sonic Character’s

All of the Knuckles above are actually not just Knuckles with a mustache or a hat but entirely original characters. Well this is according to creator Ken Penders and US Copyright law. In case you missed out it was Ken Penders who sued Archie Comics for his characters and somehow won. The entire Sonic fandom was mad and so were normal people who heard about it since it’s so ridiculous. Ken Penders was vilified but while the situation is a bit crazy, he seems like a nice guy and he does have somewhat of a point in some of his views. Regardless, he did do a lot of damage to the franchise and while Lara-Su and Athail the Echidna might be his’ there’s nothing that will impede them from appearing in a game and Penders powerless to stop it.

Sonic’s forgotten friends

So over the course of the franchise, Sonic has gotten a lot of friends. .however many of them have been forgotten to time and replaced. Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Squirrel among others may finally be able to have one more adventure and they should be fairly easy to replicate being very similar looking to Sonic. Why Sonic Team forgot about them and instead create worse characters I do not know, I’m not asking for much just a cameo appearance in the background instead of a generic character.

Scourge the Hedgehog

I’ve yet to read the Archie Sonic comics even if I do plan to one day get to it so I can’t really talk about specific characters that appear in the comics or fan favorites, however I do know that there was a green hedgehog that reeked of coolness that was made and his name was Scourge. He seems to be one of the most popular original characters Archie ever did and while I don’t know his story, I do know who he is even if I never read the comics so he belongs here even if he really seems to be almost a parody of Sonic’s edginess. He’ll be able to be beside Sonic in the game.

Bokkun & Nazo from Sonic X

Bokkun, or just Messenger Robo in Japan is likely the only awesome original character that the anime Sonic X created, he’s cute, annoying and all around awesome. Sadly he has never been able to crossover into a Sonic game but he shouldn’t feel lonesome as I alone will try to re-create him. We also have Nazo who appeared in an early pilot of Sonic X and was given this name by fans based on the file name but he never appeared…until it was eventually revealed he was supposed to be Super Sonic, what a boring solution to the mystery, nevertheless it’ll be nice to have a real Nazo appear in a game.


Of course this list couldn’t finish with the legend itself of Sonichu created by Chris-Chan. I remember when the 4chan first found out about Chris-Chan and started trolling him. It was a bit of fun but it boggled my mind by how much further they took the joke and eventually I stopped caring about it. Surprised years later I found out that trolls had continued the harrasment, so while a bit horrible I guess in a way he might actually like all this attention from what I’ve seen recently. But back on topic Sonichu is the epitome of original character do not steal and I’m sure Chris-Chan will be very happy to finally see Sonichu in a real game and I would too. Sadly the more Pikachu oriented details will never be in the game but a close enough model shall be made.

Sonic’s cast is huge even if we only go with game only characters but the fandom’s dedication will likely mean that most if not all will have some type of rendition in 3D. We don’t know just how customizable the final character Heroes creation mode will have but I would think it would be somewhat extensive and with creativity a lot of possibilities could be done.

If you prefer just to have YOUR NAME the Hedgehog in the adventure I guess I won’t fault you too much but any of the above have earned the right to fight along Classic and Modern Sonic. Until next time sonic bros, I gotta go fast.

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