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Pre-Hype: The excitement over something that can happen
Hype: The unchecked immediate emotions you feel over something.
Post-Hype: After the announcement opinions may change.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Premiere Trailer Event

The Trailer for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was released December 5th 2017 after it being long awaited by fans. Universal MX decided to hold an event for “The Biggest Jurassic Park Fans” and it seems they were good at finding them since I was able to get an invitation to the event for the premiere of the trailer for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

jurassic world premiere event

What I found odd is that they would hold an event just for a trailer for a movie, it felt a bit silly to have to drive to the specific cinema just to watch a 2 minute trailer that would be online only an hour or two later anyway. I did not think too much about it since it was Jurassic Park and confirmed that I was going, it’s not any day I get to go to an event for one of my favorite franchises and I would at least get to see the trailer on the big screen and maybe some bonuses.
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Post Hype Nintendo Direct 9.13.17

I haven’t been too excited about Nintendo Directs for a long while, in fact the last time I actually wrote about a Nintendo Direct was a year ago. I had also previously written why I was no longer hyped about Nintendo directs, but I likely have to re-edit that one to add a few more reasons. But I had a special feeling about this one since I felt it had to show what Nintendo’s plans for the future were and let’s have a quick look at what this direct means for Nintendo in 2018
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E3 2017 Predictions

E3 2017 is just around the corner so it’s time to make some predictions and what I expect we will be seeing at E3 this year. I may not have gaming industry sources but I do follow the industry somewhat and I basically went to University to understand how companies work so I have a pretty damn good idea of how a business operates. So this is not your average Joe armchair CEO prediction that you can find plenty of out there. No emotions when making any predictions either. I’ll mainly be analyzing he big 3 (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony).
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Post Hype: Power Rangers Movie Teaser Trailer & Mega Battle Video Game

I like to post my thoughts on things a few days after their release to get rid of the initial reactions and all that hype that influences and skews your thoughts on said thing. The trailers for both the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Mega Battle video game and the Power Rangers Movie teaser came out a couple of days ago and here are my thoughts.
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No longer aboard the Nintendo Direct hype trains

Nintendo Directs were somewhat frequent and usually came out of nowhere. Sometimes they were very good and sometimes very disappointing. Nevertheless having these mini-E3’s through out the year was excellent. While we have had less Directs since Satoru Iwata passed away last year and we used to have Directs without Iwata something just isn’t the same. I don’t know if it’s just me, the lack of frequent Directs or associating Directs with Iwata.

nintendo hype train ticket

I can’t say it’s the quality of the content since it didn’t matter if it had been terrible or great but they always had plenty of hype surrounding them. Nintendo has made a few announcements since the last Direct just through other means like the NES mini which they could’ve just gotten a few of those announcements and made them into a Direct but they chose not to so maybe they kind of know as well. While I don’t want just random announcements instead of something like the Directs to build hype surrounding them I’ll just say that something is not there anymore and maybe it’s time for Nintendo to retire them in favor of an alternative.
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