E3 2017 Post-Hype

E3 2017 came and went and let’s take a look at how my predictions went which were for the most part correct and how Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony did at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Microsoft had the strongest presentation out of the big 3, they showed off their X-Box One X successfully and showed plenty of games. You can argue that most of them are multi-platform however in cases like this it’s not only about exclusives (which many games are timed exclusives) but how they were presented and as of now the X-Box looks like it’ll have plenty of games. Microsoft knew this was their relaunch, similar to the X-Box 360 slim to get rid of the stigma of the red ring of death and I think they were able to accomplish their feat. The whole backwards compatibility with the original X-Box will likely not be used by that many people but it was more than that as it showed that Microsoft is dedicated to their ecosystem and that legacy is important. Something that Nintendo has shown to be terrible at and even more now thanks to Microsoft’s act of good will. In my prediction I said Microsoft would have the strongest conference because of the reasons above and I was right.


Sony had a tough time as I mentioned in my predictions since they would since they weren’t showing off hardware like Microsoft and they didn’t have a new console that just launched like Nintendo. I also mentioned that the only way they could try to outdo the others is by showing that they were all about games and showing game after game so you knew what platform was going to bring you a lot of software. I also mentioned that this would be tough for Sony since the previous two years they had just shown off a lot games the previous two years with many that haven’t been released. What that meant is that they just didn’t have enough new stuff to show off. Overall I thought Sony had the worst and most boring conference.


I expected Nintendo to play it safe and not do anything really surprising which is what they did. Nintendo has been successful with the Switch. Nintendo started by telling us they would show mostly 2017 software which is what I had mentioned, also Arms and Splatoon only got mentioned in the reel as I said they would since they had already gotten their own directs.
Nothing really was shown for the rest of the year that we didn’t already know. Now, they did mention more stuff for 2018 than I expected, I thought they would only reveal one game but they revealed 3, including Metroid Prime 4 which I’m calling now is their big holiday title for 2018.

They didn’t show off a lot of new stuff for the 3DS, at least not enough to say that they are keeping the system “alive” as it’s still under “life support” barely getting any software, I still believe Pokemon Sun and Moon were the last big original AAA games released for it. Sure you have a few more games for it but it’s either remakes or enhanced versions of other games like what we’ve seen the past few years for 3DS. I had mentioned they would reveal a game during Tree House Live and they did, in fact they revealed 2 games. Nintendo kept quiet about any OS updates for the Switch or Virtual Console as I expected as well. While it wasn’t terrible I do not like that Nintendo took the safe route for E3. At least Pauline is back.

I guess you can say that my predictions were a bit vague but I went for what I expected or made sense for the companies to do, based on previous actions from the companies. I’m not here to guess about what games would be released since I don’t have the information to make accurate guesses.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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