Thanksgiving Cartoon Commercials ft Kids WB! & Nickelodeon retro

When you’re a kid Thanksgiving can be a bit boring, and tv networks knew this and took advantage by having a lot of kid friendly content for them to watch. I say thanks to these executives this thanksgiving who pretty much saved the day over thanksgiving weekend.

Circa 1998 Kids WB! did a better job at showing us the Kids WB! Family gathering, adding random cartoon characters all together a la Space Ghost over what appears to be a high school cafeteria with various characters showing their worst manners by farting and belching. You gotta give them credit for doing it at all.

About a year later Kids WB! gave us this Thanksgiving promo a little bit before Pokemon hit and dominated the programming block featuring Batman, Superman, Men in Black and the Animaniacs. The great Kids WB! Turkey Day Takedown makes the list for it’s awesome name.
Nickelodeon gave us the Thanksgivingfest, here we have some commercials going from the plain simple to ones that at least they try to insert the characters into a dinner table. Bonus: It includes the original voice actors for some of these characters. Enjoy your Turkey TV

A few years before that Fox Kids didn’t do anything too special but a The Kids TV Takeover for Thanksgiving weekend did give us marathon’s on some of MiscRave’s favorite shows including the Power Rangers, Carmen Sandiego, and The Tick.

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