Pokemon Christmas Bash is what your X-Mas playlist needs

What better way to celebrate X-Mas than with a good playlist and thankfully Pokemon has this Christmas Bash album released in 2001 when the Pokemon fad had already died they somehow thought they could re-create the hype that the original Pokemon 2BA Master did. And unlike 2BA Master which only did it with two songs, in this one the whole album is sung by characters from the show rather than some generic person singing vague lyrics (Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack I’m looking at you). I first came accross this CD in the mid 00’s at a used CD store and bought it for only being ten cents and boy were these the best .10 I spent that day. It’s been a while since I listened to it so let’s have a listen back.

Pokemon Christmas Bash is the title of the first song that also named the album so you know they’re starting with their big hitter. It begins with the Pokedex of all things rapping and he ain’t that bad at it either. References to the WHo’s that Pokemon? segments with Squirtle helping with the beats. Brock continues rapping and he comes off as a the real deal a mean rapper and a pimp, he mentions how they’re “ho ho ho”, he wants Jenny and Joy after being done with Professor Ivy. Yikes! That’s a side of Brock we don’t see often. Misty’s rap is much tamer after Brock’s stint but that doesn’t mean she’s bad at rapping and all Pokeshippers are delighted as she wishes for a kiss with Ash. Ash continues the rap and he’s not that great but neither were Team Rocket who continue the next few verses. I have no idea what we just heard but I have to say it’s awesome, if this paragraph didn’t sell you on the song I don’t know what will.

Professor Oak get’s his own song with I’m giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas and it’s mostly a quick story of him giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas. It’s already not the best song with the best lyrics and to make things worse Ash joins in to only help stink the song some more. For Winter is the coolest time of year we have someone who put the lyrics with random fan art of Ash and Misty together with badly photoshopped winter backgrounds and that makes this song much more awesome than it would’ve been if it didn’t have these. Song sucks but the effort put into the video has just saved this for me.

Team Rocket’s Meowth gets his own song with Nobody Don’t Like Christmas where he throws shade at pretty much most holiday’s and it’s not much of a song but whatever it’s a talking meowth, what can you expect from it? This does confirm a bunch of holidays like Memorial Day and Thanksgiving in the Pokemon world…hmmm. The last few forgettable tracks are saved by I Keep My Home in My Heart where Brock songs about missing home and Christmas in Pewter City and I could see Brock joining a 90s boy band with these beats. Misty then after embarrasing Brock for crying also shares her experience of missing Cerulean City and song drags after his but that firs minute is pure solid fun since we now know that in Pewter City the lights are pretty.

Team Rocket return with The Christmas Song and it makes me think their great song in Pikachu’s Jukebox was a fluke. Under the Mistletoe which is a bad song but the effort to make AshxMisty canon with these songs is just amusing, come on Ash, all Misty wanted was a kiss because you’re under the mistletoe, not her fault you’re such a bad singer. Must Be Santa at least has catchy verses even if it’s something only a baby would find interesting.

Then we get The Night Before Christmas Pokemon Style and Misty confesses she pirates music from the internet since this was when Napster clones were still the dominant way to download music. I can’t say it’s very interesting but at least they added Pokemon references pretty much anywhere they could. But we finish with the Christmas Medley compiling a bunch of classic X-Mas songs with pokemon lyrics and this is much more like it and the strongest track sine I think the first one.

The last two tracks are Karaoke versions of I’m giving Santa A Pikachu for Christmas and Christmas Medley. Well apparently I remembered wrong and there aren’t that many great songs on the album, it’s at least worth a listen once to check out the cheesy fun one christmas and see just how awful Ash is at singing. Only great song is Pokemon Christmas Bash which really the album peaked too early with a new christmas classic and it only cost me ten cents. So I guess I wish you a Marill Christmas.

Pokemon Christmas HD

Pokemon Christmas Bash HD

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