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Listen Back to.. Linkin Park Meteora

By the time Meteora came out it had been 3 years since I had outgrown Linkin Park and had a more “refined” taste in music and I couldn’t listen to this casual shit anymore, and yet I was curious about the release…why? I don’t know maybe because Hybrid Theory made me into a metal head and was my first favorite band not to mention got me into music as my newest passion and gone were the days of being a “hardcore” gamer. I remember finding fake Meteora songs on p2p napster clones and I finally got to listen to their first single and I eventually got to listen to the whole cd after it came out…and well it was more Linkin Park like the first album, I didn’t hate it, I thought it was good but it was also something I had outgrown and was now into other bands. A long time has passed since then and I think it’s time to listen back to Linkin Park’s Meteora.
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Listen Back to.. Adema Unstable

I was a huge fan of Adema’s first album and looked forward to their second album and while the EP Insomniac’s Dream held me a bit. When unstable was announced I was hyped and even though I hated the cover they chose since it broke the style they had been doing with the previous releases I waited no time to get it and well I was disappointed. I tried to find more tracks that I liked but overall it became a big miss for me, I did get to see the band tour twice for this though and that made up for it. I do think the album has a few strong tracks so let’s take a listen back at Adema’s Unstable

Co-Dependent started the record strong and gave me hope the rest of the album would be good, it’s not particularly great but it’s a decent start. Rip the Heart Out of Me could’ve been another passable track if the verse wasn’t so cringe worth it. Stand Up is where you start to realize things are not going the right path, I like some of the riffs but god the lyrics did seem like parodies of nu-metal.

Unstable was their single and a good choice even if it might’ve done them better had they chosen a more radio friendly single which this record has plenty of. I remember listening to the preview of this song which was just the main riff over and over again from their official website while angrily attacking the webmaster of the ademafans website because I disliked her. This song feels more like classic Adema and gave hope for the album, It’s far from a master piece but come on, it’s Adema and you knew what to expect. There’s a flippin tornado int he music video and they make it work really well. Promises has a lot of potential but it sort of drags for most of the song which hurts it a lot and it tries to redeem itself in the middle only to drag again.

Things begin to get back on track gain with Blame Me with a stand out song only to derail once again with So Fortunate which is a more casual friendly and it’s somewhat catchy so I’ll give them that. Stressin’ Out sounds familiar but with a friendlier sound and it’s fine just not one to sell an album. Do You Hear Me is just awful, I didn’t even remember this song at all and I can understand why, my brain just blocked it from forming a memory, it’s not even bad just not memorbale. Let Go is another song like it and maybe it would’ve been better referencing Avril Lavigne’s debut album.

Betrayed Me is another song I just don’t remember but this one is at least memorable which is nice. Needles is classic Adema whether you like or hate that and it’s exactly what I wanted bsomeout sadly it’s a little too late to save the album but at least it tries its best to redeem it with a nice closing song. Someone Else’s Lies comes from the Japanese edition so I had never heard it and it’s not really something special.

It seems that with this album they didn’t know what to do or what audience to go for, there’s some classic Adema with some poppier radio friendly sound which is what most nu-metal bands were now going for but they didn’t really have the ability to reach that audience and it only alienated the already near dead nu-metal scene. Even more nu-metal Adema greatness wouldn’t have been a huge hit in 2003 but it would’ve found a bigger niche still. I couldn’t help but feel let down with this album and even though I grew to like some songs from it that are more like the Adema I loved there’s not enough of that, after this Mark Chavez left the band so my interest faded completely. I believe I had the version that included the DVD, maybe if I find it I’ll review that.

adema unstable cover

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Music Match World Cup 3 Soccer Football Music Videos

Because of the World Cup we’ll have a special edition Music Match where we’ll look at 3 different music videos from the official themes the world cup has had over the decades. Having to listen to every single theme made me realize that there really aren’t many good themes and music videos only appeared in the last few decades. There seems to be more than one official song for each world cup also, some a little more to do with the country itself while others just random. In the same way the lyrics can be very related or only vaguely. Also worth noting that most themes seem to be in Spanish or have some sort of Spanish word at the very least, but enough of that and let’s get to the 3 best music video songs that the World Cup has had to offer.

Adelén – Olé

A Norwegian singer brought this song for the World Cup in Brazil, I have to admit I dont’ remember this song ever playing but I do like that it incorporates th flags of various countries and shows off a little of Brazil while still keeping it a bit generic. The song is not the catchiest but it isn’t bad by any means and the music video really does a fine job making you feel excited about the fact that it’s a world event.

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Music Match Christmas – 3 X-Mas Music Videos

I’m a big fan of X-Mas songs but since most of my favorites are the usual suspects that you’ll hear a thousand times in stores by the time the season is over I thought I’d do something a little different. Today we feature three X-Mas songs that were featured in different Christmas specials so at least these are different interpretations from the usual classics and they have cool music videos to along with them as well. So, let’s listen and watch 3 of MiscRave’s X-Mas playlist.

Grace Jones – The Little Drummer Boy – Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special

The oddest song in this odd X-Mas special by Pee-Wee Herman, the performance by Grace Jones is absolutely fantastic. You can tell just how much artistic fortitude just oozes out of her every movement even when she’s in Pee-Wee Herman’s flippin’ Playhouse. I especially love it when Pee-Wee starts dancing like an idiot and Grace Jones just goes along with it. Her outfit is not very Christmassy in fact she takes her winter jacker and gloves and dances in this weird plastic body suit that makes you question if it’s even appropriate for the children watching and yet mesmerizing at the same time, a must watch performance every X-Mas at MiscRave. Continue reading Music Match Christmas – 3 X-Mas Music Videos

Music Match Thanksgiving 3 Holiday Music Videos

Thanksgiving is an important holiday and yet there really aren’t many songs about Thanksgiving, when I realized this I did some research to see if I could find anything as it seemed so odd that no one had done some. My search proved mostly futile unless you wanted a crappy parody song but I was able to find a few songs here and there to bring you three classic Thanksgiving songs for your playlist and Music Video to accompany them.

Addams Family Values – Eat Us (A Turkey Named Brotherhood)

The only parody song that I decided to post here since it’s easily the best one, a great movie if you haven’t seen it in a while and the song is short and sweet. Their whole Thanksgiving re-creation is a bit odd since it’s the summer but who cares it gave us this gem. Parody songs are abundant but none of them I would consider classics as this one which is why it was chosen. Continue reading Music Match Thanksgiving 3 Holiday Music Videos

Three Music Video Recommendations Music Match Volume 14

Halloween is here and to celebrate this edition of Music Match we’ll feature 3 spooky music videos to go along with the holidayso enjoy the music recommendations and awesome music videos for a playlist to listen and watch through with your friends at a party.

Moderat – Rusty Nails

A very sensual music video of sorts or scary depending on your view, can’t say it’s a great one but the song is so damn good I had to share it. This is likely an example of when a music video can actually hurt the song since it’s distracting and doesn’t help the video at all with its imagery. Though I’m sure some fan already wrote a whole page of why this music video is perfect for the song, fans write the darnest things.
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Music Match Halloween – 3 Halloweeny Music Videos

Halloween is here and to celebrate this edition of Music Match we’ll feature 3 spooky music videos to go along with the holidayso enjoy the music recommendations and awesome music videos for a playlist to listen and watch through with your friends at a party.

Ozzy Osbourne – “Bark at the Moon”

Combining the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde along with the WOlfman and a bit of Dracula for this music video that only Ozzy himself would be able to pull off without many people questioning the decisions. The music video really is something to behold while the song I don’t find it my style at least for a metal song it is easy for pretty much anyone to listen through as it
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