Omelette Du Fromage: Learning French with Dexter’s Lab

I’m pretty sure Dexter’s Lab episode The Big Cheese was the one that introduced French to my ears for the first time. Despite being very old it’s still quite relevant as a small reference to it still got plenty of laughs in my French class. Here’s the episode so you can enjoy it.

Dexter needs to learn French so he sets up this machine to help him learn while he sleeps, it gets stuck on a phrase and that’s all he can say for a while. He is able to win girls’ hearts, tests etc but eventually things take a turn for the worst until things go back to normal. The phrase is not even correct as it should be Omelette au fromage instead of Omelette du fromage but what the hey.

After watching this episode as a kid I actually thought you could learn things like this while sleeping and tried it on more than one occasion unsuccessfully. It seems people didn’t learn the lesson I did as a small child since there’s plenty of youtube videos claiming you can including ones based on French.

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 dexter omelette du fromage

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