Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Latin America Premiere Event

I got invited to go to the Latin American premiere of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom so I thought I”d write up a little about my experience. I’ll be drawing comparisons to the trailer premiere of Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom that I attended last year and I’ll also give a small spoiler free thoughts on the movie, for my spoiler thoughts and problems with the film click here.

I’ll get the movie out of the way first, I loved it. It should be noted I have a dinosaur bias and I’m a big Jurassic Park fan. But in a way that also makes me be more critical about the direction they take the franchise. I didn’t love all the decisions they took but I was fine with most of them. The dinosaurs in general worked great, Owen was a little too action heroey and the first part of the movie is way too short.

I’m unsure with the future of the franchise but overall I’m excited of where things could go. The movie also sets a totally different tone which is refreshing even if the dinosaurs take a step back because of it. Overall I’d say it evolves the idea that has been played with in previous movies. I’m happy they’re marketing this movie as much as they are.

We did get greeted by Chris Pratt in a special recording for the us and a small commercial for an upcoming Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom event in maklls. We also saw a cool video of the submissions of a contest they had to win tickets to the premiere among other prizes and it was definitely neat, I’ll be sure to link it below:

As far as the premiere event done by Universal Mexico, it was not that great. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast and enjoyed the movie. I was especially happy not having to wait two weeks to finally see it. I very much appreciate it and hope to be invited again, it just wasn’t as well organized as the Trailer Event of Fallen Kingdom. The location wasn’t as nice, the line was tedious, no extra freebies and even the free Pop corn and Soda were smaller than last time.

Again I’m aware I’m complaining about free stuff and I couldn’t be happier for the experience! It’s just that the event for the trailer was so much better organized and given more love than this one which is why I make the comparison. It wasn’t only that even the crowds didn’t seem as nice as before, I did see more hardcore fans this time around which was nice but the overall feeling wasn’t as exciting. Still awesome and I’m glad I got to enjoy Jurassic June with this premiere event, I’m glad they spared no expense.

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