Original iphone announcement by Steve Jobs in 2007

Hard to believe it’s been ten years but it was Macworld 2007 and Apple had been teasing that they were going to make an announcement that would be revolutionary. By this point the iphone had been rumored and making the round in various sites and constantly making the front page of Digg. So why don’t we take a look back and see this impressive keynote Steve Jobs gave a decade ago.


As rumors started popping up about Apple making a cell phone I remember not being impressed as I had no need of an ipod and a phone in one as I already had both and it wasn’t a problem at all since phones with internet weren’t something new exactly either. While I didn’t get the appeal of it at first that quickly changed throughout the year as hackers started putting different programs which became known as “apps”, that’s right the first iphone didn’t have the app store, that launched one year later but that was the time I saw that this was a game changer and I was in line once the second iphone released. But let’s take a look at the presentation that changed the world.

the whole conference tells you exactly what it is and how it works, every point they make is easy to follow and shows you why this is making things better. They tell us about apple innovating since it began, and how this is a revolutionary phone, widescreen ipod with touch controls and a brekthrough internet communicator. Things we all had but here in one magic device making everything simpler. Apple said they were going to re-invent the phone and look at every single phone in the market today, they really did and the years of naysayers that swore there was nothing better than physical keyboards are all gone now.

Jobs mentions how their software was 5 years ahead of any other phones and if you look at how terrible copycat phones were in the beginning they truly were maybe he was off by a year or two but he was mostly correct. Funny to think that the 3.5 inch screen was seen as big at the time when it’s small now. Most of the thing int he conference that Steve shows us are common sense but back then they were new and innovative. Interesting to see how their original goal was 1% of the market place since it was very competitive and it was and how they expected 10 million units but I don’t think even Steve imagined as revolutionary as it was that it would do as well as it did or change the industry as much. My favorite part of the presentation was “Touch your music”; It looks like this was a huge selling point for Steve and underappreciated by the masses. Watch the announcement from macworld 2007 below:

The first 30 years were just the beginning?

Apple has hit a bit of a slump lately so I’m not so sure anymore but that was more of a statement that this announcement was going to continue the innovation started 30 years ago and in that sense they were right.

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