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Looking Back On.. Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

I was pretty excited with the idea of a Stretch Armstrong cartoon but based on that first image I was not hopeful. It looked like just another little kid Netflix show trying to sell new Stretch Armstrong toys. Now that may be silly to complain about but what I mean is they seem to be going for a standard “superhero” show. Like I mentioned they either had to go full silly or it’d be a bust and I guessed it’d be similar to that NetflixKong cartoon, but let’s take a look back at Stertch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters.

stretch armstrong flex fighters cast

After watching the trailer it looked so awful, like an mid 90s cheapo cartoon devoid of any creativity and yes that didn’t deter me at all to watch all the episodes. The main character designs are absolutely awful, there’s nothing interesting about them. The look of most characters is really bland as well. I don’t understand what they were thinking when they made this. The two part pilot was so hard to get through, it really was just bad. The show seems like those generic mid budget cartoons we used to get in the 90s, which is actually my cup of tea but without an actual interesting character design or nostalgia or anything it’s hard to get excited about anything that happens.
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Looking Back On.. The Dragon Prince

From the time this show was announced it didn’t sound terribly exciting, but the Avatar connection was enough for me to wait and watch the trailer. I liked the art style and the show was coming out soon. The trailer looked bland and the animation cheap but I did like the celshaded look. So with only 9 episodes released so far for Book 1 let’s take a look back at The Dragon Prince so far. Netflix normally splits their animated shows in two to make the wait shorter so I’ll update review as soon as the second part of Book 1 (or if they call it Book 2) is released.

the dragon prince cast

My first question I had for the show is why the characters in this fantasy world wearing such boring outfits? What happened to cool stylized designs? I mean, it’s a high fantasy show, what the hell are you doing that a high fantasy character designs are boring? The world is rather boring at times with some boring character designs, clothes, animals etc. It’s not always like these as it does have some cool designs from time to time but not enough as say Avatar.
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Looking Back On… Braceface

I was definitely not the target audience for this cartoon when it aired but it still caught my attention and I watched a few episodes. I There might be a lot of comparison to Lizzy Macguire out there since the cast sort of looks similar but the shows couldn’t be any more different and ironically Braceface was easily more mature in its handling of things. The show overall is pretty damn good after watching all 78 episodes so let’s take a look back.

braceface cast

The premise is of a girl Sharon Spitz who just became a teenager and has to deal with things a 13 year old girl would so just imagine Doug but for girls and taking things a little more serious. To make her life a little worse she also gets braces right before and they’re the gimmick of the show as they’re electrically charged and often get Sharon in trouble at the worst times by activating cellphones or lights depending on the episode. Sometimes it works to her advantage though and thankfully it was not a gimmick that was used all the time as we would only see it used every other episode and it was most times not that crazy in what had happened with them as the first episode might lead you to believe.
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Looking back on.. Power Rangers Turbo & Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Zeo aired with a cliffhanger that Lord Zedd and Rita would be back but instead we got this new take on Power Rangers with the now confirmed yearly themes. For this year we got Turbo and I never liked cars as a kid so this was not something I was excited about when I saw the posters that the new Power Rangers movie had cars. But it was crazy, we were getting a new Power Rangers movie and the show would continue based on it so I wanted to watch it even if I never got the chance as a kid. So let’s take a look back at the movie which is the pilot for the rest of the season and then the actual season of Turbo.

power rangers the movie turbo poster

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

It’s bad, Turbo: a power rangers movie is a snoozefest. I first watched it when I got back into Power Rangers and I tried to force myself into liking it but it never worked out. I know in the fandom it’s well liked and preferred by many over MMPR:TM, which to me is nuts. It feels like a really boring 5 part episode, it’s high budget when compared to the TV show since you get jet skis, horses and a ship but when compared to Hollywood movies or even Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie it’s very low budget. With the title “A Power Rangers Movie”, it makes me wonder if they were planning on making these smaller budget movies for every season but once they saw how badly it did they scrapped that idea. Just imagine a world with Space: A Power Rangers movie, but at the very least we did get Kimberly: A Power Rangers Movie unofficially.
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Americanizing Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary Review (Knights of the Zodiac)

Toei wanted to make Saint Seiya a household name again and this time all aroudn the world so a CG reboot movie was made to do it. For those unaware Saint Seiya was as big as Dragon Ball all around the world except for the US. It conquered Japan, Latin America and Europe with its stories mixing Greek Mythology with shonen tropes. How do you adapt 73 episodes / 10 manga volumes into an hour and a half movie? And how do you strike the balance between hardcore fans and the American audience they wanted to capture? Here is our look back at Knights of the Zodiac Legend of Sanctuary CG movie.

saint seiya legend of sanctuary cast

Saint Seiya fans are a hardcore bunch so they were not too happy with a movie that was not based on the original continuity and re-telling a story they’ve already seen. When the designs showed up people were not happy and I have to say I was not either. It came out in 2014 so now that it’s been a while since then I can look back at the designs and say that they’re not bad and some are pretty damn good. They do stray from the source material a bit but the essence is there in most characters. I like some of the ideas they had going with some of the cloths and the art style is just beautiful even if it doesn’t really feel like Saint Seiya.
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Looking Back On.. Animal Crossing the Anime Movie

Animal Forest: Theater Version Animal Crossing: The Movie

After Pokemon hit it big and its anime was very successful it seemed like Nintendo tried to see if other of their franchises would benefit from having an anime to mixed response. They kind of stopped that but Animal Crossing of all games was one that at least was able to get a movie in December 2006 called Animal Forest: Theater Version (Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori). Animal Crossing is one of those games that is hard to describe why it’s fun since you’re doing so many chores but when you actually play it you realize what makes the game special. A bold choice to make an cartoon out of a game based on doing daily tasks but would it transfer well as an anime without compromising the spirit that it’s based off? It totally is and let’s take a look back on this not very well known gem.

animal crossing anime

The movie is based specifically on the Animal Crossing Wild World games on the DS and there are plenty scenes that deal with things introduced in that game but pretty much any fan of Animal Crossing games past and future would understand the movie even without playing the DS game. As mentioned the game is based about daily life and doing chores, helping friends, going on an adventure, doing jobs to get money to pay off your loans and finding things on the island. It’s a lot more fun when you play it than when you read about what it is and the movie is extremely faithful to the source material and yet it isn’t a boring movie either. I don’t know how they did it but they were able to do all these mundane chores into an interesting way of showing them with an on going story through out the movie.
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Looking Back On.. Matt Groening’s Disenchantment

I’m a big fan of the Simpsons even if they’ve became a parody of themselves after so many decades and always liked Futurama a lot so you can bet I was ecstatic when I heard Matt Groening was working on a new series for Netflix. Despite the negativity surrounding it I was hopeful since I think even at their worst Matt Groening’s works had never disappointed me too much as there was always something to salvage. I don’t think I was too crazy for the setting but with the present and future already covered it makes sense and I have nothing against medieval settings.

disentchantment dreamland

I like the characters a lot even if their voices aren’t as iconic as I’d want them to be they get the job done. Princess Bean being the opposite of what a princess is supposed to be is rather refreshing and fun, she looks a little bit like a young Marge too. Elfo the elf might look like Bart but he is his own character and has an interesting role being magical but frustrated for being a cuddly ugly elf. Luci de demon is fantastic and just the black humor that the show needs. I can’t say I like any of the recurring characters much, at least not now and the biggest problem I have with the character designs are the 5 fingers, it’s so bizarre to see Matt Groening’s style with more than 4 fingers. I think the show does need to have more recurring characters that are important and or entertaining but we haven’t gotten that so far.
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