Women’s MMA B-Movie Fight Valley is a Knock Out

Miesha Tate, Cris Cyborg, Holly Holm of Mixed Martial Arts fame were in a movie called Fight Valley Knockaround Girls. Being a fan of Women’s MMA and the fighters starring in it I decided to check it out. Quality cinema was not expected from this movie but instead just a kick ass film to pass the time.

You kind of set yourself up for the type of movie and expect different things from different movies. Going in to see Star Wars will have different expectations than say Dinosaur Island and even if one is the better movie b-films can be more enjoyable. Sadly this wasn’t the case with Fight Valley.

I wanted to like this movie and huffed at the terrible scores that it had since they rarely showcase my thoughts on a specific movie. But man did this movie try its hardest to make those horrible scores feel earned. I wasn’t expecting good acting by any means but most lines were just so cringy.

The actual generic plot you’d expect from the movie is somehow worse than what you’d expect since you just don’t care about any of the so called twists that they try to do nor the motivation for any of the characters. The movie tries so hard to make you feel like this is some tough shit you’re watching and that makes it even harder to watch than an 8th grader doing his best to look cool to High School kids.

Normally I can look past most stuff like that if it at least gives us something fun that other movies can’t deliver. In this case the fights, and a well choreographed fight is all I really needed. But even then the movie does no favors to itself and misses the one opportunity it had to have some redeeming value, even the lesbian fan service was poorly done. So while the movie had all the potential to be a great bad movie and failed at least I hope we get something like this done better in the future.

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