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The CG Reboot show by Rainmaker / Mainframe Entertainment saw four seasons and the revival Reboot: The Guardian Code but if you still can’t get enough of your favorite heroes here are some obscure “episodes” that you may have missed of your favorite characters. So here are a few select specials that the Reboot cast recorded lines for and made which should totally be canon with the show.

First we have the Reboot Playstation game which not only had an original story but the FMV of the game was made by the guys at Mainframe and fully voiced so it’s technically an episode. It’s a bit long but without the gameplay in between the FMV the story doesn’t make as much sense. This episode would need to take place somewhere after season 1 or during season 2. Below you can find re-collection of only the Full Motion Video of the entire game as well as the bad endings the game had in a much shorter way and you can try to fill in the gaps:

The imax had a Reboot Ridefilm special featuring Reboot so being that most did not get to go on this ride it’s great that the video of the actual ride was archived. It’s rather short since it’s only a ride but features a pre-show that sets up the adventure and the actual adventure. If you had actually seen it you would’ve been amazed by the awesome Imax format as well as the seat moving around since after all it’s a ride. The plot is rather simple dealing with Megabyte tries to take over Maxine the search engine, it could take place someplace in season 2 or even after season 4 if you prefer to fill those gaps on how things got there after season 4 with some head-canon.

We now have the 3 Reboot promo videos made to sell the show, we can see early versions of Reboot before it was picked up and see how the show evolved over the years. What’s beset is that these could totally be canon with the show and the reason why Bob looks different? Well Mainframe was updated which explains the change in looks. We also have a behind the scenes that was narrated by Megabyte and I guess some of his dialog could be considered canon with the show since the user does live outside the net. Also at the end we have some alternate takes of an episode.

Finally we have this Robot Chicken sKit that you know what? Sometimes RobotChicken nails it and it isn’t just a parody but it would be logical int he show if it were allowed to use more adult humor. No reason why it shouldn’t be canon so it makes the list.

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