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Looking Back on.. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers the Movie Review

We finally got a new Power Rangers movie after decades waiting, I had been wanting one since I got back into the franchise back in 2005. I knew there was too much money to be made based on nostalgia alone for it not to happen but it sure took a long time but like a fine wine, nostalgia needs some time to reach its peak point. Sadly the movie doesn’t really feel like the remake of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie we all wanted but a totally different re-imagining that feels alien and out of touch. Luckily we had already gotten the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Movie we deserved as children.

Besides Santa Claus I can’t remember looking forward to anything as bad as I was for the Power Rangers movie. That poster filled my imagination with ideas of who that pig was and just how epic the battle was going to be. Hell the movie poster spoiled the return of Rita Repulsa on the show for me as I knew she had to be back in time for the movie. Everything I saw about the movie was awesome from the new suits the villains and Power Rangers had. Finally they looked like the Batman live-action movies and not spandex wearing heroes. There was no way they could mess it up.
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Looking back on.. Instant Star

One summer I somehow got hooked into Degrassi: The Next Generation, granted it’s not a terrible show but you’ve got to realize that I was a legal adult by the time I started watching it making it a bit embarrasing. It aired on The N which was Nickelodeon’s slightly older skewing channel and it had been fairly successful which is why they they tried to do a second show to cash-in on the success, Instant Star.

Instant Star would be about a girl who won a music talent reality show and is now having to deal with the consequences of it all since she’s still a teenager. The show was promoted quite a bit and as awful as the premise sounds all that marketing worked as I was there the day of the premier. I would continue watching it every Friday night, even returning home or leaving late on social Friday just to watch the new episodes.
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Looking back on.. Kong King of the Apes

I was surprised to see a King Kong listing on Netflix a while back for a new show since I hadn’t heard anything about it but I was definitely curious and added it to my list so Netflix would remind me when it finally came out. And so it did to little noise and mostly went by unnoticed. But with a second season launching soon how is the show and is it worth the time? Netflix has done some amazing shows but also some pretty terrible ones, at least in the kids department so what does Kong: King of the Apes get to be?

I first tried to watch it but I quickly saw that I wasn’t the target audience and only made it about 20 minutes into the pilot which is an hour and 20 minutes or the length of old kids movies. Normally these pilot “movies” just take the other episodes and stitch them together lowering the “episode” count of the season like in Voltron but here we see that it’s still a 13 episode season with no episodes cut because of the length of the pilot. It took me until the hype of the new movie to finally check out the show again. I’ll be using the concept artwork for the article since they’re so beautiful yet sadly they don’t really represent the show.
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Myth Explorer: The Quest for King Kong Blair witch style-documentary

Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventures got a new King Kong ride in 2016, we won’t be talking about because there’s something far more interesting that came to existence because of it and it wasn’t the ride. In order to promote the new ride they made a viral website and web series called Myth Explorer which is a spoof on all those UFO / Cryptozoology shows and it was promoted on channels like Syfy and NBC.

Like the King Kong Skull Island Mockumentary that I talked about earlier they make it as if Skull Island is a real thing. Sadly the website is no longer live and because it was flash heavy doesn’t really help us out either but on the website you had an about page, a blog and of course the episodes. I personally have always loved viral websites and it’s always sad when they are re-tooled or just taken offline.
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Looking back on.. Wrestling Society X

I grew out of wrestling after the attitude era but as I channel surfed one lazy day I found a wrestling show that got my attention, this was no modern WWE, it was Wrestling Society X.

Known as an absolutely terrible wrestling promotion that only lasted ten episodes but I saw something else, a show that brought wrestling back in a fun way for me to enjoy. So does that mean Wrestling Society X is secretly good?
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Remembering.. WWF Smackdown! 1999

Today I was originally going to talk about the evolution of the Smackdown! intros through out the years but I quickly saw how terrible they all were and the only one worth any commentary was the original WWF Smackdown! intro / opening from 1999.

There’s not much to describe as it’s better to just watch it as it just features gibberish over fast hard rock music with a montage of WWF footage with really quick cuts to showcase the action.
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Looking back on.. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Fan Club VHS

As a kid I was always interested in all those fan clubs that were promoted whether on the action figures that I bought or even on my Kids Meal when I went to Burger King. I must’ve been too young to understand how they worked though since I don’t recall ever knowing how they worked.

Little did I know that the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers had a fan club and not only did it include all kinds of neat memorabilia but also a VHS tape that had exclusive content! As soon as I found that out I knew I had to find it to see what this “lost” Power Rangers footage included.
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