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Review or general retrospective of an old show, movie, cartoon or video.

The Land Before Time Franchise

The Land Before Time franchise started in 1988 with a successful movie which I remember always renting at the video store until I got my own copy. Luckily this was the time Jurassic Park came out which brought a resurgence in dinomania and we got a sequel a year later in 1994. We ended up getting a sequel every year until the tv show began and then later again a few years later.

As a kid I kept getting overwhelmed that new movies kept coming out until I couldn’t keep up and grew up. Most would always complain about why they kept making more of them but I didn’t really mind as I was not the target audience. But being such a huge fan of the franchise as a kid, I decided to watch all the movies and well I have to say I’m impressed even if they’re not the greatest pieces of cinema. In the coming days you’ll find links to my reviews of all 14 films, tv show and more. Continue reading The Land Before Time Franchise

Looking back on.. Casper’s Haunted Christmas

Movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and its sequel force you to ask yourself if it’s a Halloween or a Christmas movie, but besides seeing some Jack O’Lanterns with Santa hats because X-Mas arrives to stores during mid October there aren’t many other movies that mix both holidays but I found one and well I just had to watch it so have a review of Casper’s Haunted Christmas

Casper's Haunted Christmas cover
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Dr. Seuss Live Action Duology How The Grinch Stole Christmas & Cat in the Hat

In the 2000’s for Hollywood it seemed like a good idea to adapt the Dr. Seuss’ books into live action films. How they thought they could adapt a children’s book of only a few pages and barely any sentences in it into an hour long movie when a 22 minute special was already stretching things is something we will never know, we do know that Dr. Seuss’ wife decided not to allow any more live action adaptations after these two movies came out. Are the that bad? They don’t have a great reputation but they are much better than you may think.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas
grinch santa live action
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Looking back on.. Super Mario Bros Movie 1993

At a video rental store I saw the movie of one of my favorite video games, Super Mario Bros so I decided to rent it. I guess since I was a kid I thought it was ok but I was never interested in watching it again and I didn’t understand what I had really watched. I guess I just thought live action movies were different from their animated counterparts. This movie is seen as fodder but it was a weird one so after watching it again I can honestly say this is an awesome movie.

boom boom bar mario bros movie

Why yes, there’s a Rave scene full of techno punk outfits and in general the whole Dinohattan City is cyber punk inspired and frankly it looks amazing. This grim future you would expect from various movies in the 80s, in fact this movie still feels very well stuck in that decade even if made later. The grim visuals of the movie are nothing like the video game but that doesn’t matter since its visually appealing and unique.
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Looking back on.. Ted Duology

When the movie Ted came out I wasn’t interested in it since I’m not a big fan of Seth MacFarlane and it felt like a low brow comedy. It wasn’t until a few years later when I was recommended the movie by someone I didn’t expect to and was told it was not what I expected that I finally decided to check it out one day and that one day finally came so let’s take a look back at the Ted movie Duology and see if it’s worthy of being a franchise.

ted collection duology

Now I can’t say the movie isn’t something I didn’t expect but it did do the things I thought it would be doing a lot better. The humor even if childish does get a few laughs and overall I enjoyed watching them, I can’t say they were amazing by any means but there are plenty of things that I liked.
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Batman Legacy Anthology

The four Batman films from the 90s even though I guess technically the first one was released in 1989 all share a continuity, now most people like to draw a difference between the Tim Burton films and the Joe Schumacher films and while there are definitely differences between them three is no denying that the four films are meant to take place in the same universe and are not as tonally different as people like to believe so let’s take a look back at them.

Batman quadrilogy posters

Too bad there is no easy way to tell this saga apart and since fans divide the films as mentioned above it hasn’t helped the situation. We’ve seen box sets of the films called as the Legacy collection and also the Anthology so I guess that’s the best we have unless we want to call it a quadriology or tetralogy. The movies do go nicely together when they use the logos to differentiate each movie as each one has a very iconic batman shield for that movie.
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Looking back on.. Villainous Shorts

Coming from flash animated webisodes, some which have now been lost to time, Villanos was able to get a shot at making some shorts or miniseries for Cartoon Network Mexico’s app and so we got ten different episodes around a minute or so. These became rather popular and renamed Villainous for other markets, while the original name would be translated as just “Villains”.

villainous characters

I started seeing a lot of these characters so I was tempted to check them out and so I did including the webisodes. The webisodes for the most part look like your normal flash cartoons that you’ve come to expect from the internet, the main thing going for them is the character designs as most of the humor falls flat.
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