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Updates or general information on what’s going on with the website.

Weekly Themes Wrestling & Power Rangers

Some quick site updates since I thought it’d be nice to let people know what’s going on with the site. If you’ve noticed we’ve had Power Rangers posts every Thursday since we’re on the hype train to the new Power Rangers movie; I guess we can call it Morphin’ Thursday’s. They’ll continue at least until the movie is out. Similarly since Wrestlemania is also soon so as we started last week we’ll have “Wrestling Weekends” until Wrestlemania XXXII.

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New Years Site Resolutions

We began a new year and with it come resolutions and here I’ll let you know what you can expect from miscrave this year of 2017. First of all we try to have new posts everyday but it’s not always possible, time being the biggest issue and sometimes lack of inspiration which I prefer not to post anything than post for the sake of posting. But I think 5 posts per week shouldn’t be a problem and I’ll be aiming for the whole week having posts, in the worst case scenario you can count at least some type of post a week if things get dire, I do have work/school/life to deal with. The podcast should also continue every week on Wednesdays. The site will continue to be worked on and improved so any suggestions are welcome so make sure to contact if you have anything you want to let us know. There will also be a youtube channel to complement miscrave later this year.
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It can be annoying when you visit a site and don’t know when they’ll be updated so here’s how we’ll be doing things here, I’m trying to get to the habit of having new content everyday but that may not happen until after Christmas but after that you can count on some type of post every day. In the meantime I’ll try to have around 3 updates a week or so and that’s what I’ve been trying to do but I’ve failed to do so a on more than one week. Remember if you like any one Feature or Article let me know and I’ll try to do more stuff like it.

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Halloween is coming to Miscrave

Sorry for the lack of updates these past couple of days but I was a bit busy and now October has come which means Halloween is getting very close. I’m aiming for at least 3 posts a week and they’ll all be themed with Halloween in mind and I mean that very vaguely so as long as there’s some type horror element it’s fair game. Still working on getting adsense working right and google cards and whatnot so any feedback is welcome.
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Disqus for comments

I was being flooded by Spam and fake accounts so I did some research and remembered about this tool called Disqus. Once you make an account on their website you can comment on any blog or website that uses Disqus and it’s easy to share conversations on Social Media. It also has a nice community and social media aspects where you can get feeds of your favorite blogs that use Disqus, I really like it and would love to see more sites use it so I’m impressed with it. I really wanted to keep comments open without any registration but I guess it’s impossible to do but this won’t take much time to register.
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