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Pokemon Bank hasn’t been living to its full capability since it was first revealed, last time we talked a little about the problem with PokeBank, today we’ll continue with the problems we now have with the Generation VII update and how Game Freak/The Pokemon Company/Nintendo could fix this Pokemon cloud storage system that is bleeding with potential.

With Pokemon Sun & Moon out, we were told about an update to the app, this is all great but the contents of the update really aren’t that great as it puts a restriction on what we can do with Pokemon. When Gold/Silver came out you were able to transfer Pokemon back and fort as long as the Pokemon existed and didn’t have anything that wasn’t available in the previous version (Pokemon/items/moves) for example and it wasn’t difficult to grasp. What the new update as shown in the picture above does is put limits on how we can use our Pokemon. It was obvious we wouldn’t be able to trade any of the new forms or species to X/Y/OmegaRed/AlphaSapphire but what they’ve done is that there’s a restriction that once traded to Sun and Moon those old Pokemon can’t come back. When it came to the Gen I and II there was no problem since they’re both from the same system but from Gen III to IV it was logical that the transfer was a one way thing since Game Boy Advance games couldn’t properly communicate with the Nintendo DS ones.

But all of those issues were supposed to be gone once Pokemon Bank existed as there was a way for all games to communicate with future versions and yet they’re restricting just that and unless you have great memory this will only make things confusing as time passes and you don’t know which Pokemon can be transferred or not if you don’t remember which ones have already been transferred tot he next gen and only more confusing as future Generations come out instead of only worrying if the Pokemon existed in that Gen or moves you have to worry if it’s ever been transferred. What they need to do is allow transferring as long as the Pokemon/moves are available in that Generation.

The ability to trade your Pokemon from the Virtual Console releases of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow was great but again the update showed us that it’s a one way thing. Sure it’s nice even though it’s something I expected even if many didn’t but much more could’ve been done. Soon enough other Pokemon games will be available for the Virtual Console since Generation 1 did so well and it’s not that costly and most likely all future releases will include Pokemon Bank support as well in a similar fashion to Red, Blue and Yellow. You can’t make Pokemon Bank more invaluable to the player if it means that you can not only transfer your Pokemon back and forth of the newer generations but you can also do the same with the older generations that have Virtual Console releases. Yes it would involve hacking the games to add this support but they aren’t cheap releases by any means so the extra work is more than justified not to mention the extra sales they would get both from subscribers to the app and the Virtual Console releases

This is only scratching the surface as well if you handle the Pokemon Bank application as mentioned above the possibilities open up to many possibilities. As I mentioned with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS emulation already available it’s only a matter of when and not if other Generations will receive Virtual Console releases though I’m guessing they’ll take their sweet-sweet time doing it. It would also open up the possibilities for other games to take advantage of said app like say the Pokemon Stadium games on the Nintendo 64 and even Gamecube could be released and they could make it compatible with Bank and you’d be able to transfer the Pokemon to those games. That’s not all you could do with it you could also make future Pokemon spin-off titles that could use your own Pokemon through the Bank app even if they’re not mainline games something along the lines of PokePark or even Pokemon Snap, it wouldn’t get you more experience points or anything just have your Pokemon play some sort of role in the game.

This was a continuation of the last article even if it works standalone so make sure you read our previous post about Pokemon Bank. And a third article on how to fix Pokemon Bank will come out later this week. What do you think of Pokemon Bank?

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