Banjo Kazooie crossover: Find the Magic Puzzle Puzzle Piece Keebler Contest

Banjo-Kazooie was a game that wasn’t in my radar and yet when it came out I knew I had to have it. It wasn’t just me as we saw that this franchise is still fondly remembered. I remember getting copy of the game at Best Buy and the last bonus gift which was the soundtrack and a t-shirt, it was all pure luck too since i had no idea it was even a thing until I got into the store. Anywho, the game was the hit of the summer and Keebler was there just in time to take advantage of this.

Find the Magic Puzzle Piece with Banjo-Kazooie was a contest that Keebler cookies had where you could win a bunch of Nintendo swag just by getting lucky and eating cookies. I loved this commercial and it took me years before I was finally able to find it. The best part they even shrunk the commercial into magazines as I remember reading the ads on magazines like Disney Adventures

You Could Win instantly a NINTENDO 64 Home Entertainment Center!

“Dudes! Banjo and Kazooie, of N64 game fame, have cruised by the Keebler Hollow Tree hoping to snag their missing magic puzzle piece. They’ve bagged some honeycombs, music notes and feathers, but no puzzle piece.”

Ernest J. Keebler: “Gracious, I saw Fast Eddie with a puzzle piece that fits that description. / I’d invite you in for a look, but …

… right now you’re too big for the door.”

Banjo: (???)

EJK: “unless I use a little…

Elfin magic.”


EJK: Much better, come in.

Meanwhile… Fast Eddie was wrapping Keebler packages at lightning speed.

“Is that it?” “No!” “Over there!” “Over where?”


EJK: Mercy!

EJK: “Fast Eddie wrapped the puzzle piece in a package!”

And before he could be stopped, Fast Eddie bolted out the door to deliver the cookies and sandwich crackes.


EJK: “Wait!”

“OK, dudes, if you help Banjo and Kazooie find their missing stuff, you could win one of a bunch of rad prizes instantly.”

Luigi Kawasaki

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