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Social aspects on ____ and their issues.

The problem with.. Miitomo

Nintendo shocked the world when they announced that they would begin developing mobile games on iOS and Android since they had been against it for many years. Many people claimed it was the end of Nintendo even though people always complained Nintendo’s games weren’t on mobile. Miitomo was Nintendo’s first game that they released for smartphones and tablets, this was not what most people expected since they wanted one of Nintendo’s better known franchises like Mario. But Mii’s are what captured the heart of the mainstream audience so was it really a bad idea to launch with it?

People were not happy at the announcement since they were not getting an actual game but some weird social app and we all have enough social apps on our mobile devices to add another one but still this was Nintendo’s first swing at it so many checked it out. What we got was something that most people played around with in the beginning but quickly uninstalled and only a select few stayed around with it. However as months passed more and more people dropped the app, including me. I actually lasted quite a bit but as much as I want to love it there are just some problems with Miitomo.
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The Problem with.. Fixing.. Pokemon Bank 2/3

Pokemon Bank hasn’t been living to its full capability since it was first revealed, last time we talked a little about the problem with PokeBank, today we’ll continue with the problems we now have with the Generation VII update and how Game Freak/The Pokemon Company/Nintendo could fix this Pokemon cloud storage system that is bleeding with potential.

With Pokemon Sun & Moon out, we were told about an update to the app, this is all great but the contents of the update really aren’t that great as it puts a restriction on what we can do with Pokemon. When Gold/Silver came out you were able to transfer Pokemon back and fort as long as the Pokemon existed and didn’t have anything that wasn’t available in the previous version (Pokemon/items/moves) for example and it wasn’t difficult to grasp. What the new update as shown in the picture above does is put limits on how we can use our Pokemon. It was obvious we wouldn’t be able to trade any of the new forms or species to X/Y/OmegaRed/AlphaSapphire but what they’ve done is that there’s a restriction that once traded to Sun and Moon those old Pokemon can’t come back. When it came to the Gen I and II there was no problem since they’re both from the same system but from Gen III to IV it was logical that the transfer was a one way thing since Game Boy Advance games couldn’t properly communicate with the Nintendo DS ones.
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The Problem with.. Pokemon Bank 1/3

Pokemon Bank was released in 2014 and was not only meant to be a way for you to safely store your Pokemon on the cloud but also a way to always be able to transfer your Pokemon from each generation. Now that some time has passed since the original release let’s take a look at some of the problems with the Pokemon Bank storage system.
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The Problem With.. Annual Star Wars and Spin-Offs

When Disney bought Lucasfilm it was a huge deal and we were all excited we were getting new Star Wars movies however our thoughts on this quickly changed as we saw more and more movies confirmed and Star Wars becoming an annual series with new installments every month. We all love Star Wars so what’s wrong with having a movie every year? It’s any fan’s dream come true. But this is where the problem lies and I’m not too optimistic about the franchise’s future if thing continue for the following reasons.

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The problem with.. Shared / Cinematic Universes Part III: Copycats

So as I started with Marvel and DC but now let’s go over the other Cinematic Universes currently in development. As I mentioned before the concept of a Shared Universe is nothing new however it’s become popular thanks to the way Marvel Studios had hit after hit in their Cinematic Universe. I won’t look at the history of shared universes as that would likely mean going back to Homer’s The Iliad and Odyssey but we’ll at least give a brief glimpse as we see the new Cinematic Universes previous history in a shared Universe.
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The problem with.. Shared / Cinematic Universes Part II: DC

In the first part I talked about Marvel now let’s talk about DC and other plans for shared universes. While you can definitely see Warner Bros. going on a “me too” route in the movies it’s not as if the idea is that new, it just had never been implemented with superhero movies on film. If we go back it was indeed Marvel who started with the crossover of The Submariner and the original Human Torch (unrelated to the Fantastic four) but it was barely a few months later when DC had their own crossover and DC went big on their idea of a shared universe unlike Marvel and created the first Superhero team with the Justice Society who later evolved into the Justice League. Marvel started doing a bunch of original teams comics as Stan Lee has mentioned before and that’s why we have stuff like Fantastic Four, X-Men and whatnot instead of solo heroes at Marvel. Both companies have always put a lot of easter eggs for fans in all their shows and movies referencing to a larger DC/Marvel Universe but no one saw them as “references” or “hidden” secrets, they realized it was the company throwing a bone to the fans.
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The Problem With.. Shared / Cinematic Universes Part I: Marvel

I have always liked continuity so shared universes or “cinematic universes” as they’re called now, heck I even made a posted about a Marvel crossover movie back in 2005 before Marvel Studios was a thing and thought of the MCU or Iron Man had a movie and was known to the general audience.
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