The 90s Addams Family live action movie Values can’t be topped

It’s October Friday the 13th so it’s too good of a day to not talk about something spooky and what better way than to talk about the Addams Family which have mostly become forgotten since their last big boom when their two films had in the 90s. The family seems to have been forgotten by pop culture for the most part when in the 90s it seemed like they were here to stay and successfully made the jump from old tv show to a movie franchise.

Both films actually do an excellent job portraying the quirky family on the big screen in a way that you don’t normally see, not only does it pay respect to the source material but it actually enhances it and makes it its own thing. All the characters seem to have been born to play those roles and are the definitive versions of those characters. The humor is very well balanced and strangely dark for such a mainstream movie

CG was still new back then and Thing being a hand that could move around was promoted like it was the greatest thing ever, and I have to hand it to them since they did do a good job that even after all these years the CG for it looks good. Fester Addams is focused extensively in both movies which is odd that he got two movies to himself, he also got a video game named after him, I never would’ve thought he was such a popular character. It’s not a negative since he’s such a great character and Cristopher Lloyd gives an amazing performance.

Both movies are a lot of fun and The Addams Family Values doesn’t suffer like other sequels do since it has a fresh story and keeps you entertained. I wondered why a third feature film never happened but I guess it made sense without Raul Julia who died it just wouldn’t have been the same and it’s better that way since maybe a third film wouldn’t have been able to keep the wit on the same level.

As mentioned what makes the movies so much fun is the witty dialog that is delivered with the greatest deadpan responses. So many stills of the movies can also be used as great reaction images for pretty much any discussion. Can’t say I got all the jokes as a kid but it was still visually impressive that I didn’t care and now as an adult I’m able to appreciate it more.

I also liked how they added to the franchise by having a new member to the family with Pubert Addams, he hasn’t had any other appearances since then but the character has potential and it’d be a shame if he was only ever used in the sequel. I think I disliked him when I was a kid since he was “ruining” the status quo of the family but since then I’ve not only grown to like him but want that people remember the Addams have a third kid. Two awesome and forgotten movies to check out.

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