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Looking back on.. So little time

As I mentioned last time, I became a big fan of the Olsen Twins thanks to their show Two of a Kind. I was also sad to see it go but shortly after it ended I got to see some commercials for this new show called So little time. It’s as if the gods of mythology had heard my cries. The show seemed to feature the same type of zanyness from Two of a Kind, the show’s name was So little time.

so little time olsen punk

The show like the previous one also features Mary Kate and Ashley living their lives as growing teens, this time however they’re a little bit older which gave the potential to do more stuff. The premise was different yet similar enough to two of a kind. You still had divorced parents but this time both are alive, and fashion designers.. Hmm so they’re actually rich in this show and live in Malibu California which I guess gives an interesting setting.

So little time cast olsen

Mary-Kate is now named Riley and is the tomboy again and Ashley is Chloe the girly girl, but those personalities aren’t as pronounced as in Two of a Kind and both Riley and Chloe are pretty much the same because of it, it really helped define each twin sister better instead of both kind of blending together. They also lack the personality they used to have. I do like their names though even if they aren’t named after their real names.

So little time olsen shocked

The supporting cast is mostly ok, none of them are really memorable and even have more annoying personalities than anything else but you end up liking them enough to tolerate them, not much more than that though. So you are left with a less interesting version of the Olsen Twins also with a less interesting supporting cast. The plot of the episodes also doesn’t help as they’re nothing too great either to make up for the lack of interesting characters.

So little time olsen gif

The show also seemed to skew a little bit younger than Two of a Kind which felt more of a coming of age series and seeing the Olsen Twins grow up while here we mostly just have a generic comedy and the humor is usually more slapstick and not as funny. Instead of a spiritual sequel it felt more of a soulless sequel. Maybe that’s the reason it lasted even less.

So little time olsen book

The Olsen Twins were a marketing juggernaut though as you can see even with this show also failing the book series made enough stories to continue even after the show was long gone. Hopefully those stories are much better than this one. While a disappointment, I can say I still enjoyed it and if you’re not too picky you can have some fun with it and it’s early 00s aesthetics that it has.

So little time olsen logo

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Looking back on.. Olsen Twin’s Two of a Kind

One summer after school I found this show called Two of a Kind which had the Olsen Twins who while a little older than me they were basically actresses I saw grow up on screen like I was and I checked and episode out even if I wasn’t the target demographic. I found that I I really enjoyed it and became a guilty pleasure for me,I decided to re-watch it and see how well it had held up, so let’s take a quick look back.

Two of a Kind Fox ABC Family

We have to remember that the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were really hot during this time as they hit it off after the success of Full House and made plenty of successful TV and direct to video movies. Them having their own show seems only logical as America could not get enough of the Olsen Twins. I can’t say I was a huge fan and only know of all this because I would watch the commercials so unsure how I ended up watching Two of a Kind but I guess I was just an avid watcher of the Fox Family / ABC Family channel.
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Looking back on.. The Adventures of Pete and Pete

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a staple for Nickelodeon in the early 90s which I guess most of us watched day after day and enjoyed. The show isn’t that long and I can’t find any information on why it was cancelled but there’s just something special about the show that stays in your mind. I loved it as a kid but looking back on it now was it really any good?

Pete and Pete nick

Before it was ever a show it started off as a series of shorts that are about a minute long with two specials being about 5 minutes. It’s actually somewhat hard to find these shorts and I was only able to watch about half of them. They really do feel like in the show even if only a minute long. Everyone from the show is much younger and Ellen is actually featured alongside Pete and Pete in the intro. Many of the things from the TV show like origins of stuff are actually from these shorts so its weird they didn’t keep airing them or bundled them as a special. You can also see some dialog and ideas that later became full episodes.
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Looking back on.. The Magic School Bus 1994 Cartoon

I’ve written about the Magic School Bus a few times before but I’ve never talked about the actual show besides that it had an amazing theme song but now with a new show it seems right time to look back at the original cartoon.

Magic School Bus Series Cartoon 90s

Scholastic was a powerhouse back in the 90s and this TV show is one of the things that came out of it. Based on the children’s book where a freaky teacher teaches science through field trips using a magical bus that actually takes them to the source of the topic being taught so they can learn it through first hand experience. The bus’ transformations are pretty cool as it is to see them go all these places that it makes the edutainment part of the show fun.
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2 Must watch French Animated films: Avril et le Monde truqué and Ma vie de courgette

I am trying to learn French so I try to go out of my way and find stuff to watch in French, so far this year I was able to catch two animated French films in theaters thanks to special international screenings that they’ve had. Luckily for me both were good films and left me itching for more, understanding them is still very difficult but it’s nice to watch them and catch a word or two as I do.

Avril et le monde truque

The first film is April and the Extraordinary World (Avril et le Monde truqué) which is a French-Belgian-Canadian animated film that brings us into an steampunk future as some important aspects of history happened slightly different in these world. The animation style is really refreshing as it features a really cartoon or comic look like artstyle and is well animated. Here we have sort of a mystery action adventure film that has plenty of humor, twists and yet is very light hearted.

Darwin the cat avril april

The characters are all interesting as you follow the film and meet a large cast as we follow Avril’s adventure, my favorite character has to be Darwin who is a talking cat. While I don’t care much for steampunk, I am a fan of apolcalyptic futures which this basically is and it’s an ecologist friendly movie as it deals a lot with this being a future full of pollution. Highly recommended, who can say no to two Eiffel Towers.

My life as a courgette ma vie

The second film My Life as a Zucchini (Ma vie de Courgette) is a Swiss-French animated film but this one is more of a comedy-drama and done in stop motion. The art style is unique and while some of the character designs need some getting used to, you’ll be enjoying the film through out. It will definitely make you feel bad for the kids in the story but that’s also what makes this film memorable and things work out for the most part.

Orphaned Courgete kids stop motion

In the span of the film you get to see how a boy is left in an orphanage and we get to see his life as well as the lives of the other kids who live there. We learn what makes each kid tick and the different struggles that they all have and how they get through them. I have to mention that the ending left me wondering how exactly the romance would work out in the end now that the situation has changed radically, I won’t mention more to not spoil anything but those who have seen it must know what I mean.

April and the Extraordinary World

Both films have a very particular style and are quite unique unlike most other animated films that you see, especially nowadays that everyone goes for the Pixar look and CG. Both films also deal with subjects that not many movies aimed at kids would tackle. I can’t leave without mentioning that the soundtracks of both films are really nice and fit each movie perfectly. It’s great to see other countries give their take on animated features since they do bring something different and in these cases better than a lot of the mainstream animated films we end up watching. Recommended if you are in the mood for a sad yet fun time.

Making my life as a courgette ma vie

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The Tick Cartoon & Live Action series oh my!

The Tick is a local comic book stores mascot that somehow became popular enough to end up getting a cartoon in the 90s and reaching a big audience. Later it got a more adult oriented live action sitcom show which was liked but didn’t have great ratings. If you’re not familiar with The Tick, both shows are a bit different even if they still remain true to the same idea. Let’s take a look back at the animated and live action shows.

The Tick Logo

The basic premise of The Tick is that Arthur quits his job as he decides to become a superhero and this is where he meets the Tick who just arrived to The City since he is looking for a new city to protect. We get to meet other superheroes who also live in the city and see that life is not so easy for the spandex wearing peeps.
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