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Secret Movie.. The Nightmare Before Christmas’ sequel “Oogie’s Revenge” you never saw

The Nightmare before Christmas is a movie that never got a sequel, apparently Tim Burton who created the idea shut down a proposed CG sequel in the early 2000’s but did it really not get a sequel? As I mentioned in my Nightmare Revisited review the franchise got sort of a revival in popularity in the mid 00’s thanks to Hot Topic selling merchandise but we didn’t just get t-shirts and beanies we also ended up getting what is essentially the closest thing we have to a sequel and that’s a video game sequel which picks up a year after the original film.
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Listen Back.. The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Nightmare Revisited

One day I”m cleaning the garage and I find my old The Nightmare Before Christmas Burger King watch I got as a child, I was in High School now and I needed a watch and I thought it was perfect and it was since many seemed to like it. It was only about a year later that the nightmare before christmas nostalgia hit and we had tons of new merchandise everywhere and now everyone had TNBC related stuff and it wasn’t as much fun wearing my Burger King watch.

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Listen back.. Freddy vs Jason soundtrack

It was the summer of 2003 and my friends suggested we see a movie so we end up seeing Freddy vs Jason which I didn’t really care for at the time but was happy that I saw it since these were two horror icons of my childhood, movie was ok but I was recommended the soundtrack by some friends and decided to buy it. It got some rotation but it was never really a great soundtrack for me oddly enough one of my friends who I saw the movie with wanted to buy it after listening to it once in my car. At this point we had already reached the peak of nu-metal but we still see plenty of it here as well as some other bands that were differentiating themselves from that genre.
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Miscrave’s Halloween traditions

What are some of your Halloween traditions that you guys follow? As an adult it can be difficult to get in the mood for Halloween but I definitely try to at least make some effort. It has become difficult for me to pretty much do anything like putting any decorations at all and if I find a decent Halloween party I feel satisfied for the year but even then I try to add to the holiday. The only thing I can say not many people get to do is I eat “Pan de Muerto” or “dead bread” which is a traditional Mexican bread for Dia de Muertos but I count it as part of a Halloween tradition.
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Halloween is coming to Miscrave

Sorry for the lack of updates these past couple of days but I was a bit busy and now October has come which means Halloween is getting very close. I’m aiming for at least 3 posts a week and they’ll all be themed with Halloween in mind and I mean that very vaguely so as long as there’s some type horror element it’s fair game. Still working on getting adsense working right and google cards and whatnot so any feedback is welcome.
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Big Wolf on Campus intro / opening theme


I was about to begin my teenage years when I found Big Wolf on Campus airing which I’m sure I’ll talk about later but the opening/intro of the show really got to me. The lyrics are cheesy but I can’t help but like the song, especially how it begins with “I used to own this town..”, while a bit embarrassing I guess it just hit at the right time of my life as I made my own transition. Even now it’s as good as I remember. The quality above isn’t great, you can find the episodes with a better quality intro but I didn’t want to link to full episodes. It’s col how the “Fox Family” logo really adds to the video in nostalgia points.

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