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What is Kaiju Big Battel?

Fox Mulder was right all along and now there are tons of giant monsters running around the world
that can create havoc around cities if left unchecked. Luckily we have an organization that can take care of this problem. Kaiju Big Battel gets the giant monsters in a wrestling ring to set their differences aside and avoid further destruction.

You won’t find a giant waffle wrestling in a ring and doing somersaults in the WWE but here any fan of giant monsters, Japanese culture and wrestling fans can enjoy the show. It’s not everywhere that you get to see a piece of a building being used as a steel chair to hit their opponents with, it really is something special and one of a kind. A fun watch from time to time. To learn more about the history of Kaiju Big Battel see the video below.
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Remembering ECW on TNN

I discovered ECW Wrestling on TNN shortly after it started airing by pure chance and I was completely fascinated, unlike WCW which used to bore me to tears, here we had a show that actually offered something different and yet still entertaining even if the production was a much lower quality. You could tell that this was something unique that couldn’t be replicated and so I watched. A large part of it was indeed the intro which is legendary in its own right and any fan can easily recognize it as the ECW theme.

The intro just oozed of awesome as it felt dark, extreme, dirty and not your typical wrestling promotion. Even if it was indeed on a cable channel you felt like this was underground stuff. The music set up the mood perfectly as did the logo with barbed wire. It’s odd that the music is rather slow yet it feels really heavy and unlike say WWF intros which have quick cuts of action scenes here many of them were rather slow things and yet you could feel that they meant more as you actually felt the impact of the moves or events they tried to show off.

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Remembering WWF Raw is War 1999

Last week I talked about WWF Smackdown!’s intro and general memories so I thought this week I’d do the same for WWF Raw is War.

I started watching Raw is War in 1999 and there was nothing like it and I was glued to it every Monday night. I remember that the show finished after my normal bedtime which was 10 but Raw always finished at odd times like 10:05 or 10:08 more or less and I used to feel like I was doing something bad by staying up so late. But I had to, How else would I know if a bloodied Stone Cold would get his revenge after they interfered in his WWF title match which just happened to have happened at exactly at 10:00. Those last few minutes were necessary to get a much needed conclusion to the events we’d just seen.
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Looking back on.. Wrestling Society X

I grew out of wrestling after the attitude era but as I channel surfed one lazy day I found a wrestling show that got my attention, this was no modern WWE, it was Wrestling Society X.

Known as an absolutely terrible wrestling promotion that only lasted ten episodes but I saw something else, a show that brought wrestling back in a fun way for me to enjoy. So does that mean Wrestling Society X is secretly good?
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Remembering.. WWF Smackdown! 1999

Today I was originally going to talk about the evolution of the Smackdown! intros through out the years but I quickly saw how terrible they all were and the only one worth any commentary was the original WWF Smackdown! intro / opening from 1999.

There’s not much to describe as it’s better to just watch it as it just features gibberish over fast hard rock music with a montage of WWF footage with really quick cuts to showcase the action.
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Undertaker returns at Judgement Day 2000

“As I lay me down to sleep;

I pray my soul is mine to keep.

And never step outside this bed, never

Into all the evil, Now back from the dead.”

The Undertaker left WWF television in the fall of 1999 because of an injury or “in show” explanation of he didn’t want to follow rules so he left. I hadn’t been a fan of The Undertaker at that point and didn’t understand why anyone liked him or why people kept asking for “Taker” to return.
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Weekly Themes Wrestling & Power Rangers

Some quick site updates since I thought it’d be nice to let people know what’s going on with the site. If you’ve noticed we’ve had Power Rangers posts every Thursday since we’re on the hype train to the new Power Rangers movie; I guess we can call it Morphin’ Thursday’s. They’ll continue at least until the movie is out. Similarly since Wrestlemania is also soon so as we started last week we’ll have “Wrestling Weekends” until Wrestlemania XXXII.

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