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Remembering ECW on TNN

I discovered ECW Wrestling on TNN shortly after it started airing by pure chance and I was completely fascinated, unlike WCW which used to bore me to tears, here we had a show that actually offered something different and yet still entertaining even if the production was a much lower quality. You could tell that this was something unique that couldn’t be replicated and so I watched. A large part of it was indeed the intro which is legendary in its own right and any fan can easily recognize it as the ECW theme.

The intro just oozed of awesome as it felt dark, extreme, dirty and not your typical wrestling promotion. Even if it was indeed on a cable channel you felt like this was underground stuff. The music set up the mood perfectly as did the logo with barbed wire. It’s odd that the music is rather slow yet it feels really heavy and unlike say WWF intros which have quick cuts of action scenes here many of them were rather slow things and yet you could feel that they meant more as you actually felt the impact of the moves or events they tried to show off.

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WWF’s Best Worst Stable X-Factor ft. Uncle Kracker

Oh I know you hate X-Factor but you ain’t gotta look at me like that.

In pro-wrestling you find many factions and many of these stables have become legendary such as the NWO and The Ministry but also some terrible ones like 3 count and Right to Censor. But in 2001 the WWF blessed us with a stable that blurred the line between great and awful. Composed of X-Pac, Justin Credible and Prince Albert, this faction’s name was X-Factor.

I was a fan of Justin Credible from his ECW run and when I saw him appear on WWF Television I was really happy to see him come to the big leagues as he was one of the top stars at ECW. He quickly formed a tag team with X-Pac who needed some friends as D-Generation X had broken up once again. And hey why not add Prince Albert to the mix just for fun? There wasn’t any real connection but did it matter?
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