TMNT Summer Shorts 2017 Looking back at these 3 shorts

For a second summer in a row we got some TMNT shorts in 2017 while the Summer 2016 shorts were actually just called SDCC shorts maybe this retroactive name change means we might get shorts every summer. Hell as I’ve speculated these shorts might have been pitches for Nick’s Rise of the TMNT so here are all 8 shorts compiled.

Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtles

I would love an animated show of future turtles, having Mikey as Splinter makes sense as it’s the “not who you expect” trope. Worth noting that in this future mutants are everywhere now, so this Batman Beyond short would get my approval for a full series.

We Strike Hard & Fade Into the Night

Fantastic and probably the best short out of all of them, the only small nitpicks would be that some of the character designs are not what I’d want, like the turtles but the action is so fun that it really does not matter.

TMNT Team-up!

No Fly Zone

From here on we have these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Team Up shorts that actually got 5 different ones. The shorts are annoying but that’s what they were going for. This one has a pretty gruesome part when we see Baxter getting killed which is odd since it’s so kid friendly otherwise.

Flora the Fedora

These shorts would also work better if each 30 second segment aired individually after an episode or so, it’s too silly to see five of them together for 3 minutes, it’s easier to digest as individual shorts.

Comic-Con Exclusive

When you get different shorts in various styles you end up getting wildly different takes, some are great some are terrible. In this case I do think the Team-Up shorts aren’t as bad as some people make them out to be and are basically tributes to the original show.

Turtle: Impossible

I have to admit that they still give me a chuckle at least twice per episode and since they jump from idea to idea if one of them fails at least you are not spending too much time on it and move to another one that may just hit the correct cords.

“Big Daddy’s TV” by Gary Doodles & Tommy Sica

I think the reason we got so many of these shorts was because they were cheap to make, each team likely got a budget and some blew it all in a short while these guys used it to make a few of them.


The French Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles short had to be the worse one as all of the jokes fell flat, but at least we get to see the turtles in France officially another time and hey at least it fits my theme of trying to learn french.
Vive Les Tortues Ninja!


While not a short the commercial that promoted the summer shorts actually shows footage of other shorts that we didn’t get to see for some odd reason, hopefully we get to see them eventually or maybe they’re saving them for next summer, for whatever reason at least we know they exist.

Also not a short but we did get this quick animated post on Instagram by the Ninja Turtles account that shows the turtles mutating into the different incarnations it has passed through which is rather cool, check it out.

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TMNT summer shorts 2017TMNT Summer Shorts

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