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Secret Movie: Reboot The Lost Episodes

The CG Reboot show by Rainmaker / Mainframe Entertainment saw four seasons and the revival Reboot: The Guardian Code but if you still can’t get enough of your favorite heroes here are some obscure “episodes” that you may have missed of your favorite characters. So here are a few select specials that the Reboot cast recorded lines for and made which should totally be canon with the show.

First we have the Reboot Playstation game which not only had an original story but the FMV of the game was made by the guys at Mainframe and fully voiced so it’s technically an episode. It’s a bit long but without the gameplay in between the FMV the story doesn’t make as much sense. This episode would need to take place somewhere after season 1 or during season 2. Below you can find re-collection of only the Full Motion Video of the entire game as well as the bad endings the game had in a much shorter way and you can try to fill in the gaps:
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Goosebumps Lost Episodes

Goosebumps was a huge hit in the 90s releasing tons of books and spanning a successful TV show on Fox Kids which adapted almost every book of the original run in 74 episodes. Sadly the show came to an end but I can’t say it didn’t accomplish more than I would’ve thought. Even then if you’ve watched every episode you might have an itch for more than not even the movies can get to and luckily I’ve found just that to watch.

goosebumps pc game horrorland

As mentioned Goosebumps was huge and of course it got plenty of merchandise including video games, and we’re not focused on that exactly but the story of them since they serve as nice extra episodes of the franchise that you can enjoy if you’re tired of watching the same episodes over and over again with the same cheesyness that the original show had and we have a total of 3 “extra/lost” episodes, two featuring Horrorland and one the infamous Mutant from Attack of the Mutant.

Escape from Horrorland

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Women’s MMA B-Movie Fight Valley is a Knock Out

Miesha Tate, Cris Cyborg, Holly Holm of Mixed Martial Arts fame were in a movie called Fight Valley Knockaround Girls. Being a fan of Women’s MMA and the fighters starring in it I decided to check it out. Quality cinema was not expected from this movie but instead just a kick ass film to pass the time.

UFC movie MMA

You kind of set yourself up for the type of movie and expect different things from different movies. Going in to see Star Wars will have different expectations than say Dinosaur Island and even if one is the better movie b-films can be more enjoyable. Sadly this wasn’t the case with Fight Valley.

Fight Valley Cast Miesha Tate Cris Cyborg Holly Holm

I wanted to like this movie and huffed at the terrible scores that it had since they rarely showcase my thoughts on a specific movie. But man did this movie try its hardest to make those horrible scores feel earned. I wasn’t expecting good acting by any means but most lines were just so cringy.

Lesbian MMA UFC

The actual generic plot you’d expect from the movie is somehow worse than what you’d expect since you just don’t care about any of the so called twists that they try to do nor the motivation for any of the characters. The movie tries so hard to make you feel like this is some tough shit you’re watching and that makes it even harder to watch than an 8th grader doing his best to look cool to High School kids.

FIght Valley Logo

Normally I can look past most stuff like that if it at least gives us something fun that other movies can’t deliver. In this case the fights, and a well choreographed fight is all I really needed. But even then the movie does no favors to itself and misses the one opportunity it had to have some redeeming value, even the lesbian fan service was poorly done. So while the movie had all the potential to be a great bad movie and failed at least I hope we get something like this done better in the future.

Fight Valley FIght Women's MMA

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Rick and Morty Special / Extra Episodes 2

Rick and Morty might be the best Back to the Future inspired thing that has ever come out and we know that because of the origin of the show. Before the show was made it started as a Back to the Future parody and it evolved from there. The show also took a lot of inspiration from Justin Roiland’s other animated shorts. I guess technically all these shorts are in continuity with the actual show since there are an infinite number of possibilities in the Rick and Morty universe.

Last time I compiled pretty much all the “extra” Rick and Morty shorts or clips from commercials and what not that the show had. To better unerstand where some of the jokes came from here are almost all the previous shorts that Roiland worked on before Rick and Morty including The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti which ended up being a sort of pilot to the show. But we also see concepts for Dog World and ideas or characters that eventually made it to the show like with House of Cosbys or Mr. Jelly Bean. The quality varies within the shorts and it’s not the best work but you can see where the humor began being constructed after.

Roiland TV – Dog World

Unbelievable Tales
Mr. Jelly Bean rape jelly bean

Roiland TV – Relative Insanity Short #1

Relative Insanity 2

Paloni Pitch

The Unmarketables

Gatorade Commercial


Doc and Mharti Lost Episode – The Origin of Rick & Morty

House of Cosbys

Back to the Future; Cartoon, Rides, The Games & Movies, Oh My!

Back to the Future is one of those franchises that almost anyone has seen and if you’re a new generation that hasn’t seen it well it’s a must. The franchise finished after the trilogy and hasn’t really seen much besides that but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some expanded universe that you can’t check out. So here is a quick review of most of the available stuff for Back to the Future in video form as well as extra video content sequels to the original movies thanks to the Back to the Future The Ride and The Game projects which gave us these official yet unofficial spin-off content material.

Back to the Future Trilogy art

I do have to quickly talk about the original trilogy, the first is awesome and a true classic, it’s so good that if you really haven’t seen it then you must. The second film is a lot of fun and crafted very well, and while it mostly recreates stuff from the original, the way it’s done is really creative and a worthy sequel. The third one still hasn’t won me over, I don’t like it no matter how many fans of it it has. I’ve tried watching it with a new understanding but it just feels off.

back to the future cartoon cover

The actual animated show is alright, I guess. It’s a generic early 90s cartoon with a lot of slapstick. It’s not particularly bad but nothing really special either to win you over. It’s a bit hard to find a way to watch it though which is a shame since even if it’s not great, it’s part of the franchise. We do get to see the real Doc in live action segments before the show which is great. I also like that it actually fits in continuity with the movies since it explains why they are in the present again and actually ends up giving the Doc a better ending than the one the third film did.

back to the future game movie cover

Back to the Future also got a game movie sequel which is a bit on the long side and at nearly 6 hours and a half, it’s as long as the whole original trilogy. The story has its ups and downs, it’s actually somewhat interesting and has some nice near paradox moments and small twists like the trilogy has but since it is a game it tends to be on the slow side so it can be a bit of a chore to play through even if it’s not a bad alternate sequel to what happens after the trilogy. Go ahead and watch it below it’s basically a the closest to a new Back to the Future movie we’ll ever get. Definitely better than the cartoon and hey, I guess it can live in continuity with the show as well, no big flubs if you do.

Finally we have Back to the Future the Ride which was a ride in Universal Studios but sadly got taken down. I was lucky to ride it a few times and it was fun. I don’t remember much of it but I guess it wasn’t anything too special, you’re in a cabinet and travel through different eras as the cabinet moves which is in the shape of the Delorian.

Back to the Future the ride

You can watch the “ride” on below, which is nice that some parts were archived. Of course part of the experience was oddly enough waiting in line and seeing all the Back to the Future props and references which set up the story of the video and ride.

While sad I guess it also makes sense they’d remove it since no kid would even know what that movie is, when we went to universal as kids that movie was still hot. Too bad there’s no way to “archive” these things outside of the video montages, there should be a retired amusement park for all these old rides. I’m still sad I never got to ride many of the classics like the original Star Tours one last time or even King Kong.

Back to the Future cartoon artwork

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Jurassic Park 2 //: Chaos Continues.. Secret Movie

We all wanted a new Jurassic Park movie after the original but it wouldn’t be until four years later that we got The Lost World which ended up being a whole lot different than what we expected the sequel to be. Luckily we did get the version we wanted to expected with Jurassic Park part 2 // : The Chaos Continues on the SNES released a year after the original movie.

“A year has passed. No one has set foot in Jurassic Park… until now. As Dr. Grant you’ll venture back to the island where more dinosaurs than you could ever imagine await your return – including terrifying new species you’ve never seen before! Only you have the power to send these prehistoric monsters back where they came from. Only you can close the doors on Jurassic Park… for another 65 million years!”
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