Space Jam sequel and prequel commercials

It’s the 20th anniversary of Space Jam and we’ve gotten tons of stuff from re-releases of Air Jordan’s, the movie in theaters again and now even a new commercial featuring the Monstars.

Sadly Michael Jordan doesn’t appear in it but we get Blake Griffin and this isn’t the first time he had a crossover with Looney Tunes since he had previously played some B-Ball against Marvin the Martian

While we’ve been getting rumors for a sequel this is sort of a sequel to the original Space Jam in commercial form after all the original movie was also inspired by various Michael Jordan commercials= where he interacted with the Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, also dealing with Marvin the Martian and

And the original Superbowl commercial that inspired the movie:

McDonalds even provided some interquels in commercial form

And all these commercials gave us the movie we all love for no reason Space Jam

Do we really need a sequel? I don’t think so but I’ll be the first in line if it ever happened even if I’m not really a fan of Basket Ball or Looney Tunes.. So do you believe you can fly?

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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